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  1. You're probably right but just wanted to add that I do this for road games, it's why I'm rarely in the chat room for games anymore. I usually start the game around 90 mins into whenever the game actually started. I do this for almost everything I watch though which is why I'm going through this thread now but I'm in the minority of not caring or really using social media so avoiding scores is easy for me especially cause all my friends know better now anyway lol
  2. USA hockey is an embarrassment. Listening to Tortorella talking about how they built this team to go through Canada blah blah blah. If they beat Europe and the Czechs it wouldn't have even fvcking mattered. ESPN sucks, having to listen to them yap on and on and on about how great Chelios and Hull were 20 years ago. Nobody gives a sh!t. Watching these broadcasts was worse then MSG with their 94 talk. I was going to go to this tournament for all the USA games and bailed when they announced the North America gimmick team. So happy I did because the only thing worse then having to watch this sh!t team play would have been to spend a lot or money to see them play live.
  3. Look at one bright side, thankfully it happened back then otherwise someone would have filmed it and it would be all over the Internet nowadays. I actually have seen less fights at the rock compared to the Meadowlands and obviously not everyone but a lot of people think twice about it now since it will be on camera somewhere plus you can ruin your career/life over it. It's just not worth it.
  4. Honestly since HDTV I have cut my traveling to road games down by a huge amount. Now I just save that money for road playoff games (what are those? Lol) Also the Red Bulls away games have spoiled me because they keep you separated away from the other teams fans.
  5. I asked for paper tickets as well but over on hf boards numerous people asked and received the entire season in pdf form. The other thing I don't get is that we still have the Devils membership card that's the size of a credit card. Why didn't they just combine the two? So silly.
  6. Got my season tickets, I don't know why they made the season ticket cards so big, you can't even fit it in your wallet. Why didn't they just make it like the membership card which is actually credit card size? Yes I know they gave a lanyard to put it around my neck but I don't like wearing them.
  7. I hope the security video ends up online.
  8. I was there, fvck those guys. They shouldn't have even been allowed in and if a Devils fan friend brought them they should be banned from the arena as well.
  9. Barry Melrose is so bad at color commentary and that woman during intermissions has the worst voice. So happy I haven't been watching these live so I can fast forward that nonsense.
  10. So flash forward to today and I'm at the arena for the avatar toruk show, I go to the mens bathroom behind section 22 and there is still no door on 1 of the 3 stalls. I'm gonna email my rep but who should we be contacting about this? It's disgraceful that it's still not fixed.
  11. Welcome to the boards, are you a full season ticket holder? My situation is that I really only do miss 3-5 games a year depending on what else is going on but I've been very vocal about how awful this is to my rep and the Devils front office. Even though it really doesn't affect me much I don't like what they are doing, especially because they can't afford to do this. It's amazing how the higher ups have this Rangers mentality that we have no attendance issues. They should be making it easier for people to get into the building, not harder.
  12. This is the biggest bs of the whole thing. Digital tickets help reduce or eliminate fraud and counterfeiting, and help create a safer environment for ticket holders entering the arena. Aka we want to control the price floor as much as possible. Our team is ass backwards when it comes to this stuff. It's going to be a cluster fvck this year. They better pray we have a competitive team or this could be the worst season in a awhile attendance wise.
  13. 2016-17 Ticketing FAQ To accommodate changes being made throughout the ticket industry, and to increase the security of the ticket-buying and event entry process, the New Jersey Devils and Prudential Center will be adopting full digital ticketing over the course of the next few years. Digital tickets help reduce or eliminate fraud and counterfeiting, and help create a safer environment for ticket holders entering the arena. Starting with the 2016-17 Devils season, PDF tickets will be phased out with the elimination of the “print-at-home” function on Devils Account Manager and Paper tickets will still be available for delivery and pick up at the Prudential Center box office. For additional information about digital ticketing, please see the FAQ below. Frequently Asked Questions What are digital tickets? Digital tickets are tickets without barcodes. They are not necessarily electronic. Are digital tickets and mobile tickets the same? No. Your mobile smartphone is only one medium to deliver or access a digital ticket. Digital tickets can be delivered in several forms: Devils Membership Personal Identification Card (PID) (for example, the Commemorative Laminated Season Ticket) Mobile smartphone Special thermal (paper) stock encoded with radio frequency identification (RFID) technology Will all events at Prudential Center be using digital tickets? While we are not entirely eliminating barcodes this year, we are implementing a phased approach starting with New Jersey Devils 2016-17 tickets. Other concerts and events will adopt digital tickets on a rolling basis. If I purchase Devils tickets for the 2016-17 season, how do I access my tickets? Season Ticket Members who renew, relocate or purchase seats before 11:59 p.m. on September 15 will receive one Commemorative Laminated Season Ticket per seat that will be valid for entry for all Devils home games. Season Ticket Members can also manage and access their tickets on their smartphones