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  1. Now I've been following this team for a long time but I'm working on clearing off my dvr now, I always set the games and then watch the intermission stuff since they don't show any of that when you're at the games. On Saturday night the former director of player personnel Marshall Johnston was on and he was wearing a Patrick division playoff championship ring. Apparently Dr. McMullen bought everyone this ring and a belt buckle because he was so excited to win the playoff division championship. I've never seen this before but thought it was pretty cool. I was looking for the belt buckle but couldn't find anything. I figured I'm not the only one who hasn't seen this before since Johnny Mac even said he forgot about it...
  2. No one on this team to me besides Hall and Zajac really plays consistently well enough to call anyone else out anyway. Hall seems like he could have some fire in him but Travis doesn't seem like he's much different than Greene in terms of being loud.
  3. "Entering tonight, the Devils are win-less in their last five visits to Scotiabank Saddledome (0-4-1, last win, Dec. 23, 2007- 1-0 OT). New Jersey is 4-6-1 overall vs. Calgary since the 2007-08 season."
  4. Unless it's playoffs(lol) I haven't planned my night around watching road games since I bought my first Tivo back when I still had dial up Internet(lol) l'll be out tonight so I'll either watch the game late tonight or whenever I get to it. I just avoid coming here or any social media related to the Devils.
  5. Silly/stupid question but is there any reasoning behind this? Clearly I just like to many posts lol
  6. The place hasn't been full this season anyway and that's with them giving out tons of free tickets. Plus my seats are already paid for, staying home is just as much of a waste of money and time as is going lol
  7. The lack of skill is what hurts them even more. I don't know how ya even fix this garbage.
  8. Cory can be pissed all he wants but that first goal was one of the more putrid lazy goals he's given up. That line change was awful in ot. I'm glad Hall knocked that morons teeth out with an elbow. That guy is a clown and a suspension doesn't matter cause we normally suck in Calgary and Vancouver anyway.
  9. The giveaways have always been for the first x amount of people. I don't like the paperless tickets either so I won't defend that but it seems like everyone else in sports is headed that direction as well. They use to sell 5 bucks programs that basically only had a different cover and a different roster and only switched the articles 2 to 3 times a year. Just like these you don't have to buy the posters either. I fully understand not renewing cause of the play on the ice stinks but these other things have basically been done by the team by multiple previous owners.
  10. I really liked Coleman during pre-season. Doesn't mean anything but I hope he surprises us. LETS GO DEVILS!!!
  12. Hall and Zajac are the team leaders in points with 25 each. Not great stats but still slightly better than Henrique or Palmieri.
  13. Thanks, updated it and that had to be awesome to watch them all go up from the beginning. I was lucky enough to see the vast majority of them go up. Been starting to feel old lately when there are games where some of the guys bring their kids and I realize they haven't even seen the team make the playoffs lol
  14. It was either Hall or Zajac and Hall is the big name so no surprise here.
  15. Makes sense, promotes himself and he just happened to be on the podcast tonight? Seems awfully convenient.
  16. Hey the team fvcking sucks but at least we got this sh!t show to look forward to! Yay!
  17. I rarely ever have any issues traffic wise driving home no matter the crowd size but yeah I might set a record tonight getting home since I usually wait until the 3 stars are announced before leaving to avoid the concourse congestion. I'm almost to my car already now and I stayed until the buzzer lol
  18. On the bright side this game moved really quick tonight. I may even make it home by 10pm, would be a record.
  19. Another fun game to be at. Absolutely lovely.
  20. Of course Cory doesn't give up 4 goals and we can't even get 1. Amazing.
  21. I did but the core of the jersey to me is the logo. Either way we'll have to wait months to see it.
  22. Can still have a total rehaul of the jersey and keep the same logo.
  23. Already saw someone tonight with a sign that said "don't change the jerseys"
  24. Place is empty. Not surprised. I did walk by Gratto Bistro on Green Street and it was actually open but not a single customer in there. I didn't get here early enough to try it out, figures lol Stop being greedy.
  25. I never expected them to change the logo though. I think the front office is clueless but I don't think they are thatttt clueless.