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  1. That last part is a real stretch
  2. Apparently enough people complained because my rep said the $25 fee for asking for printed hard tickets is going to be waived.
  3. I agree, my issues are the same. Red Bulls have the ticket card but they allow pdfs. What did your rep say?
  4. Are you gonna argue about having to pay the fee or just not get hard tickets? Cause Im going to especially since they said it was included in the tickets
  5. My friend who is a Rangers fan got back to me, said they had the option this year of hard tickets for 25 bucks or they could just do the print at home pdf versions or mobile entry for no charge. Said there is also no restrictions on where or how many games they sell.
  6. I'll have to ask my Rangers fan friends what they do but I don't think the Rangers have any restrictions on selling tickets. And in reference to the value those extras suck for me cause I'm someone who doesn't care about meeting players and going to a lot of these events which I personally feel are a waste of time. I know some people like going to listen to the coach or hall talk and answer questions but I find them to be horrendously boring. All I want is my season tickets and the ability to get rid of my tickets if I can't go anyway I see fit.
  7. Another great point, my parents and I'm sure others with older parents would never be able to figure out how to get the tickets on their phones. Hell they can barely text message and my dad still has a flip phone just for emergencies because he hates them.
  8. Exactly, I have several friends who are Rangers season ticket holders and the Rangers don't do any of this nonsense.
  9. Well this is how it would work because it's been confirmed that there will be no hard tickets and no pdfs
  10. I find it very odd that they are blocking stubhub when stubhub is a major sponsor of the 76ers. I can't imagine they are doing this to 76ers fans as well? I emailed my complaints and I suggest every Devils fan, season ticket holder or not should do the same. Our front office needs to have a more realistic view about what and who our fan base is. When we have a full season of sell outs then just maybe they can start acting like this.
  11. Always funny to see the same posters bitch and moan about our own fans. What a shame that some Devils fans actually hate everything to do with their biggest rival across the Hudson.
  12. Who cares, womens hockey is horrendous.
  13. I'm a red bulls fan but their crowds have been 30k+ for most of their games. They would do fine with a 25 to 30k soccer stadiun but it's the same problem as to where is it going to be and who is going to pay for it. There's been a bunch of different rumors including next to citi field as well. I think they will be at Yankee Stadium for a long time.
  14. Also semi off topic but it relates to the arena talks to, nycfc of the MLS have been wanting to get their own soccer specific stadium as well so they can get out of awful Yankee Stadium. I don't see either of them happening any time soon, if ever.
  15. I really can't see yet another arena in this area. There are only so many events that can fill these arenas as it is. If it's all privately funded I wouldn't care but we all know that wouldn't happen anyway.