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  1. That's just classless.... but to each his/her own
  2. I mean we stole the hey you suck from the islanders who did it with rock and roll part1. At least Nashville added something besides the 5 yr old level insult.
  3. It's really hard to feel bad for multi millionares playing a game for a living.
  4. I think that's a b.s. statement, you sound bitter. If he came back and started scoring again (even at a lesser rate then 11-12), it will be fine and people will at least not care about the past. Bottom line is he's an instant improvement over dsp, cammy, Bennett, and then see if we can get better assets for him in the off-season, or keep him if he's really good.
  5. Now if we get lucky and win the #1 pick, the losing was worth it
  6. 2 more periods left of this miserable season.... Hopefully shero makes good moves and brings better players to our team. Hopefully next yr Schneider can actually play well like last season
  7. Isles will make the playoffs....due to halak
  8. Its all over in Ny. Def not boycotting the chain because of a promo, simply blacking out the logo and drawing a devils one....quick fix. Islander fans just black out the logo, or write sucks after or under it
  9. Next season is a big test for Cory to see how he rebounds from a horrible season. Does he go back to how he played last season, or we get more of what we have this yr
  10. I agree with everything in this post. Schneider is an average goalie, to maybe slightly above. Unless he goes on a roll starting next season he will never be elite
  11. Many games this yr he blew late, or in OT by letting in hs weak shots. He was very good last year, and to start this season, then did a 180 in november, This is only his second yr as a starter and hes 31 (or around there. While I'd be open to trading him, this summer is not the time, he can easily rebound next season. I would give him next yr, and see where we are. A slightly above average goalie is the perfect description for schneider, not elite.
  12. He's NOT elite. Elite goalies string together several consecutive good seasons, he has not. He was good last yr, bad this yr....which boils down to average.
  13. That's been said way too many times this season... he's no elite goalie that some on here claim he is. (Could be at some point, but he's just slightly above average when on his game)
  14. Between the rookies developing more and gaining more nhl experience, additions, and hopefully some subtractions, we will be a playoff team in 2 yrs,,,, may be real close next yr. However, as long as we have this coach, we will not win any cup. His strategy horrible, personal decisions are God awful (playing lovejoy/dsp in final minutes, playing cory in a meaningless back to back, but not when we had a shot a month ago, etc). Hopefully we don't pick up any more Penguin garbage, they don't work out for us, Unfortunately Schneider will be on the tail side of his career when we really become good and start to make deep runs.