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  1. GDT - Devils @ Canadiens 12/14/17

    Vatanen hasn't really looked good in his first 7 here... pinches way too much
  2. GDT - Devils @ Canadiens 12/14/17

    Cory looked fooled on that shot.. oh well, 1 point is better then none
  3. GDT - Devils @ Canadiens 12/14/17

    Considering we are missing out 3 best players, pretty good point
  4. GDT: Devils @ Rags - 12/9, 7pm

    Trivia is Mike Dunham. Yes, I'm a new Yorker which is why I know
  5. GDT: Devils @ Rags - 12/9, 7pm

    I guess greene doesn't want to cover his guy
  6. GDT: Devils @ Rags - 12/9, 7pm

    He almost deflected one through kinkaid earlier with no one around him
  7. GDT: Devils @ Rags - 12/9, 7pm

    Looks like barclays
  8. GDT: Devils @ Rags - 12/9, 7pm

    Over on hf boards people.are saying that bc it was nash shooting, and he sucks, the save wasn't good.
  9. GDT: Devils @ Rags - 12/9, 7pm

    It was a good shot, but should've been cleared.. defense didn't do their job
  10. GDT: Devils @ Jackets - 5 Dec @ 7p Eastern

    He's played more then 9 with us, and clearly didn't leave.. post makes no sense
  11. GDT: Devils @ Jackets - 5 Dec @ 7p Eastern

    He is average... but that doesn't mean he can't have good stretches or good games... then a few bad ones. It's what makes him average.
  12. The Devils Can't Score Since Nov. 16th.

    Zajac slows down whatever line he's on, Greene has been horrible for a bit now, every night a goal seems to be directly linked to his misplay. Idk if Zacha will make it with the team long term, hasn't done much since the 1st week (granted he's been scratched the last week)
  13. GDT: New Jersey @ Arizona 8pm ET

    Idk why many think kk is garbage, and cory is elite... makes no sense. Kk is a solid goalie (imo will be a starter soon for some team), and cory is also sold, but is just average.
  14. GDT: New Jersey @ Arizona 8pm ET

    How can you realistically fault him for any goals tonight. First goal he was screened by 2 devils and 1 coyotee, he couldn't see the puck. 2, bad bounce but Moore has to control that, was a 2 on 1 after that. 3, was a deflection that changed direction right in front of the crease. He'll be a starter for a dif team after his contract with the devs is done.
  15. About the Schneider deniers..

    I still maintain Schneider is no greater then an average to slightly (very slightly) above average goalie. He's in a good stretch right now, but his rebound control has been brutal throughout his time here. He's very slow on net mouth scrambles when he drops into the butterfly and moves slower then most other butterfly goalies side to side. His stick handling, while improved isn't really that good, even compared to kinkaid. My concern is that he's not prone to those big clutch saves when the team needs it. I don't judge goalies off of their statistics, as if you face majority of easy shots (shots from blue line, soft shots, shots to chest or glove that involve 0 movement), your stats will show you're a great goalie (maybe bc I'm a goalie, i look for other qualities then #s). Then you get to games where you have grade a shots coming, need to make those hard clutch saves and cant, your numbers would still look good based on those other game. Numbers don't tell the full story about any athlete. Marty was clutch and elite, quick, Roy the same. As much as it pains me to say it Lundquist (while not so much this yr) has been clutch, single handly carries the team, esp when they were in the finals A few yrs ago. He was elite, a level that as of now Schneider hasn't shown (doesn't mean he can't get there, but as of now hes not close). Also saw before people.saying the 3rd goal against was weak... while It didn't look good, it actually wasnt weak. The puck was shot, banked off Greene to the shooter,who was moving forward to shoot at a bad angle. The goalie (esp butterfly) go down on signs of the 1st shot. It's hard to get back in time, when you can't see the puck bounce off the skate and see the skater still with the puck while being down. He Still came close, but couldnt get it. The 1st goal that night was weak, 2nd and 3rd were on greene.