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  1. GDT: Montreal Canadiens @ New Jersey Devils

    Gelinas is beyond awful
  2. GDT Canucks at Devils 5pm

    I want my 3 mins back after reading this. So many things wrong with this, to name a few the yanks red Sox are still a huge rivalry. I'm a devs fan from li and yes I dont root for the rangers, but I don't go around talking crap about them 24/7, nor flipping them off bc thats a sign of imaturity and low class...which I will assume you are as you partake in these activities. And the "you suck" chant is babyish, and very very stupid, but if that's what you want to do go for it and look like a moron, idc.
  3. GDT 11/3 Devs msg+2 @ Isles msg+ 7pm

    I was in section 25 right on center ice, 10 rows from glass. If someone sits in front of your your view is greatly obstructed. Looking up to the 200 was like looking up a mountain. Horrible areana for hockey and esp for long island islander fans who now have to deal with 2 trains to get there (depending where you are on li)
  4. GDT- San Jose at New Jersey; 7 PM

    This will be a long season at this rate
  5. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    That's partly because the Mets are playing game 3 in the playoffs and can win the nlds. As big of a Devils fan I am, I have to watch the Mets tonight instead.
  6. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    they had just over 11k (according to the "official" attendance,  Remember how they said opening day was a "sell out" and there were TONS of empty seats, so I would say the actual number of people who attended were less then what they say.
  7. Press conference with Marty on Tuesday

    looks like they're going all out to announce his jersey retirement day
  8. Press conference with Marty on Tuesday

    if anyone wants to go the the announcement tomorrow its apparently open to the public now according to hugh and the devils twitter New Jersey Devils ‏@NHLDevils  2h2 hours agoBe a part of history & attend tomorrow's special announcement with @MartinBrodeur at 1p.m. RSVP HERE:  #MB30   New Jersey Devils ‏@NHLDevils  2h2 hours agoJUST CONFIRMED: @NHLDevils team to attend Tuesday’s announcement at 1p.m. with @MartinBrodeur. RSVP HERE:  #MB30
  9. Here we go again. New goal song for 14-15

    I really couldn't care less what the song is...I just want to hear it played often. Also we could be the Isles which had there goal horn changed to an lirr train whistle, which is very annoying to listen to.
  10. GDT: Barclays Islanders vs New Jersey Devils 9/23/2015

    Little fact. They still practice on LI, and all still live here, so they all have been taking the train  to barclays for practices / games.  (not the same train/s)
  11. Isles unveil hideous new 3rd jersey

      I'm from LI and like "jersey's team" so for hockey I have no state loyalty.  As for the Islanders, I think Barclay's will fail miserably.  Yes its more convenient for those living in the city or jersey, but they moved away from there main fan base (yes, its still technically on li, but queens/brooklyn are part of the city, and they don't like to be considered LI, and likewise for us nassau / suffolk countiers. we don't consider queens/ brooklyn long island.  For instance, a family of 4 from wading river, isn't going to more then 1 (if they even go to one, its over an hr to get to uniondale from there) game bc you have an expensive round trip train ticket, then the expensive isles tickets (esp if you choose a non-obstructed seat), then wait for the train to take an 1hr 30ish min trip to ronkonkama, only to drive back home another 20 mins..  Also, unless you're on the south shore, most will have to transfer to a second train to get to Barclays, which is a pain (plus you;d need a ticket for another train)...and then you have to deal with the LIRR which is horrible on sunny days.  Also many casual fans would rather go see the rangers at msg then go to Brooklyn with hipsters.   I'll go to 1 devils vs Islanders game...which is going to cost a small fortune.
  12. Devils hoping to retire Marty's #30 this season

    I think the nhl  has a time rule for these things. Think they saw the joke of "captain cry baby"  night which lasted a long time and then made a rule.
  13. So now that Lou is gone...

    I know its not recent but chico did. and weekes
  14. Lou is New Toronto GM

    Best of luck to Lou. Lou's been the gm for the devils all but 4 days of my life, so it's sad. The devils better honor him, and put his name to the rafters where it belongs. Also a statue outside, as someone called it the statue of louberty.
  15. 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    Doc bringing up the 95 devils