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  1. Dammitall!

    Well, like I said in the previous thread that was deleted I apologize to Pk for anything that was said that offended her and you are right Zam. As you are the majority of the time. I would rather not want to taint WC's reputation here any longer...I will be leaving...Have a great season all of you! GO DEVILS!
  2. Dammitall!

    WCDF talked mean to you.... Actually the ignore button was for StarDew and has come in very handy. I for some reason have left it on for you even with your nutball rants about nothing most of the time (which makes you who you are). I just scroll right on past them for the most part. And WC has his own thoughts and opinions about you and it looks like he actually decided to express them to you (or to someone, but you took it to a personal level, your name was never actually mentioned) himself...He brought that thread on himself sista...Maybe you should take somewhat of a hint... BTW, I thought this discussion was over and done with this morning...
  3. It's Yanks/sox

    Oh yeah, here he is... An unidentified Oakland Athletics (news) fan gets restrained after he and a group of other fans were seen taunting Boston Red Sox (news) Damian Jackson (news) after Jackson collided with Johnny Damon (news) in the seventh inning in game 5 of the American League (news) Division Series playoff game, Monday, Oct. 6, 2003 in Oakland, Calif. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg)
  4. Hockey Community In Mourning

    Just an update Heatley charged with vehicular homicide in teammate's death http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/news?slug=ap-t...ov=ap&type=lgns
  5. It's Yanks/sox

    OH NJAY! What a picture...what a picture... Oh yeah, and rivalry trash talk is acceptable it is those morons like the one at the A's game last night who laughed at the fact that a player could have been seriously injured. I hope he feels stupid today... His butt got booted from the park...
  6. Watch Espn's Reality Show

    Is that all? You may or may not get the job based on that.......... hahahaha OH he'll get the job alright...
  7. Hockey Community In Mourning

    My regards...
  8. Let's Officially Start The Season.

    Two days... And Elias is definitely NOT the same without SYKIE...
  9. Heatley Facing New Charge In Snyder Death

    This article was previously posted in which it stated: http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story.asp?ID=55659&hubName=nhl "Heatley was required to give blood samples to be tested for drugs and alcohol, which is standard practice for accidents of this nature, but early reports suggest that Heatley's blood/alcohol level was .02 percent - far below the legal allowance." This article was dated 9/30/2003 hmmm......
  10. Watch Espn's Reality Show

    DREAM JOB in Feb. 2004 DREAM JOB Our very own westcoastdevfan is auditioning for the show in VEGAS this coming weekend...GOOD LUCK TO HIM!
  11. Just Too Funny

    Um...I guess I don't find the humor in jokes about them any longer...
  12. Nhl Or Mlb?

    I got two wrong myself...The ducks one and the twins one...I chose angels and wild...weird...
  13. Heatley, Snyder In Traffic Accident

    Well said Ice Theif...Well said...
  14. New Ducks Jerseys

    To me they are classic and sheek...They were looking for a change and they certainly have one. I think they are on the right road to ridding themselves of the "NOT A REAL TEAM, etc." stimgas that have been placed on them.
  15. New Ducks Jerseys

    I actually like the jersey, especially on the players. Sandis Ozolinsh, Rob Niedermayer, Vaclav Prospal, Petr Sykora, Craig Johnson, Kurt Sauer (Picture taken by: NoEvils2003)