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  1. Brodeur embarrassed himself and the franchise today

    Let's just say a playoff bound team loses their goalie right before the postseason and Marty is on the block. What is the best we could get for him? What's the lowest you would accept for him? If it's a 2nd rounder I'm taking it.
  2. GDT 3/19/13: NY Rags @ Devils

    Sestito recalled per TG. Ell Gee Dee.
  3. Devils acquire Loktionov

    Lou <3
  4. OOT Thread

    Snapping at Rosen and giving zero respect to Buffalo. Hahaha, way to make your organization proud, Torts.
  5. Retro Night?

    Wow, I just assumed it was going to be on Sat vs MTL. It doesn't make sense that they would just stop this short tradition they've started. I plan on wearing my red and green regardless and I'd suspect a lot of fans will too. Whether the players actually do or not is a great question.
  6. $10 box office tickets day of game

    If you plan on doing it for the St. Pat's game against MTL you better get there SUPER early. My buddies and I tried doing the ticket line for that game last year. We got there at 8:30 for the 1pm game and just missed the cutoff due to people cutting the line as mentioned above. That was the first time I wasn't able to get tickets. I've probably done it about 4-5 times over the past few years, including Game 5 of the SCF last year. Its great for cheap tickets, but you're not guaranteed anything and have to deal with people trying to cut the line and scalpers who are just trying to make a quick buck.
  7. Buyers or Sellers on 4/3/2013?

    When has Lou ever really been a seller at the trade deadline in recent years besides when we traded Langenbrunner and Arnott (which I was all for)? He always believes we have a chance to make a run and tries his best to put the best product on the ice he can.
  8. Trade Proposal (Devils and Blues)

    Halak AND Stewart.. umm sign me up.

    Obviously you don't want him getting hurt, you just have to admire his heart.

    I love how Henrique isn't afraid of anyone. Can't forget that Gordie Howe he put up last season after he fought Iginla.
  11. Your thoughts on our chances to re-sign Clarky

    OK, but this was a terrible deal lol. We can't compare what the Devils should offer Clarkson to some other team who signed a horrible contract. No way I see Clarkson leaving. Yeah it's just an opinion, but that's all we can go off of for now.
  12. Steven A Smith Hockey Rant

    I get it that he's an NBA insider, but if you work for the mothership, you should at least know there are no ties in the NHL anymore and that Columbus has a hockey team. I'm not the biggest baseball fan, but I at least keep up with the league.
  13. Is it panic time?

    Maybe Lou will trade a 4th and 7th and get Zach back like he did with Poni
  14. Gagne traded back to Philadelphia

    ‏@capgeek #Flyers will be at risk of a bonus overage penalty for 2013-14 if they continue on LTIR, if Schenn/Couturier achieve performance bonuses. ‏@capgeek #Flyers already have No. 1 projected payroll for 2013-14 at $62M. An overage would make life difficult under $64.3M cap.
  15. OOT Thread

    Gagne back to Philly. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/la-kings-trade-simon-gagne-212142582--nhl.html