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    The Doc is sick.
  2. Devils trade rumour -- big deal to come?

    Yeah, you don't have any basis for this; it's all speculation. He could lead the league in goals and win MVP for all we know.
  3. Yikes! djstubbs is saying...

    Yeah I don't see a reason why this post needed to be brought up now. Everyone here is thinking Raf broke his leg recently.
  4. Niedermayer to Ducks (CONFIRMED)

    With the exception of the signing of Rafalski, this is a terrible day in the history of the New Jersey Devils organization.
  5. What should they name the new Arena?

    It's jinXed. As in, "Jinx put Max in space." <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  6. Propose a song for the Devils Pregame

    The BEST pregame music was when they played "Right Now" during the laser show and "Standing On Top Of The World" when they skated out on the ice. I believe that was around the 1993-94 season. Awesome.

    this will get done at the last second - owners will probably counter at 43-44, maybe 45 MAX, i would think. but everything that has happened over the past day or two is a sign that a deal is imminent. its the only thing that makes sense at this stage.
  8. Now that the players have seen the light me crazy, but don't you all understand the nature of negotiations? there's no way that the players could have offered this deal until the very last second - in negotiations, you have to have a DEADLINE to make a deal (most times) - that is why when the NHL made their weekend/monday/wednesday deadline, that was the best thing that could have happened to this process. it's been pretty obvious all along that the players were going to have to accept a cap, but they are going to get it without linkage to revenues. players come in with their $52 mil offer - yeah no way the NHL is going to accept that, you're right, but everyone knew that, it's part of the (unfortunately flawed) process of negotiations - NHL shoots back with $40 mil, yep players aren't going to accept that, they'll meet somewhere in the middle. if the players came in with a $42 mil cap, the NHL would have rejected it and they would have settled on $41 mil - so you have to aim high in order to reach an effective compromise. also, it's really hard to believe a WORD anyone involved in this process says - "the players will never accept a cap yadda yadda yadda" - it's all about positioning and can't take what they say seriously. same goes with the media. cap ends up in $46 mil range, no linkage, players probably get some goodies for accepting cap, lets play hockey. unless im wrong?

    Rafalski was by far the worst Devils player in this series. How many times did he turn over the puck? Even in the last 20 seconds, although we wouldn't have won anyways, he was terrible. I guess all that time off due to injury really affected him. Flyers definitely wanted it more, and they got it - this series was over after Game 2, so today's loss comes as no shock.

    I agree with most of what you said - as far as the fair weatheredness, it's wrong to slam someone like Brodeur, saying he sucks, even if he did suck TONIGHT, he's still the core reason why we've had success for the past 10 years. But I think the bigger picture here is that the writing is on the wall, and has been on the wall for quite some time - this isn't our year. A short summer (because of our CUP win ), no Stevens, no Lou trying to make up for lack of Stevens, Flyers have been kicking our butts since January, and they're playing THEIR game really well right now. Ugh I hate losing to the crap that is Philadelphia, but it's over. Unless Stevens comes back. Maybe. Good luck to all of you who still believe, but the outcome is painfully obvious...
  11. It Aint Over Til It's Over

    Not when you're getting physically manhandled. MANHANDLED. BY PHILADELPHIA. This isn't 2000....

    I've never been so embarrassed to be a Devils fan as I am after this loss...and this includes our crap performances in 1996, 1998, 1999, and 2002. This team got physically MANHANDLED tonight. They are going to LOSE this series. This game, in my mind, wasn't even CLOSE, when you compare it to games the Devils usually win. Philadelphia controlled the play most of the game - we're either neutral with them in terms of play, or behind. Never ahead. Brodeur sucked. They're not playing with any balls. They're getting their asses kicked all over the ice. Anyone who thinks the Devils have a chance at winning this series is nuts. The lack of Stevens is really being felt now - Philly knows that we have NO-BO-DY that can come back and kick their ass, so they can basically do whatever they want and run the show. It's all over. AND WHY IS IGOR LARINOV PLAYING????? WHERE'S THE HEART??? I'm ashamed.
  13. Hitchcock the Deliusional

    from a star ledgar article: Esche got away from his primary focus a bit as the Flyers wound down their season. "One of the major reasons he struggled was he got too far ahead of himself, waiting for this time," Hitchcock said. "Any goalie you talk to, it's just a natural tendency of a young guy to get excited and get ahead of the curve, and he loses his focus on the moment. He's recognized that. As this thing got closer and closer, he got more and more excited about Thursday instead of playing at (the level) where he was before, and I think he lost focus for a little bit." is this guy out of his mind?? first his "we're over our mindset that we can't beat the devils" crap and now he's making lame excuses for esche sucking at the end of the season? hes been talking crap all year long - hey, until your team wins a PLAYOFF SERIES, you cant say anything. sounds like someones still a little stewed over 2000...