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  1. That was a wild game, so much fun to go down in games and not have to worry about it being over. I forgot what that feeling was like.
  2. GDT Devils vs Panthers 7:00 MSG+

    And now 3 offensive zone penalties in the first fvcking period ffs
  3. GDT Devils vs Panthers 7:00 MSG+

    2 offensive zone penalties already, come on
  4. Is Phil Murphy a Devils fan?

    The Devils are a private business, as long as politicians don't try to run them out of the state, which they wouldn't, I don't give a fvck who they root for.
  5. GDT - Oilers @ Devils 11/9/17

    WWE night was by far the best promotional night they have ever done though. I really enjoyed all of that.
  6. GDT - Oilers @ Devils 11/9/17

    The first 2 goals were horrendous by Cory, he had an insane save in ot at least though.
  7. GDT - Oilers @ Devils 11/9/17

    WWE NIGHT! I wish they announced if there are going to be any autographs or photo opportunities with the wrestlers, I see nothing on their social media. Either way it should be fun, I wanna see Bryan have some skits with our mascot lol Glad to have Palmieri back in the lineup LETS GO DEVILS!!!
  8. GDT: 11/7/17 Blues @ NJ Devils

    At least 3 offensive zone penalties taken by us tonight, those are the ones that there are simply no excuses for. That has to stop.
  9. GDT: 11/7/17 Blues @ NJ Devils

    Let's not give up 4 goals and kick the sh!t out of them instead. LETS GO DEVILS!!!
  10. They aren't on there all the time, download the radio.com app they are on there on the one jersey network most of the time.
  11. GDT: Devils at Vancouver, 11/1/17, 10pm (too damn late)

    Boy we sure have a lot of old farts here complaining about staying up for one of the few late night games we play Cory was awesome, so happy to see him get a shutout. As stated already it's insane to think this is our best start ever considering some of the past teams. So awesome. One thing I didn't see anyone mention but why the hell did it take so long to determine the empty net goal was onside? It was pretty clear as day on the original play it was onside. There's no reason to waste several minutes on something like that, they cut to the video review booth and there didn't look like there was a single person under the age of 55 in there. Maybe that's the problem lol
  12. GDT: Devils at Vancouver, 11/1/17, 10pm (too damn late)

    I've always been a night owl so the late starts don't bother me. I'm glad Boyle is doing well health wise that he's able to make a come back this quickly. That definitely has to be a good sign for him. That being said and I guess it's hard not to come across as a nose when it comes to this stuff but I wasn't a fan of this signing to begin with because I've never cared much for him as a player. LETS GO DEVILS!!!
  13. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    It's so hard to blame that fan base or lack of one when they have only made the playoffs 5x since they joined the league in 93-94 and only made it past the first round 1x. How do you even blame the fans when it's clear ownership is never going to get it right. They do show up when the team is winning, the team just never wins enough lol
  14. GDT: Coyotes @ Devils 7:00 PM

    8-2 start. Crazy
  15. GDT: Coyotes @ Devils 7:00 PM

    Another clean hit where guys still try to fight after, so stupid.