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  1. I play goalie, I just call it like I see it. Yes the team as a whole is sub par, which puts more shots on the goalies, but at the end of the day you have to stop the simple ones. Kinkaid has done better in the majority of his starts (minus a few earlier, and in the obstructed areana)
  2. Cory this season has been average...way too many weak goals to be considered anything else.
  3. Will be in section 15, 11 rows up behind the net
  4. I'll be in section 15 behind one of the nets, a few other LI devil fans I know are going.
  5. it could be worse, we could be the rangers, only winning 4 cups in 90 years, with almost 1/2 of the time there was only 6 teams.
  6. The seats can easily be re-added as the arena has the same footprint and dimensions as the old nvmc. Also the old boxes still exist,...they are just closed off and boarded up.
  7. well, mathematically we could still do it,, after all "you play to win the game.." then see what happens. .0002% we make the playoffs.
  8. As someone who plays goalie (obv not at a pro level), we're not all awkward. Maybe a little crazy though
  9. I know the players suck right now, but some of this has to fall on our coach and shero.
  10. Yea, not making the playoffs this yr. some of this I blame our coach for
  11. it could've been worse. Hopefully the rest of the team steps up while he's gone and plays .500 hockey at least until his return
  12. I play on 2 teams here on li at skatesafe, but as a goalie I often get called and when I can I take advantage of the free games. Also won the championships early in July. Off for the next few weeks untill the next season starts
  13. Guess no doc this coming season unless we make the playoffs
  14. Since I live on li I follow the islanders a little bit, there are talks that the isles are in talks about getting a stadium next to Belmont park
  15. I guess you've never had the displeasure of going to a game pitched by steve trachsel, with him no pitch was ever thrown within 4 minutes of each other