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  1. Frazee/McKenna

    The funny thing, though, is that his numbers aren't bad. 2.66 GAA and .916 saves percentage are above average numbers. Sure, in two of his past four games he's given up 5 and 6 goals, respectively, but those are blips on the radar. Also, last year, he was playing almost every game so he was probably able to get in some sort of rhythm. Not the case this year. I'm not worried. With that said, McKenna has been playing well all year long, but even he gave up 6 goals a couple of games ago.
  2. WANTED: Jeff Frazee bobblehead

    Lowell is now having a Jeff Frazee bobblehead giveaway this Friday night. If someone could pick up an extra one, I'd happily buy it from you. Thanks.
  3. WANTED: Jeff Frazee bobblehead

    You can find the 4 pack on ebay. There are at least two sets on that site. Just search for "devils bobblehead."
  4. WANTED: Jeff Frazee bobblehead

    That would be great. Thanks!
  5. I'd really like to buy one (or more) of the Jeff Frazee bobbleheads that were given away at last night's Trenton game. If anyone (or someone you know) is willing to part with one, I'd be more than happy to pay good money. Thanks!
  6. Devils put McKenna on waivers

    You're right, Frazee's 2.38 GAA and .927 saves percentage just won't cut it. Get a grip buddy.
  7. GDT: 4/4 Springfield @ Lowell

    Devils lose 4-3...blew a 3-1 second period lead. Game-winning goal scored with 1:23 left. I wasn't able to listen, but it looks like special teams killed Lowell again. 0 power play goals, 1 shorthanded goal against, and 2 power play goals against. Springfield's 3rd and 4th goals both came on the PP in the 3rd.
  8. GDT: 4/3 Portland @ Lowell

    TG says it's a knee injury. Tough loss for Lowell tonight...really needed this one. Where's the scoring???
  9. GDT: 4/1 Lowell @ Manchester

    Thanks for the broadcast info, Birch and Shtikl! It's so nice to be able to follow the team from afar. On a related note, I'd love to buy Murphy a beer, but I unfortunately live about 1500 miles away. (FYI, my username has nothing to do with Ryan Murphy - but I understand your logic.) And just for the record, I hate shootouts - probably because they rarely turn out favorably! They also completely ruin the concept of winning and losing as a team.
  10. GDT: 4/1 Lowell @ Manchester

    Is anyone else getting ads about every minute or two while listening to the game on ahllive.com?
  11. GDT: 3/10 Bridgeport @ Lowell

    Ugh. What happened to the offense? In the last 5 games, the LDevs have scored a total of 5 goals....tough to win that way.
  12. GDT: 2/18 Albany @ Lowell

    Yes, I listen online whenever I have an opportunity. I've never ponied up the dough to watch the games, however.
  13. GDT: 2/18 Albany @ Lowell

    Thank you very much for the game summaries, Birch! I have a relative on the team, and it's great to be able to follow from afar. Great to see the guys actually win in a shootout!!