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  1. Welcome to the boards! Really enjoy hearing from people who have been around since the start of the team.
  2. I gotta agree there, the Knicks/Nets and Yankees/Mets could win a championship every single year and I still wouldn't give a sh!t.
  3. These two games have been like a video game. Cheap AI scoring some bs goals and winning when they don't deserve to. It's ridiculous.
  4. Ugh. fvcking embarrassing.
  5. I don't have a second team, just happy to see the Leafs lose, I want them to be swept. Tired of reading stupid idiots post how Lou helped them so much. I'm fine with any Western conference teams minus Chicago, St Louis or Edmonton winning the cup.
  6. To be fair, he is probably the reason half the board hates advanced stats lol
  7. I don't knock them or the people who like advanced stats but I personally don't care about them. I don't think there is anything wrong with teams using a combination of the old fashion eye test and some advanced stats though.
  8. In 4 out of the 5 games the road team won game 1. St Louis really had no business winning that game. If Minnesota can keep dominating like control of play like that I'd be surprised if they don't win the series.
  9. Almost happened in 13-14, that really was a miserable year.
  10. I enjoyed this season more than the past 2 simply for the fact I didn't wanna throw myself over the balcony watching Gionta and Tootoo every game. I'll take watching the kids play over those 2 any day.
  11. I'd block them because I have no desire to read what either of the 2 Rangers fans here have to say but that feature is rather pointless since you can see the posts any time someone quotes them. In reference to how great this board use to be compared to now, this board is still the best. There are so many more options of places to talk about the team vs 10-15 years ago. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, generally all filled with stupid idiots. Tons of blog websites that nobody gives a sh!t about, etc etc etc. Losing these past 5 seasons have weeded out some of the fair weather bandwagon fans and that's a major reason why people posting here is down. People have been telling you to fvck off for years, even way back when. It's funny how easily you forget that.
  12. They will probably get swept by the Caps, I'm not even worried about it.
  13. I love Devils hockey but I'm sick of watching this team out shoot their opponents yet still give up a sh!t ton of goals and lose. I'm glad I'm done going until September cause this has been painful. The Elias stuff was great but at the same time another reminder of how great we use to be. 5 straight seasons of no playoffs and I just don't see how we make it next year either. fvck the Islanders and their dipsh!t fans yelling on the way out, an hour later and they are out of the playoffs too. fvcking idiots.
  14. Apparently they limited then to 2 per person but I've seen tons it people with way more than that. Devils shooting themselves in the foot yet again with these. I don't know why they wouldn't just print 30k of these, just sell them again next season, they will easily sell out.
  15. Absolutely agree and for the season ticket holders they know how many they have so just make 1 per account if they don't want to give 1 per seat. It says limited quantities for the membership lounge, hopefully they just put that just in case but there really is no excuse not making enough of these. Even if they made 50k of them they could still sell them into next season and people would buy them.
  16. Apparently they are starting to sell them at 2pm. I really dislike part of this fan base at times. I'm sure there will be tons of idiots there trying to buy as many as they can.
  17. I've already seen there are idiots trying to buy a ton at the store now. Just hand these out to everyone instead of the mini-stick we are apparently getting, or just hand out both. I really try not to complain too much but they really do know how to fvck about simple sh!t. There is no reason to sell 10+ posters to any single person but it's the Devils fault for not telling their staff that. I have no clue about the 6pm start, especially on a Saturday. Makes no fvcking sense.
  18. That poster should be a free give away tonight for enduring this season. Hopefully they made a ton of them and they should really put a limit of 2 per sale on them. I'm not sure I'll be there early enough because of this stupid 6pm start time.
  19. That short handed goal was miserable
  20. I really don't care who plays, I'll be cheering for USA no matter who is on the team. With how bad the NHL players were on the world cup of hockey team we might actually be better off without them lol
  21. My first game back from vacation, I didn't miss this sh!t at all.
  22. Starting this early since we can start the will it or won't it happen speculation lol In all my years of having season tickets I've never missed a game because of the weather. I'm trying to get a buyback on my tickets for this one though since it literally doesn't matter. I'm having a hard time justifying dealing with the nonsense of getting there to go watch this crap team play. I figure if the weather isn't that bad I can just buy dirt cheap tickets and still go. Anyway the Devils are saying the game is on and stay tuned for further details...
  23. I don't care if you're pro tank or anti tank, tonight all of that is put aside to beat the scum in that sh!t blue. I'll be there knowing that this might be one of the worst games in terms of fan ratio in a very long time since we aren't making the playoffs. I want a win. fvck the Rangers. LETS GO DEVILS!!!
  24. My biggest wtf of this game was from Deb in the pregame show. After the Tim Horton segment they showed she said "just a sad irony that a man known for his toughness was taken away all too soon to a tragic car accident" He was driving drunk in his sports car with no seat belt on, flipped the car a few times and was ejected at some point and ended up over 100 feet away from the car. What a dumb comment by Deb on this one. Doesn't matter how tough you are when you do something as stupid as that.
  25. This will be the last game I see for awhile. I'm going on vacation and just straight avoiding scores and news until I get back when I can watch all the games on my dvr. LETS GO DEVILS!!!