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  1. Picture Of Meadowlands

    Can anyone provide a good picture of the exterior (that would be outside shot) of the Meadowlands Arena...aka CAA??? If so will you please post?
  2. Game Pictures Game Ii

    Post em...please!!!!
  3. Be Proud

    NEVER have I been prouder to call myself a New Jersey Devils fan - NEVER! They went into the fire and came out with the win!!! I was SHOCKED that Stevens even touched the east trophy let alone picked it upi and skated with it. I was also disgusted that ESPN chose to show the Senators anguish much more than anything resembling a tremendous GUTTY Devils victory celebration. Sorry ESPN. The Devils are there...A G A I N!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. R O L L C A L L F O R T R U E B E L I E V E R S

    I'm in. Devils 2-1. Stanley cup game one at home on Tuesday night versus Ducks. Book it.
  5. Okay I've Calmed Down

    I have no idea what Devils team has been out on the ice for the last two games - but the Devils team we have been seeing is not the Devils team that plays typical "Devils hockey". Game 7 if there is an upside to this loss this evening, will force the Devils to go back to playing the kind of "tight and right" hockey that makes thi steam so effective and so maddening to play against. My biggest concern is the collective mindset of the team right now...I want to know if they are confident, or if they feel as though they have reached the end of the rope. Do they feel they can truly win in Ottawa on Friday. After game one, sombody in here made an excellent point in regard to a message I left concerning what i felt was a brutal game one loss. Someone said that, "no team responds to a loss like the Devils". If that is true, then the Jersey boys have a chance to make that their signature by pulling it out of the fire on Friday night. Burns and Lamoriello have much "head work" to do before the puck drops later this week. Stevens and Daneyko need impassioned pleas in that locker room. Lastly, will someone please kidnap Gary Thorne on his way out of the building tonight? Ever since this schmuck started doing the games on ESPN the Devils have tumbled downward. Get Steve Levy back now! Thoughts?
  6. We'll Win In 7

    Jimmy I hope you are right and you and I and every Devils fan on this board is lighting a victory cigar come Friday evening. I just don't have that feeling. I'll tell ya htis...IF Devils win, they'll do it by a 2-1 score...if not they'll get blown out by four or five goals...I thnink Ottawa is wishing they could play the game right now. They'll look to steamroll on Friday from the word go. Remember Detroit 7-Colorado-0??? This is what I fear.
  7. We'll Win In 7

    Jimmy you're nuts my friend. This series was concluded this evening. They're done...and Holik is very happy bout' now.
  8. Game Seven Friday

    RD technically it is not...but if you are like me, this third period feels as though it has only 10 minutes on the clock instead of 20. Ottawa is in their locker room right now realizing that the dream is almost complete. They can taste what they are about to do. The Devils are weak...wobbly...they have had zero game tonight. The Senataors know they can win this series now. The Devils are doubting everything that gave them a 3-1 series lead. I am also puzzled as to why Burns has messed with his lines so much in this game. Too much of an overreaction to a game 5 loss in my opinion.
  9. Game Seven Friday

    Give the Senators credit. They Devils cannot put them away. They have outplayed the Devs since the opening drop of the puck. Game 7 will be a doozy - and I'm starting to feel like Flyers fans did a few short seasons ago. You can almost feel the collapse being complete.
  10. How Many Say "yes" To Dano Back On Wednesday???

    Dano in or out for game six? Will it make a difference. Personally I wouldn't care if they put Phil Russell back out there on Wednesday...just win the game and get us to the finals!
  11. Why I Feel Sick

    Brainlock!!!! Make that June 2001!!!! June 2000 was pretty darn sweet.
  12. Why I Feel Sick

    The Last Time? June 2000...Pepsi Center...Denver, Colorado.
  13. If The Devils Win On Wednesday

    Will game one of the finals be Saturday night at CAA?
  14. Choke City

    I thought the Devils played by far their worst game of the series...I also thought the officiating was horrendous. Devs had a chance obviously to put this one to bed...seemed to me that they expected the Sens to mail it in and just give it to them. Game six is indeed huge...I believe if they lose it they'll also lose the series. Momentum has swung...game six will be interesting. If I am a Sens fan right now I am feeling good...If I am Devils fan (and I am since 82-83) I am somewhat nervous and I am. Bad loss.
  15. Are The Everson Boys Related?

    The two big papers in NY with both Devils beat writers having the same last name. Are they related? Also, how tough it must be for Mark (N)Đ„verson to sit through a playoof season that has to be absolute torure on his soul, eh? This guy who dreads anything positive happening to the Devils has to stick around and watch this team go for another cup...something that must keep him up at night with anxiety. Serious question though all saracsm aside: Why does this guy hate the Devils as much as his wrting obviously reflects? I realize he's a Rangers fan but come on man! Get off the beat next year if all this "winning" bothers you Mark.