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  1. Kovy needs to sit for a little while, he's had these same blunders in the last couple of games.
  2. I thought the goalie returned to the ice for the shot... Maybe not... still one of many dumb plays from our forwards and defensemen
  3. I hate these rules tho, i thought on a play like kovy/Kopecky is a result of penalty shot, not automatic goal..
  4. Kovy wth were you thinking.
  5. The Official away from the play made the call, not the one close to it... wow
  6. Horrible breakdown for our forwards and defense men, the guys who are suppose to generate chances on the other end and help Marty out. Marty save our butts plenty of times in this. Breakdown by Marty what b.s
  7. Whoops didn't mean to double post the same thing. But Tuesday i hope the Devils come more well prepared than they did tonight, the Panthers out hustled us tonight flat out.
  8. Ball game. I miss Jacques.
  9. Ball game. I miss Jacques.
  10. Not! The fact is, we can't cycle and keep them in their zone and force their goalie to make some saves to save our lives.
  11. That's retarded...
  12. I saw the multiple threads, where people blamed Marty. Marty isn't involved in defense breakdowns where the opponent has a break away or odd man rush, or not generating enough pressure on the opposing goalie, not playing simple hockey and shooting the puck on net.
  13. I don't like the Bruins on ice antics, the stupid things they do and get away with, leads them into more on ice brawls and extracurricular activities, after plays all the time. Our team is way more discipline then them.
  14. Marchandt and Boston are goons.
  15. At some point where were the penalty calls at the end, the high sticking, the whacking the stick out of our player hand, etc. They made sure to call every little infraction against us.