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  1. Not getting into that debate.... safe to say we are on opposite sides. I just said what was reported on the situation.... take it as you wish
  2. It's also not your constitutional right to protest at work. Protest all you want, whenever youre off the clock.
  3. He went to visit cops at work in a training situation I believe. I think a sheriff, or the top cop around Tampa set it up (wasn't really a Bettman fix). A report said he'll tag along on patrol to see what a typical day is for them. He will stop raising his hand, fist.
  4. Sports and politics should never mix, which is half the reason ESPN is tanking. I wouldn't consider standing for the anthem political, it's just something you do out of respect for the country.
  5. GDT: Lightning @ Devils, 7:30 PM

    It's very far from the best imo. Looks horrible, not astetically pleasing, like a rip off shirt you can get from china.
  6. Emrick Still Tops

    Even being better for me is being a devils fan, living in NY. It was like Christmas came early
  7. Around the League: 2017-18 edition

    The mets, msg, oakview groups are involved in this. If anything I think this will greatly hurt the bse who run barclays and nvmc. Coliseum would now be obsolete, and Yuge waste of money for them.
  8. Around the League: 2017-18 edition

    Fyi (if anyone cares) The islanders will play next year (18-19 season) in the obstructed areana in brooklyn... owners are confident they will get Belmont deal to build areana.
  9. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    Always a good night when the blueskirts lose.
  10. 2017 Training Camp thread

    Pretty sure any jumbo tron would kill players under it if it fell. Back in the 90s it was a big concern for the isles at nvmc, so much so that they had to re-secure it.
  11. GDT: 9/27/17 NJ Devils @ Washington - Preseason Finale

    3-0. It doesn't count, but this pre season has already been more entertaining then any game last season
  12. GDT: 9/27/17 NJ Devils @ Washington - Preseason Finale

    Nice play by wood, almost a 3rd
  13. GDT: 9/27/17 NJ Devils @ Washington - Preseason Finale

    Nice start to the game
  14. The Devils Uniforms

    Im Not saying I prefer these jerseys over the others, but if they sell, they're not going anywhere. Also if they sell more, not really sure how you call that a "mistake" . All the complaining on njdevs, hockey boards,and Facebook is a tiny percentage compared to the fan base. Personally idc what they wear, I'm watching hockey, not a fashion show.
  15. 2017 UFA Thread

    Shero is done for the day