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  1. It's wasn't the cap hit so much as leaving before the big bucks on his deal really kicked in and because of that the Devils avoided a potentially disastrous recapture penalty.
  2. Shero was actually asked about it a couple of weeks ago. Said the Devils would need to know what their rights were but noted that he was having a great season in the KHL. Non-commital, as you would expect, but didn't sound like someone who wouldn't have him back based on principle.
  3. How many KHL games have you watched to make any kind of judgment like that at all? I can look at point totals. If there was any other player that put up numbers like that you'd be drooling to have him on the team. The guy, like Jagr, is a physical specimen. While it's likely he won't be that good when he's in his 40s, he's not that old.
  4. The scars will heal up real quickly if people are made to realize that Kovy did the team an enormous favor by leaving when he did only to return on a reasonable deal when he has a lot of good hockey left in him and the team might be on the upswing finally. You might actually tell the fans that it was the plan all along but for what could be another circumvention penalty.
  5. This is a no brainier. If he wants to come back on a reasonable enough deal, you do it in a heartbeat. First, he has not declined. Best I can tell, he led the KHL in points this year, and has actually improved on very good past performance. There's no reason he won't age like Jagr, or at least the wheels shouldn't be coming off for at least three or four years. Second, you are getting a forward without giving up an asset that will score at least 25 goals and will improve the power play a lot. If you think the Palmieri trade was a stroke of genius, there's no reason you say no to getting a better player without having to trade the draft picks. Lastly, I enjoy watching exciting players. The Devils could really fvcking use someone like that, if not for all of our sanity.
  6. Just think it's pretty awesome that the scoreboard had a Marlboro ad on it back then. If I ever come into billions of dollars and can buy a team and an arena, all the ads are going to be booze, cigarettes, guns, strip clubs and brothels.
  7. I'm not sure, but I want him on the team.
  8. No. Yes.
  9. I was staying at the Wynn during the NHL awards show in 2012. Bylsma and Malkin were hanging out together by the pool. Didn't seem like there was any animosity.
  10. Has been playing in the KHL since he was 19, which seems to be a pretty good sign. On the other hand, there wasn't any sort of bidding war over him, which you almost always see with KHLers who are any good. If that's the case, not sure why he's trying his luck in the NHL. Would think that you make a lot more money on a KHL team than you do playing the bulk of the season in the AHL.
  11. Never realized this, but because his appeals for his murder conviction were not exhausted, Massachusetts law considers Hernandez a totally innocent man. http://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2017/04/19/hernandezdismiss/BvCcJQ1Ubg3mJAze0ttpvJ/story.html?p1=Article_Recommended_ReadMore_Pos1 I'm sure he still had significant assets that he wanted to leave for his family. So it's looking more and more like avoiding civil judgments is the reason why he did it.
  12. There's a pretty good chance that some plaintiff's lawyer somewhere will want it done. If anything like that did show up in an autopsy, I wouldn't put it past someone to argue that Hernandez killed all of those people because of CTE and therefore it's the NFL or maybe the NCAA or University of Florida's duty to pony up either to the victims directly or to Hernandez's estate which is being sued by the people he murdered and maimed. I also wonder whether he did it mainly to avoid a civil suit from the estates of the people he was recently acquitted of killing. Acquittal in a criminal trial does not absolve you of civil liability as we know from OJ. And, in a civil action, you're forced to give deposition testimony and trial testimony (no right against self-incrimination). While they can still sue his estate, much harder to make that case out now.
  13. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but at his exit press conference Shero mentioned that Yandle was the big catch in free agency last year and the Panthers ended up missing the playoffs. Perhaps he's just lowering expectations in the even Shattenkirk ends up signing with the Rangers.
  14. Any way that the Jets would trade Trouba for Henrique? Is Trouba overrated like Phaneuf? Seems like the Jets need to trade one of Trouba or Tyler Myers, and Henrique is a good return for someone you might end up losing anyway. Other thing about trading for Trouba is that it makes signing Shattenkirk a moot point, unless you're trading one of Santini or Severson. Maybe that's a good thing though in that you're getting a much younger player who will be a lot less expensive.
  15. I don't really root for any NJ/NY team so it doesn't bother me all that much. And so long as they do the same thing for the Devils when they're back in the playoffs, or take a neutral stance if the two teams play each other, it's fine. The funny thing is that the team you most associate with New York -- the Yankees -- have tended to be partial to the Devils, all things considered. Goes to Lou's friendship with Steinbrenner, and the fact that Cashman is a Devils fan. The lamer thing is Bon Jovi doing a Rangers chant at one of his concerts. You're a Jersey guy, and that's what you built your persona on. The Devils played your song after winning the Cup. You're not fooling anyone.