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  1. Conn Smythe Thread

    Congrats on winning the Cup That being said, regardless of who you thought should have won the MVP, it was classless to boo the guy that played his tail off and won it.
  2. Why Were The Tv Braino's Calling Stevens Hit

    Heres the deal on the hit. By rule, until the puck gets to the player that Karyia is passing to, he is still considered the puck carrier, regardless of wether he has the puck or not. It may have been interference, it may not have been. Until the puck left the screen, on the angle we got, there is no conclusive proof that anyone else touched the puck.
  3. Flyers, Cechmanek To Part Ways

    Khabbi is not going anywhere, sorry to dissappoint everyone. Jay Feaster has been out in the media within the last week and is adament(sp) aboout this. The team is built around him, it would be dumb for Tampa to get riod of him. Either that or Feaster is making us all look like fools.
  4. Funny Take On The Teams Left

    hey, at least you guys dont have voting issues. That has got to be one of the worst insults that Florida hockey teams have. For example "you people dont even know how to vote, how can you learn a complicated sport like ice hockey?"
  5. Congrats Devils

    I will.
  6. Congrats Devils

    Congratulations on a great series, you guys were clearly the better team. Good luck the rest of the way, and if you get the Flyers, I hope you pummel them. Scott Stevens is amazing. I have a whole new respect for him. Just remember, hopefully, we will be back next year, with a little more experiance.
  7. Report: Grahame to start

    Trust me, our coach is not that smart.
  8. Report: Grahame to start

    Its true, this is what I think of our head coach:
  9. Devils Vs. Tb Game 4

    I just hope Tampa can pull the upset on Friday so that there home fans (me included) can thank them for the ride that no one could have imagined would happen on Sunday. IMO, if a couple of bounces go our way, this series is tied up, but in all honesty, the Devils are the better more experianced team. Hopefully the rise of the Tampa Bay Lightning has just begun!!!
  10. Kubina Is A Marked Man...

    Let me start by saying this, I hope Stevens is ok and back by tomorrow night. If we come back to beat you guys, (which is still a LONG way from happening) I hope your best players are on the ice. That being said, Kubina is not a fan favorite here. He has been booed on his home ice, and is, in my estimation, the player with the least amout of fans here in Tampa. I was not always a fan of his until he pulled himself together against Washington and finally lived up to the potential and the paycheck. The point I am trying to get at, is that, Kubina could not hit the broad side of a barn with his shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a better chance of going out and winning the state lottery or literally getting hit by a stroke of Lightning than Kubina EVER has of hitting someone like that again. I just cant see how, even if the intent was there, that Pavel Kubina could hit a moving target like that. Sorry, I dont buy it. Like I said, I hope Stevens gets better and does not miss any time, but you guys are barking up the wrong tree here.
  11. Who's Going To Game 3?

    Oh boy, a devils fan that is promising to be loud and sits close to me. I cant wait. B) Just kidding, enjoy the game.
  12. Nj Vs Tb Matchup

    As a Tampa fan, let me chime in here. In my opionion, after looking at the matchups, I am having trounle finding ANYONE who will be able to get open and score in this series. Tampa's defense has been extremly good at blocking shots from the point and keeping the slot clear so that Khabbi can see the shot. You put that up against a team that is not known for its goal scoring, and we are looking at alot of low scoring games. In my opionion, one breakdown by either team could decide a game in this series. I would not be surprised to see alot of 1-0, 2-1 games with some overtime. This series is alot closer than a lot of people are willing to admit, IMO.
  13. When Is The 1st Devils Tb Game?

    Hi all, I am a big bolts fan. Not here to troll or anything, I like to get another teams perspective, and this board is really cool. Jay Feaster was on the radio yesterday and said that all of the arena issues had ben resolved. Disney on Ice will probobly end up in St. Pete or Orlando, and I really dont care what happens to the Dixie Chics. Well, I wish your team good health, and may the best team win.