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  1. Well that sucked. I feel bad for those of you who went to go watch a game in that horrendous arena. It seemed like for a moment they might have had a shot at tying the game up. I agree with the others about at least putting Cory in for the 3rd period. We might have actually got out of there with a point or two.
  2. LETS GO DEVILS!!! Anyone going tonight? Taken from the Devils pregame email... The Devils are in Brooklyn tonight to finish their back-to-back against the New York Islanders. The Devils won the first matchup against the Isles last night at Prudential Center 3-2 and will look to sweep the home-and-home series. Tonight's game, as with every game this month, will be critical for the playoff race. The Devils cut the Islanders' lead in the standings from four points to two with the win last night and are within four points of the second Eastern Conference wild card spot. "[Tonight] is going to be harder and that's what our focus has got to be," coach John Hynes said. Travis Zajac, who scored in last night's game, agreed. "You can't take the easy way out and hope it's going to happen again. Hopefully we come with that mindset and know it's going to be a grind." A decision has not been made on the starting goalie for tonight yet. Defenseman Kyle Quincey (upper body injury) will miss his fifth game. Forward Viktor Loov was acquired from the Toronto Maple Leafs in exchange for forward Sergey Kalinin yesterday. Loov reported to Albany.
  3. I do and I stated my problem with it. And cut the sh!t because you aren't fooling anyone, you posted this thread bright and early at 1am yesterday so your link would be on top, had nothing to do with anyone else posting a game thread because everyone here posts the morning of and all the posters know that. There it is again though. Your true sh!t Rangers colors always shine through. Show me posts that I root for this team to tank cause I haven't been. You're like a cockaroach that just won't go away. I can't stand your bs play nice Rangers fan garbage, you're only here to try to get views on your website at the moment. Just like the past you'll have your usually Rangers fan hissy fit and fvck off for awhile but you always come back. I have no issues with Hasan or him posting links to his articles but he knows how to post, he can do it himself. This is only time I don't like this forum because this kind of sh!t would never fly if a Devils fan went over to outside the garden or hf boards and did it.
  4. Talk about hanging on for dear life. My god, that post shot at the end. Whew. Fun game though!
  5. Gimme a break. Couldn't just win an easy game. Better not sit back for these last 6 mins.
  6. 20 more minutes. Lets score a few more.
  7. They also had a thank you to some guy attending his 300th consecutive game Devils home game, I didn't even realize people track this kind of thing lol
  8. Got one, $5.35 with tax. They had plenty of all of them. Shoot me a PM on Tuesday and just remind me to bring it.
  9. I'll take a look, I'm not going to be there till 640 or so but if they still have one I'll grab it and bring it on Tuesday.
  10. From todays email... Tonight only, every one of our gameday posters to date for this season will be available for purchase! Pick up any games that you missed or grab extras of your favorites. Each poster is $5 and for sale on the Main Concourse (by Sections 19 & 20, outside the Jeep Frontier Lounge along the south wall) and the Upper Concourse (by Section 114)
  11. Game day thread by a Rangers fan? Seriously? Hasan should be making the thread if you guys want views on your website cause I'm sure as hell not clicking on it.
  12. One of the worst ones of the season
  13. Bye bye.
  14. Honestly besides a few games here and there I've still enjoyed this season way more than the last 2. Not seeing Gionta and Tootoo every night alone makes it better for myself.
  15. What a waste of time tonight. These are the games I'd rather have stayed home for.