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  1. LOLjoy
  2. There's only been 4 wins in 2017 so you've still seen most of the wins lol
  3. I'm thrilled that there are only 10 home games left. I'm burnt out with all these losses lately, especially these past 2. Might be using the buy back option on a few towards the end of the season to go on vacation earlier. I knew it was very unlikely but I was waiting to see if we would climb back in it... Lol
  4. It's stuff that the equipment managers use. They could have spelt out NJ or Devils or something with all the stuff besides placing it all on a table and taking a picture lol
  5. This is a pass for me...
  6. Montoya seems to always play well against us lately. I'm thrilled it's the last home Monday game, I hate going on Mondays. LETS GO DEVILS!!!
  7. Last years moment on the ice will be hard to top with him scoring with like 16 seconds to go in the game. Personally I'm fine with him retiring at this point. Can't wait for his retirement ceremony.
  8. That's really weak.
  9. I still can't believe Hynes didn't call a timeout there. I haven't sh!t on him at all that I can remember but that cost us the game. Absolutely scrambling, ice the puck, scramble some more and goal. Horrible decision on his part there. Inexcusable really.
  10. Cory makes tons of good saves and let's that sh!t goal in. fvck outta here.
  11. Icing and tired guys on the ice. Why didn't he call a time out? fvcking dumb.
  12. I haven't yelled this much at a game in awhile. Come on Devils!!!
  13. Been awhile since we have had a shootout lol
  14. The crowd has been pretty tame that I've seen so far. Got a long way to go still though.