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  1. Where to get autographs?

  2. Where to get autographs?

    My buddy has been a Devils fan for years. He's got an authentic Brodeur jersey thats just sitting in is house. He just bought a new home and is fixing up the basement as is game room/ entertainment area. He'll have a pool table, big screen yadda yadda. Anyway I would love to get the jersey signed for him by Marty. Have it say my friends name and like best wishes or something. Anyone know where I could get this? Im an Islander fan and Im kinda close with them team. The practice a block from where I work and Im there almost everyday chillin and watching them. Ive even played with chris simon lol. Anyway...thanx for the input guys! And since the Islanders arent in the playoffs im gonna jump on the devils bandwagon.....GO DEVILS!