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  1. I'm a red bulls fan but their crowds have been 30k+ for most of their games. They would do fine with a 25 to 30k soccer stadiun but it's the same problem as to where is it going to be and who is going to pay for it. There's been a bunch of different rumors including next to citi field as well. I think they will be at Yankee Stadium for a long time.
  2. Also semi off topic but it relates to the arena talks to, nycfc of the MLS have been wanting to get their own soccer specific stadium as well so they can get out of awful Yankee Stadium. I don't see either of them happening any time soon, if ever.
  3. I really can't see yet another arena in this area. There are only so many events that can fill these arenas as it is. If it's all privately funded I wouldn't care but we all know that wouldn't happen anyway.
  4. I just don't see how anyone could justify building yet another arena in this area.
  5. Yeah just not a fan of it at all and definitely won't be spending money on it like I originally planned to
  6. I really don't think I'm miserable about everything, I was actually really excited about the tournament and even was planning on going to all the USA games until they announced the details for the tournament.
  7. I have no problems with guys going to play for the USA except for when it's this joke of a tournament where usa players will be facing usa players.
  8. That's an amazing story! Lol I still remember when he came back to the Meadowlands, I believe it was a preseason game actually, and 2 guys dumped 2 big bags of fake money on him as he walked out of the tunnel. I wish someone had recorded that
  9. Matt Morris is absolutely horrible lol
  10. McLeod is by far the most impressive offensive player out there.
  11. McLeod just scored a sweet goal, 1-0 red team.
  12. I'm excited to get a fix of some Devils hockey today.
  13. You won't see guys doing wild celebrations in soccer if they are losing where as in football a team can be down by 30+ points and still celebrate like idiots.