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  1. I was at this game with a bunch of my family, my cousin's hockey team did Mites on Ice that night. That was my senior year of high school, I can't believe that was six years ago. I still remember everything about that game, even going home and watching the highlights immediately so I could hear Doc calling it.
  2. I love this team. What a win, hell of a game. Pay Stempniak, get Gelinas anywhere but the ice.
  3. Threw up in my mouth hearing a Lets Go Rangers chant after the goal. Ugh. 
  4. What an excellent screen by Stempniak, sign that man again in July.
  5. At least if we planted a tree in the defensive zone the other team would have to skate around it...
  6. I would consider trading Gelinas for a bag of used pucks to be a coup at this point.
  7. That does look absurd. Praise David Johnson and Tim Hightower. Right now I would guess DJ Is going to be my keeper next year, but we'll see   Edit: Also just realized I only have 5 of my original draft picks on my roster...draft poorly waiver wisely finally works out for me
  8. Re: QBs, that's what I'm most nervous about this week. If Cam is his usual self and Rodgers puts up another stinker, that might be the end of me. I think DJ will be good for another 15 or so, but he's not going to have another insane game like this past week
  9. I mean, I think both long and short term that trade makes sense for you. Yeah, all of your eggs would be in the Jacksonville basket, but the Saints secondary is putrid. Bortles to Robinson should be good for 2 TDs and then Denard would ideally get garbage time carries. Plus it makes more sense to me to keep a QB and 2 WRs in that league that 3 WRs. Gordon is a wild card who is one screw up away from never playing football again, compared to a guy who looks like he's going to become a Pro Bowl QB
  10. I've been high on David Johnson all year, ever since Ellington went down in the early weeks. I honestly thought that he would become the starter, I didn't think CJ2K would have a renaissance season, so I wound up dropping DJ after a few weeks when it became apparent he was only getting goalline touches and a couple of passes out of the backfield. I obviously didn't think he'd do THIS, but I knew I had to grab him the second CJ2K broke his leg. What a crazy game we've had, red. No matter what happens, I'm glad we played each other. Made my Sunday significantly more interesting than it would have been!
  11. I fvcking hate fantasy. Looked like I was going to cruise to a win until the Jets game went to OT. Now New England defense is killing me.
  12.   That's rough. I think he was at like 10-12 points when I went to bed Thursday night and I honestly thought there was a scoring error when I checked Friday morning
  13. I had 0.4 points from Aaron Rodgers near halftime last night. Wound up with close to 29, including 12 on the last play. God bless that questionable facemask call