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  1. Niedermayer to Ducks (CONFIRMED)

    Well, this sucks. But in my heart of hearts, I knew this was gonna happen. But Anaheim? Damn. That fact is what makes this even harder to swallow. Earlier this week I was holding out hope that Scott would go to VAN and then praying today for at least SJ--two western teams I like to watch...and really enjoy their style of play. But the real sh!tty thing is the delays with this decision...stringing us along to the point where the D-man talent pool has completely dried up. Hamrlik? Nah. I'll pass. But I guess Anaheim makes sense--especially after the dad talked about having Scott play with his brother. That sealed it, I guess. Funny thing though--think about Scott and Rob for a minute. Scott has prolly had to do this sorta thing all his life...bail out his little bro. Do what mommy and daddy want him to do in order to help out the less fortunate little Robbie. "Makes sure you watch out for Robbie!" "Make sure you include Robbie!" And think about Rob for a minute--living your entire life in the shadow of your extremely more talented older brother--who wins all the championships, all the trophies,...and now you are financially indebted to him for the rest of your life--tailgating on big brother's uber free agent contract sigining by getting one of your own only via a family-plan package deal. Anyone up for throwing together a collection to pay off a sportswriter to ask Rob a question at the press conference today..."So Rob, how does it feel to be set for life--thanks only to your big brother's God-given skills and ability? How will you ever possibly be able to repay him? Feel at all embarrassed? Clearly you are here today only by blood? Or are you just used to Scott being the center of attention? Need a tissue dude?"
  2. Hollywood Devils

    So this is true? Interesting. Did he ever give any insights on the origin/reasons for being/becoming a fan...considering he is from TO? Just hated the Leafs and picked the Devils? Or is there something more to it? Edge...now one of my new favs in WWE! And someone please gimme the gist of RVD's video--is it funny. And why RVD? He is from Michigan and prolly a DRW fan. I am from Chicago and have never had the pleasure of taking in a game at the CAA so I don't know what you guys are referring to--but I get the idea...hype-up the crowd/make some noise fill-ins during time-outs and stoppages. But how high is this RVD video on the unintentional comedy scale? Gotta be pretty high up there considering his--shall I say, limited--mic skills on WWE TV.
  3. Devils-Flyers Game Thread

    Word. Philly (and Boston) fans suck.
  4. Devils-Flyers Game Thread

    I dunno. I am sticking to my original thought. I hope we get the Flyers in the first round. They'll come in cocky as hell, considering their recent success against us. And after all, it is the Flyers (a little different with Hitch behind the boards). We have their playoff number. Same with the Leafs. When is the last time either had playoff success against us. Screw 'em. Bring 'em on. I'll take our chances...Stevens or no Stevens. Well,... maybe I won't go that far.
  5. Devils-Flyers Game Thread

    First round would be the best opportunity to beat them. I dunno. Have them fight it out with a first rounder maybe, but we have their playoff number. But then again, maybe the Flyers are due against us...coming to roost kinda thing. Just doesn't look good y'all. And signs aren't exactly pointing in our direction. Igor. Scotty. The last two-plus months results. Lou at the deadline. Burns rumbling. At least the Rag$ finally got blown-up. Yeah Jagr! Go Leafs Go!
  6. Devils-Flyers Game Thread

    DAMMIT! Go Leafs Go! At least for tonight.
  7. Chicago @ New Jersey 7:30

    Gotta hold off Montreal. Big home-and-home coming up with them. Forget catching Philly folks. Focus on Habs.
  8. Chicago @ New Jersey 7:30

    A win is a win, but we got seriously out worked. Weird game. Devils scoring six! And giving up four! Weird. What can you say about Turner at the end there. Wow.
  9. Chicago @ New Jersey 7:30

    Damn. What is it with tonight's game...both teams?
  10. Chicago @ New Jersey 7:30

    Jumps. Plants. Scores. Sweet.
  11. Chicago @ New Jersey 7:30

    But have you seen Igor up-close? No shirt? And my analogy was along the retire-already...oldest...slowest...etc. And I hate both. Can never really root for a DRW. Once a DRW, always a DRW.
  12. Chicago @ New Jersey 7:30

    Igor gets crushed! It's like Ric Flair...just break something internal and go away...for good.
  13. Chicago @ New Jersey 7:30

    Right. Sorry. Attempting to be funny. Forget it.
  14. Chicago @ New Jersey 7:30

    Honestly though...how do Brown and Hale earn their ice time...voodoo dolls? Gotta be, gotta be voodoo.
  15. Chicago @ New Jersey 7:30

    Word. Nice goal. Tip your brain bucket and move on.