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  1. I'm a macro beer drinker and I drink Sam Adams, but don't consider it craft brewery, and haven't been fooled into thinking that it's some kind of microbrewery. I mean, it may get called that on the menus at some restaurants, but when you see something in every single liquor store and grocery store and it's priced only a bit above Budweiser, you're not really fooling anyone. Same as Goose not fooling anyone (they sell it on United flights). Jim Koch was a genius though. At least based on my experience, he more or less invented the mass market for non-macro beers in the United States.
  2. Don't want to go all PC on you, but this is some ignorant sh!t. Yes, teams shouldn't be in the business of putting women in the broadcast booth for its own sake or to fill some sort of quota. But that wasn't the case with Sherry at all, as the Devils, to my knowledge, never made a big deal of her being the whatever number female NHL play-by-play or color commentator. She's quite knowledgable about the sport and the history of the team, did not pull punches, but at the same time wasn't rude, and she was certainly better to listen to than her broadcast partner. Now, that said, she's not necessarily god's gift, and maybe we end up with someone better. But I think the chances of that are less than 50/50. Again, if it's somehow Don LaGreca all will be forgiven.
  3. Didn't really care about them leaving Jersey as I don't care about hoops all that much. Still I'd like to see to see them get really good one of these days only because it'll torture Knicks fans. Distraught Knicks fans on sports talk radio are great entertainment.
  4. Was part of a broader shake-up, so I sort of doubt it had anything to do with it. If she were doing political commentary during games, that probably would have resulted in immediate dismissal. As for replacement for either her or our play-by-play guys, I wish Harris would open up the checkbook and somehow get Don LaGreca to do either radio or television. The perfect offseason scenario would be for Vegas to claim Lovejoy and use those salary savings to get LaGreca.
  5. I liked Sherry a lot, actually. Although I could do without her political stuff on twitter.
  6. It's much more simple. Hockey is a relatively unpopular sport in the US, yet there are more professional hockey teams in the same media market than there are baseball, football or basketball. (You could even argue that when the Devils moved here, there were four hockey teams in the same market if you include the Whalers). Then you add bad marketing and the fact that everyone in your state that you want to identify with was a Ranger fan for decades before you got there, it's a recipe for low attendance. I say bad marketing in that for years when I knew of professional hockey generally, I didn't even know there was a jersey team. Maybe with social media though, things like that take care of themselves nowadays.
  7. Let's not get that nostalgic about the Nets when they were in NJ. I think they might not have even sold out some games when they were in the Finals, and when they played the Lakers in the finals that one year, there might have been 40% Laker fans there. The move to Newark didn't really help things. The move to Brooklyn actually made a lot of sense. It's a big dense market that's getting an influx of young people with money. The right thing to do would have been to be somewhat patient, or at least not negotiate against yourself for three past their prime players.
  8. Flyers fans seem to think that Hextall has a preference for Nico.
  9. I think the key to what the physical therapist says is that everyone heals differently. I'm not a doctor, but I imagine there are a battery of tests Patrick can go through that would tend to show whether the sports hernia (which is what the commenter seemed to be most concerned with) is something that will linger. I imagine it's similar for athletes that have had knee/ligament damage in the past.
  10. At least in baseball you can't trade draft picks, although being at the top of the MLB draft less often gets you a sure thing than in any other North American sport, not to mention that a huge chunk of young talent is not even subject to the MLB draft. But to get back to my original post, maybe I'm projecting a bit in that among my favorite sports events are the NHL and NFL drafts, and, usually no matter what I always have a sense of optimism afterwards. So the worst thing a GM of a team I root for could do to me as a fan is be terrible and not have any good draft picks to show for it.
  11. There are stupid trades that can set a franchise back, and there are trades that kill a franchise for a very very long time. The Kovy circumvention penalty didn't have to be that bad, if Lou had just given up the pick in 2012, but even so, the Devils are probably on an upward trajectory and even if not, can take some solace in being able to stockpile good draft picks if the losing continues. Similar to the Leafs, they lost out on Nieds (who knows whether they would have even selected him anyway), who, while a Hall of Famer, really took maybe 5 to 8 years after being drafted to really being one of the best defenseman in the league. The only thing I could compare the Nets trade to would be a so-so team trading multiple first round picks for an over the hill Vinny Lecavalier.
  12. Yeah, but if the Devils did something similarly disastrous like that, to the point of being the worst team in the league AND not having successive first round picks to show for it, would it be enough for you to stop being a Devils fan? I honestly might find another team to root for.
  13. The Brooklyn Nets lost out on the first pick in the draft this year and could very well lose it next year as well in a trade that brought in a couple of well past their prime players that even people who don't know much about basketball knew would not be enough to even come close to a championship. So imagine if the Devils were in a similar situation and this year and next, and the previous year, they didn't have a first round pick (you'd almost have to say they didn't even have second round picks to make it comparable to the fact that the NBA draft is only two rounds) and that they were traded for someone like Vinny LeCavalier, a guy who isn't even playing now. Would you refuse to pay money to go to games or watch on television? Would it cause you to find another team to root for? And for people who follow basketball (since I don't), are NBA GMs on average less intelligent than other sports? There is absolutely no way on Earth that an NHL or NFL GM does something even remotely resembling what the Nets did. I mean the only way an NHL team gives up the number of draft picks the Nets did would be for someone like McDavid. An NFL team would do something like that for Andrew Luck, it's like the Nets got Carson Palmer. I'm not a basketball fan, but I really am fascinated by stupidity of such a high order.
  14. Does the CHL have dibs on him, i.e. if a CHL team drafts him, does he have to play for them, or can the Devils assign him to the AHL?
  15. Baseball injuries that make great prospects flame out is a pitcher thing, which is unique to what they do. I imagine Nolan is going to get a physical as part of the draft process and they'll know if his injuries are of the debilitating long term sort. If he has a clean enough bill of health, he's the guy I'd go with.