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  1. Eventually you're going to have to accept that the NHL draft is the only answer the question of success. And it takes time. I'm excited, for the second year in a row, to see how our young players develop this season.
  2. This board today: If we get Shattenkirk: "Shero is an awesome GM, he has made moves that will benefit the team greatly. Also, Nico = Crosby. Our joy is only trumped by our infinite patience." When we didn't get Shattenkirk: "Shero has never done anything good, and by 'anything good' we mean 'he didn't get Shattenkirk.' Also, Nico isn't the answer, just a piece. Cup this year or bust.
  3. Eh, at first look I didn't like the comment Patrick supposedly made before the draft about wanting Nico to get picked first. But, on second glance it just seems like Patrick made the comment to try and hide his insecurity about the possibility of getting picked second after all the hype and pressure on him from the media that he was going to go no. 1. He was saving some face if you ask me. Actually, in general my first inference about Nolan and Nico was similar to many people here on the board: Nolan seemed like a jerk, and Nico seemed like he had top flight character. But after watching some of the clips of the two pre and post getting drafted, my reading of the two players gained some nuance. I see Patrick as just kind of a pretty laid back guy, who is pretty unaffected. Nico on the other hand seems like, while a good guy, he has a bloodthirstiness; a little bit of a sociopathic competitiveness if you will. I think the Devils saw this too. You can see the emotion in his face when he went first overall. He doesn't care about NJ yet, he just wanted to be no. 1. Patrick didn't seem to care that much. I think that kind of hunger is what led Nico to grow his game and rocket up draft boards over the past year. Nico has grit and I like it.
  4. Just wanted to check in to point out that the Rangers still suck.
  5. The last of the Devils greats and as great as his legend is, still underrated. Thanks for everything Patty.
  6. His early years were filled with some of the all-time best Devils hockey; there are so many great memories from that time, and he is a focal point of many of them. He made a terrible decision in joining the Rags, but in the end, he came back home and finished strong. Congrats on a great career Gomer.
  7. Touche!
  8. So Tomas Tomas got 2.6M AAV. I think that's about right.
  9. You sure it's Vanek?
  10. If this was five years ago, these would all be 12 year deals.
  11. Buffalo has put together quite an offense with Okposo now.
  12. Come to think of it, this trade also helps the Devils in preparing to protect players for the expansion draft. Losing a D and gaining a forward makes protection option A (seven forwards, three defensemen and one goaltender) work a lot better. Before, they probably would have had to choose between Severson, Moore, Greene, and Larsson. Meanwhile, the only forwards that I would say the Devils absolutely needed to protect are Zajac, Cammy, Henrique, and Palmieri. This would have left the Devils with not enough D-spots open to protect players while having more than enough forward spots. It's more advantageous to trade a valuable d-man for a valuable forward before the expansion draft than after. Now the Devils have five forwards they absolutely need to protect with room for two more, and don't have to worry about losing a valuable d-man (Merrill, if he is resigned, is the best d-man we could lose). I know the roster will change a bit but this thinking most likely would retain its validity no matter what.
  13. It's hard to swallow this trade because I was really growing attached to Larsson. It was really nice watching him turn it all around and begin to become the player everyone expected he could be. That said, I suppose the intellectual side of me has to win out here and admit, we need this.
  14. QFT.
  15. He was brought up as a potential trade option either last year or the year before on this board if I remember correctly. People seem more down on him now than they were back then.