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  1. Hopefully he's not like Jordan Cameron. Still nervous about letting Albert go. Can't have any retreads or fourth round picks at guard.
  2. So now the Dolphins apparently are acquiring Julius Thomas.
  3. According to Mando, Thomas wouldn't be part of the deal, rather it'd be a late round pick, probably a seventh. Maybe the thinking is that Thomas will get cut anyway, and the Dolphins can sign him for a lot less. Or they're not that interested in him. Still don't love the idea of cutting or trading Albert. Although,we're all just whistling dixie since you can just put the Patriots in the Super Bowl and not bother with the regular season or AFC playoffs.
  4. They don't have much to sell that's worth anything, plus I imagine it gets complicated by the number of players you have to have on the roster for the expansion draft. Then there's that whole weird thing with offering up Parenteau to certain teams before he can be traded. That said, if Shero can somehow do the Jedi mind trick and trade Lovejoy for a second rounder.... sounds kind of crazy, but getting a third round pick for Gelinas looks even crazier.
  5. Don't know what I think of that.
  6. Heard something on the radio this morning that this could turn out to be a legit case of self defense.
  7. Don't know the cap situation to see if it was necessary from that standpoint. But I don't like the move. Know he has health issues, but when he was in there, he was very, very solid, and Tunsil was excellent at guard and did good job at tackle when Albert was hurt. Except for that stretch when everyone was hurt and you Turner and Dallas Thomas starting, the O-line was a strong point which contributed to how well Ajayi played. I assume Tunsil is going to move over to LT. Hopefully they can pick up a good left guard in free agency and that Pouncy can stay healthy.
  8. Hitchcock said he was retiring after this year.
  9. Claude Julien fired
  10. I seriously may never watch the NFL again. The Dolphins blow chunks, and will never win the Super Bowl while I'm alive. The Pats will win the next four or five Super Bowls, so what's the point. Sports is just a big waste of time and money.
  11. I loved JT, but the standards seem to be pretty low for the NFL HOF. Don't see him as being really dominant for an extended stretch, which is my philosophy when it comes to getting in in any sport. Although maybe the nature of football, where you have a large rosters and 22 guys and the field at a given time, makes it a little different than other sports. And that Terrell Owens is not in is hard to fathom. They say it has to do with him being a bad teammate. For a guy with his stats to be kept out, he must have been really, really terrible in the locker room.
  12. I remember a few years ago when some Rangers fan called Joe and Evan making fun of both Isles and Devils attendance and what not. Evan told the guy that the Devils were the most successful team in the area at the time and that when it comes to winning and losing "the Devils have owned you." Like both Joe and Evan. Will be happy when they take over for Francessa, which looks like is what will happen.
  13. I always thought that ditching the All Star Game is such low hanging fruit to be used in CBA negotiations. For example, in exchange for reducing the amount of revenue that goes to the players by a percent or two, players will no longer be obligated to go to the All Star Game. I suppose though that it generates enough revenue that it's good for players and the owners, and even if it weren't a savvy negotiator like Fehr would see right through it. That said, I wouldn't be totally shocked if the NFL ditches the Pro Bowl eventually. Nobody watches it or even goes to it. And players can get pretty badly injured in it. It probably cost Tyler Eiffert at least $1 million some time down the road.
  14. Lou wasn't really postponing. He just didn't really have anyone that another team was willing to give you for anything of significance. But even if he did, the players/picks you get back in those deals tend not to be the steals people think they are at first. So I'd have to go back and check, but the first round picks that Tampa got for MSL haven't turned into much thus far, and don't look like they're going to set the world on fire. I don't think Arizona got anyone that great with the first rounder they got for Yandle, and Duclair was recently demoted to the AHL (it says a lot if you can't manage to keep a roster spot on a bad team). So yeah, I suppose that Lou could have traded Clarkson at the deadline, and could have decided not to give up that 4th/5tth? pick for Steve Sullivan. The smart money says though that it wouldn't really change where the Devils currently stand. (It's also pretty clear that Lou wanted to trade Marty, but wasn't being offered anything in return other than a bag of pucks). It gives me another opportunity to say that the worst move that Lou made as Devils GM was keeping the first round pick in 2012.
  15. A playoff team might give up a low first rounder for him, but that's about it. MSL and Yandle both had additional years on their current deals. Shattenkirk is a two to three month rental.