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  1. The front office better hope this team doesn't start the season 0-5 or worse. Add that to these new jerseys and they will really never hear the end of it when it comes to this stuff.
  2. Absolutely agree with both of you, Elias is a sure fire hall of famer now. I edited my original post to include some more stats as to why I don't think Paul Kariya is a hall of famer.
  3. Paul Kariya isn't a hall of famer to me, didn't even play 1000 games or have 1000 points, 0 Stanley Cups, only 2 years where he even got past the 1st round of the playoffs. Not like it really matters anymore since I find it being more and more like the WWE hof where almost everyone eventually gets in anyway.
  4. The more I see it the more I hate it, especially next to the old ones...
  5. If they changed the logo the uproar over that would have been so bad that I think they actually would have changed it back before the season started lol
  6. Meh, I don't like them.
  7. If I would have seen this before now I would have been rooting to pick Nico. Awesome.
  8. I still don't understand how that buffalo draft pick can't run a mile in 12 mins, I could walk a mile in that time lol
  9. Patrick said he wanted to go #2 so fvck him lol I hope Nico knocks him out in the first game against the Flyers haha
  10. I think it's an instant disaster simply based on the fact that the fan base will be in an uproar over it. I admit I don't follow the draft stuff much anymore but I still come here every day and I just heard of this guys name for the first time the other day, imagine how the casual fans will react when they are all thinking it's Nico or Nolan. Add that to the changed jersey situation and the fact we have missed the playoffs for 5 straight seasons and 6 of the past 7 and you have a pr sh!t storm of epic proportions.
  11. I still don't have a preference I just want whoever we draft to be better than whoever the Flyers end up with.
  12. I would rather just get home earlier, it's a bigger deal for people who take the trains because that 30 min difference means they could have a long wait for some of the trains. I assume that some of the season ticket holder base that takes the trains complained because there were season ticket holders around me who would leave a bit early so they didn't have to wait forever for the next trains. I hate afternoon games as well but I thought they sold very well last year so that surprises me as well that there isn't any.
  13. I'm thrilled there are no more 7:30pm games on Friday nights. Also only 1 set of back to back home games thankfully cause that was the worst last year. Not a single afternoon home game either which is strange cause I thought they were well attended last year. That seems to be the biggest change from last year home game wise. I may try to get out to Vegas for the game as well. OCTOBER Sat. 10/7 Colorado 7:00 Mon. 10/9 AT Buffalo 3:00 Wed. 10/11 AT Toronto 7:30 Fri. 10/13 Washington 7:00 Sat. 10/14 AT N.Y. Rangers 7:00 Tue. 10/17 Tampa Bay 7:00 Thu. 10/19 AT Ottawa 7:30 Fri. 10/20 San Jose 7:00 Fri. 10/27 Ottawa 7:00 Sat. 10/28 Arizona 7:00 NOVEMBER Wed. 11/1 AT Vancouver 10:00 Fri. 11/3 AT Edmonton 9:00 Sun. 11/5 AT Calgary 9:00 Tue. 11/7 St. Louis 7:00 Thu. 11/9 Edmonton 7:00 Sat. 11/11 Florida 7:00 Sun. 11/12 AT Chicago 6:00 Thu. 11/16 AT Toronto 7:00 Sat. 11/18 AT Winnipeg 3:00 Mon. 11/20 AT Minnesota 8:00 Wed. 11/22 Boston 7:00 Fri. 11/24 Vancouver 7:00 Sat. 11/25 AT Detroit 7:00 Mon. 11/27 Florida 7:00 DECEMBER Fri. 12/1 AT Colorado 9:00 Sat. 12/2 AT Arizona 8:00 Tue. 12/5 AT Columbus 7:00 Fri. 12/8 Columbus 7:00 Sat. 12/9 AT N.Y. Rangers 7:00 Tue. 12/12 Los Angeles 7:00 Thu. 12/14 AT Montreal 7:30 Fri. 12/15 Dallas 7:00 Mon. 12/18 Anaheim 7:00 Thu. 12/21 N.Y. Rangers 7:00 Sat. 12/23 Chicago 7:00 Wed. 12/27 Detroit 7:00 Fri. 12/29 Buffalo 7:00 Sat. 12/30 AT Washington 7:00 JANUARY Tue. 1/2 AT St. Louis 8:00 Thu. 1/4 AT Dallas 8:30 Sun. 1/7 AT N.Y. Islanders 1:00 Sat. 1/13 Philadelphia 7:00 Tue. 1/16 AT N.Y. Islanders 7:00 Thu. 1/18 Washington 7:00 Sat. 1/20 AT Philadelphia 1:00 Mon. 1/22 Detroit 7:00 Tue. 1/23 AT Boston 7:00 Thu. 1/25 Nashville 7:00 Tue. 1/30 AT Buffalo 7:00 FEBRUARY Thu. 2/1 Philadelphia 7:00 Sat. 2/3 Pittsburgh 7:00 Tue. 2/6 AT Ottawa 7:30 Thu. 2/8 Calgary 7:00 Sat. 2/10 AT Columbus 7:00 Sun. 2/11 Boston 7:00 Tue. 2/13 AT Philadelphia 7:00 Thu. 2/15 Carolina 7:00 Sat. 2/17 AT Tampa Bay 7:00 Sun. 2/18 AT Carolina 5:00 Tue. 2/20 Columbus 7:00 Thu. 2/22 Minnesota 7:00 Sat. 2/24 N.Y. Islanders 7:00 Tue. 2/27 AT Pittsburgh 7:00 MARCH Thu. 3/1 AT Florida 7:30 Fri. 3/2 AT Carolina 7:30 Sun. 3/4 Las Vegas 5:00 Tue. 3/6 Montreal 7:00 Thu. 3/8 Winnipeg 7:00 Sat. 3/10 AT Nashville 8:00 Wed. 3/14 AT Las Vegas 10:00 Sat. 3/17 AT Los Angeles 4:00 Sun. 3/18 AT Anaheim 9:00 Tue. 3/20 AT San Jose 10:30 Fri. 3/23 AT Pittsburgh 7:00 Sat. 3/24 Tampa Bay 7:00 Tue. 3/27 Carolina 7:00 Thu. 3/29 Pittsburgh 7:00 Sat. 3/31 N.Y. Islanders 7:00 APRIL Sun. 4/1 AT Montreal 7:00 Tue. 4/3 N.Y. Rangers 7:00 Thu. 4/5 Toronto 7:00 Sat. 4/7 AT Washington 7:00
  14. Absolutely agree, this would be a sh!t storm of epic proportions.