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  1. Season Finale $10 Tix

    I ended up getting in line a bit later than I planned, arriving at 10:15. The wristbands for pairs of tickets were gone by the time it got to me, but my friend and I were able to get two seats, one behind the other. Four more people behind me got single tickets. All told, about 15 people beyond the first 100 got tickets. However, I do believe I saw a guard pull off 4 or 5 wristbands for friends who were not in line at 11:30 - and who presumably got tickets when they showed up at 1:30. The arena was great and the food choices were astounding. Top that off with the Devils clinching the 4 seed and winning on an Elias shootout goal to finally topple the Rangers, and you have the ingredients for a darn good Sunday. I'm looking forward to Game 1, but I will not be waiting in the $10 (or now $20) line next time.
  2. Season Finale $10 Tix

    Thanks for the replies guys - I'll see you there if you're in line. 10 sounds good.
  3. Season Finale $10 Tix

    I have never waited in the line before, so what does "real early" mean? 10AM? 9? 8? Yesterday? I honestly have no idea and I understand that no one can give a definitive guide because who knows what will happen - but I do appreciate any expectations that anyone might share.
  4. Season Finale $10 Tix

    With a 3PM start - what's the suggested time for getting in line? 10:30 AM? There's no prize for being first in line, so I don't care about that. I just want to get there before there are 100 people - 99th would be perfect for me. Also, what's the parking situation for getting to Newark early? Since the game is not until 3, what lots will be open at 9 or 10 AM and will it be a flat fee through the game or will getting there that early make the parking hourly? I just moved back to Jersey after living away for 6 years, so I'm excited to finally see them in person for the first time since I caught them in Carolina in the playoffs a couple years back. I haven't seen the Rock yet either. Even though they may have the #4 sewed up by Sunday (they only need a win or NY regulation loss), I want to see them go for the win, just like the Giants did against the Patriots in the meaningless last game of the regular season.