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  1. Rangers Fan Here

    alright then. thats it for me. later
  2. Rangers Fan Here

    i guess if that is what he's thinking then he's in the wrong state of mind.
  3. Rangers Fan Here

    acctually the problem with henrik is he plays too deep in the net, and goes into the butterfly too early, takes him self out of plays often. Theres a chinck there, you don't have to acknowledge it.
  4. Rangers Fan Here

    lmao its a valid thought, i mean what do you think is running through his head right now? how well do i have to play to beat this team.. certainly he did that tonight, just wasn't in the cards.. just hurl away makes no difference, wont change the out come of the game.
  5. Rangers Fan Here

    I was acctually curious to see the reactions to the game, only other fourm i found was hf, but its too blah.. I did a google, this one poped up. long story short, found this site, very similar to our site. Figured i'd extend a hand, let you guys know where we exist, i remember last year some buffalo guys found their way over to our site, mostly classy guys, one or two trolls, what ever the case, just saying hello. since we are farely new fourm.
  6. Rangers Fan Here

    I would too, thats why watchign over the past two seasons has been fun, its a more even series, also marty is losing it :-) little chink in the armour. (excuse my spelling, I was never a good speller)
  7. Rangers Fan Here

    intellectual minds always collide, doesn't matter if they root for the same team or not, i'm sure some people here share same veiws with some over there and vice verse, also i'm sure we all have differing opinions. I'm not inviting you too, just saying that what we do over there. you can come or not, i just thought the game was a good one.
  8. Rangers Fan Here

    Great win for us tonight, i'm not trolling. You guys have a solid fourm here. I used to post on the official NYR BB but group of us broke away and found our own fourm site. (for ranger loving of course) Its been fun watching games with nj v ny over the past 2 season, i feel the reivalry isn't one sided anymore, mostly devils pwning us, but you've got to give it up to us. 7 in a row pretty decent. You may feel the better team lost tonight, but as a ranger fan i felt the rangers came back and all is right with the universe, if you guys wish to register for our bb please feel free, to have intelligent hockey discussions. (also politics, jokes what ever floats you boat) No need to troll :-P .. anyway great game tonight, hope we meet int he playoffs when its all said and done, www.webleedblue.net