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  1. Titans have an easy schedule this season if last year is anything to base it off. Should be a good year.
  2. So this is probably not the way to do it then Click
  3. I worry for the next game. With all the crap the refs let fly in that one some of our star players are going to be targeted more. Parise got knocked around so often with no call I hope it doesn't happen next game also. Its great to get one back now lets keep it going.
  4. What a game. Wooooo GO MADDEN!!
  5. Out of all of that how is Elias the only one to be assessed a penalty.
  6. Couldn't have said it any better. You need to be confident in order to win. When was the last time a cold player won something good. He needs to believe he can bring this series back and that is all he is doing.
  7. A baby born in India with two faces is being worshipped as the reincarnation of a Hindu goddess. One month old Lali suffers from an extremely rare condition known as cranofacial duplication where a single head has two faces. Locals are hailing Lali as the return of the goddess Durga, traditionally depicted with three faces and many arms.
  8. Get rid of the mustache its hideous. Chops are all good though.
  9. Thanks. It is a very good week to join and it can only get better. I haven't been to any of the locations LOTR was filmed in so i couldn't tell you how Mordor is.