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  1. The last of the Devils greats and as great as his legend is, still underrated. Thanks for everything Patty.
  2. His early years were filled with some of the all-time best Devils hockey; there are so many great memories from that time, and he is a focal point of many of them. He made a terrible decision in joining the Rags, but in the end, he came back home and finished strong. Congrats on a great career Gomer.
  3. Touche!
  4. So Tomas Tomas got 2.6M AAV. I think that's about right.
  5. You sure it's Vanek?
  6. If this was five years ago, these would all be 12 year deals.
  7. Buffalo has put together quite an offense with Okposo now.
  8. Come to think of it, this trade also helps the Devils in preparing to protect players for the expansion draft. Losing a D and gaining a forward makes protection option A (seven forwards, three defensemen and one goaltender) work a lot better. Before, they probably would have had to choose between Severson, Moore, Greene, and Larsson. Meanwhile, the only forwards that I would say the Devils absolutely needed to protect are Zajac, Cammy, Henrique, and Palmieri. This would have left the Devils with not enough D-spots open to protect players while having more than enough forward spots. It's more advantageous to trade a valuable d-man for a valuable forward before the expansion draft than after. Now the Devils have five forwards they absolutely need to protect with room for two more, and don't have to worry about losing a valuable d-man (Merrill, if he is resigned, is the best d-man we could lose). I know the roster will change a bit but this thinking most likely would retain its validity no matter what.
  9. It's hard to swallow this trade because I was really growing attached to Larsson. It was really nice watching him turn it all around and begin to become the player everyone expected he could be. That said, I suppose the intellectual side of me has to win out here and admit, we need this.
  10. QFT.
  11. He was brought up as a potential trade option either last year or the year before on this board if I remember correctly. People seem more down on him now than they were back then.
  12. Tankville prospers again. Yuck.
  14. Honestly, I'd like to make a revision, Edmonton has a 100% chance of winning the first pick when I factor in horsesh1t.
  15. Our chances of winning the 2nd pick depends on who wins the first pick, and then our chances of winning the 3rd pick depend on who wins the second (and first) pick. Obviously, all teams benefit from teams with better odds (Toronto, Edmonton, etc...) winning the first two picks as this increases the odds the most for us (and everyone else) of winning the lottery at all. Let's look at two scenarios: The Devils have at best a 3% of winning the first pick. Let's say Toronto and Edmonton (the two bottom teams) win the first two picks: If Toronto wins the first pick the Devils increase to a 3.75% chance of winning the second pick. This is our best chance of winning the second pick, if we don't win the first. Then, if Edmonton wins the second pick, the Devils chances of winning the 3rd pick increase to 4.51%. However, with that order, the chances that we would have won the lottery BY the 3rd pick are 10.85%, which happens to be our best chance of winning the lottery in any of the three rounds. Now, let's look at another scenario, when the bottom two teams don't win the first two picks: Let's say the Sabres (8th pick as of now) win the first pick. Then the Devils chances of winning the second pick increase to only 3.19%. If the Canucks (3rd pick as of now) then win the 2nd pick in the lottery, the Devils chances of winning the 3rd pick increase to 3.64%. In this scenario, the chances that we would have won the lottery by the 3rd pick are 9.51%. This is a decrease of 1.34% from the first scenario. Either way, we have to get pretty lucky to win the lottery, but as you can see, it's not improbable at all.