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  1. USA should have sh!t kicked Finland, pathetic performance against them. Gold medal game was awesome, just a shame such a good game was settled on a shootout.
  2. I stopped supporting the Nets as soon as they announced the Brooklyn stuff. Haven't bothered with the NBA since.
  3. Cause this is NJ transit we are talking about, look at all the issues they have on a normal basis, look at them and Amtrack not even being able to figure out a work schedule to fix the NY Penn Station tracks. They don't even care about that which affects the vast majority of their commuters. You think they give a sh!t about improving transit for Newark events? Cause I sure as hell don't.
  4. USA wooo! Won the group today with an awesome 5-3 win over Russia. After that defeat to Germany they have rattled off 6 straight wins and have looked great. Quarterfinals are Thursday USA vs Finland Switzerland vs Sweden Russia vs Czech Republic Canada vs Germany
  5. Kessel looked like an absolute moron yesterday with his little fits.
  6. To be fair if the Devils don't want to hire him I don't blame him, he's from the area and gets to stay here. If there was an opening with the Devils I would imagine he would try to get it.
  7. What a glorious night this was. Can't believe Ottawa pulled 4 wins out of their asses. I'll take it.
  8. If Shero doesn't get a decent offer I'm perfectly fine with letting him rot in Russia.
  9. Nashville and St. Louis are both in the central time zone. Detroit is in the eastern time zone. I remember reading that being a big factor for Detroit wanting to move East.
  10. I saw that idiot in Edmonton who wears tons of shirts and takes them off and throws them to the crowd, it's amazing teams actually keep paying this guy to do it. He did it at Devils games a few times too. What a scam.
  11. The Nashville fans are great, I do wonder if they have a group of the fan base that hates using the word suck. Only bringing that up cause they used in like 5-6 different chants lol Why the hell does NBC send Pierre to a different game every day? He's on tv every damn night during the playoffs. Do they think people actually like this guy? He's so annoying, I don't give a sh!t what high school or bumble fvck town these guys are from, just shut the fvck up.
  12. Part of 7s gimmick is doing it to jinx them, he's been doing it for as long as I can remember.
  13. We already won the draft lotto now let's just have her replace Deb and it will be like winning the lotto all over again!
  14. I might agree with you if there were 3 divisions still and none of this wildcard garbage where you can win a division that you're not even in.
  15. Home team has won every game so far so of course the Rangers will win tomorrow. I normally just lol at some of your posts cause I know a lot of it is just to jinx them and have some fun with a sh!t situation but I think this series is over. The pens should take care of them but I hate them getting this far as it is. I don't have a great feeling about it either this year.