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  1. Looking for a Sarge jersey. Also a Rafalski. Thanks.
  2. Ted Nolan.
  3. Havent posted in this thread since we were good... lol. Gotta sign Mo, Snacks, and let Harris walk.
  4. Stop.. You've embarrassed yourself.
  5. Gonna miss the guy, but I like the deal/trade.
  6. HEY! YOU SUCK! Ok, carry on.....
  7. SHould have gotten Semin a few years ago..
  8. I thought we fired DeBoer? Tim Sestito was called up for tonight....
  9. UGH. I may be there to witness this garbage.
  10. Kowalsky time! But seriously, it needed to be done, but Petey is reaping what Lou fvcked up..
  11. I fvcking hate this guy and can't understand why he's still here and always gets called up.. He's a waste of space and time and effort..
  12. That was awful.. DeBoer needs to go.
  13. EDIT: Wrong Thread.
  14. He seemed miserable all summer. He and his family are members at the pool club I work at.. I got to see him almost every week/every other week of the summer.. Nice guy, absolutely, but he seemed worried all summer... I don't know..
  15. If he wants it, GIVE IT TO HIM!