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  2. I got in with paper tix last night, no problems. Didn't get them through stubhub.
  3. I enjoy a good pork roll, egg, and cheese sandwich after slathering myself with petroleum jelly and covering myself in adhesive strips.
  4. The members options have been sold out since the day this was announced last week. Only the public options remain.
  5. 30 reasons why several people here can suck it.
  6. You'd have to be a miserable human being with the personality of a wet mop to be upset with anything that occurred yesterday in regards to John Scott.
  7. You don't even deserve to look at that statue. It will be a tragedy if your presence that night keeps a much more deserving fan from attending.
  8. Let's play the whole game Friday with no goalie. #Analytics
  9. It was the first thing the three year old regime actually hit on so they had to do it again immediately.
  10. He was also asked the dreaded goal song question, which he turned and asked Hugh Weber about it and Hugh didn't really answer so Ray said something along the lines of "What is the goal song anyway? Did you even hear it last year because they were so bad."
  11. Bernier, Salvador and Gomez to the Leafs E5
  12. Don't look back in anger.
  13. Oasis sucks.
  14. Phew, I actually thought they were gonna win the cup as well, until I read this.