or request paper tickets. Flex Members can manage and access their tickets on their smartphones or request paper tickets. Partial Plan buyers can manage and access their tickets on their smartphones or request paper tickets. Group buyers will receive thermal (paper) stock tickets or opt to manage or access their tickets on their smartphones. Single game buyers purchasing online via will have the option to choose tickets on their smartphones, or choose paper tickets at Will Call or via mail delivery. Do all Season Ticket Members receive a Commemorative Laminated Season Ticket? No. Only members who renew, relocate, or purchase seats, in each case, by 11:59 p.m. on September 15, 2016 will receive the Commemorative Laminated Season Ticket. What about Season Ticket Members that renew, relocate, or purchase tickets after September 15, 2016? You will be able to manage tickets via Devils Account Manager or on your smartphone through the Devils App. You will use mobile tickets on your smartphone to gain entry into the Prudential Center. You can also request paper tickets through your client service account executive. Can I still get PDF tickets for certain games? Although PDF tickets are being phased out, requests for PDF tickets by Members will be accommodated. However, they will not be managed in Devils Account Manager. NOTE: If you request PDF tickets for the entire season, your Commemorative Laminated Season Ticket will be deactivated and you will not be able to use it for entry. If you request a PDF ticket for individual games, the Commemorative Laminated Season Ticket will remain active, but you will be denied entry if the PDF has already been scanned. Why is the “print-at-home” delivery method or “print-at-home” functionality in Devils Account Manager being eliminated? When digital ticketing is fully adopted, special paper stock is needed to print paper tickets. The paper you have in your printer in your home or office cannot encode data as RFID. Therefore, PDFs cannot exist in that ticketing environment. PDF tickets are not secure and can be easily duplicated and/or counterfeited. In preparation for digital ticketing, we will be phasing them out. By phasing out PDF tickets, do I still have the ability to resell on third party sites of my choice? Yes, subject to our other terms and conditions on resale. As digital ticketing continues to grow, most platforms have adapted to accommodate digital tickets. However, all third party sites are different, and some still require a PDF or paper tickets. PDF and paper tickets can be requested through your client experience account executive. How can I request paper tickets? All Devils Members can contact their client experience account executive to request paper tickets. Will I be charged a fee to receive paper tickets? No. How do I manage or access my tickets? If you are using your smartphone, download the Devils App, click ‘Mobile Tickets’ on the menu, and login using your Account ID or email address. Or, if you purchased your ticket through, use your login info. You can also manage your tickets on your computer by accessing the Devils Account Manager. Click here to access Account Manager: Login using your Account ID or E-mail address. If you purchased on and are using a computer, then you must log into your Ticketmaster Account to manage your tickets. It is not the same portal as the Devils Account Manager. Click here to access your Account: What does ‘manage’ my tickets mean? Once logged into Devils Account Manager or the Devils App, you can: Access and view your tickets on your smartphone for entry (Devils App only) Transfer tickets to friends or family Donate tickets to charity Post tickets for resale directly on Ticketmaster’s TicketExchange, as in prior seasons What if I forgot my password? Click ‘Forgot Password?’ then enter the email address associated with your account and check your email to reset your password. When I transfer tickets via Devils Account Manager or through the Devils App, how does the recipient access the tickets? Once you transfer tickets, the recipient will receive an email from the New Jersey Devils. Click here for sample. The recipient can accept the transfer via their computer or smartphone. If using a computer to accept tickets, click here to view the 4 easy steps to get tickets. If using a smartphone to accept tickets,click here to view the 4 easy steps to get tickets. NOTE: Tickets transferred through Devils Account Manager can be managed on a computer, but you will need to view tickets on your smartphone to gain access into the arena. What if I don’t have a smartphone? Tickets can be left at Will Call or mailed upon request. Contact your client experience account executive for more information. What does a ticket on a smartphone look like? Tickets viewed on smartphones will have a square, QR code along with all the regular ticket information – game date and time, section, row, seat. Can I enter the arena with multiple tickets for multiple people using one smartphone? Yes, as long as everyone is present and enter the arena at the same time. The ticket holder (smartphone holder) can access multiple tickets on their phones and swipe to scan as their friends or family enter after each ticket scan. However, we recommend that you transfer, via Devils Account Manager, tickets to each person attending the game for easier access into and throughout the arena. What if my smartphone battery dies or my screen is cracked? If your smartphone battery dies before entering the arena, you can visit the Customer Service windows at the Box Office to get your tickets reprinted (proof of purchase and identity will be required). Depending on the location and severity of the cracked screen you may have to visit the Box Office to get your tickets reprinted.
  14. I didn't watch Martys games in St Louis It never happened as far as I'm concerned.
  15. He's usually on the attack side of the lower level when he's there. I think part of it is that he is older now and his voice isn't as loud anymore. Crowd still gets into it though when he does it.