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  1. What terrible contracts are left that teams are looking to get rid of that weren't already unloaded? I guess there's Columbus that would love to get rid of Clarkson or Hartnell. I know Anaheim is always having cap issues, but I think Fowler is overrated. One crazy idea is trying to deal for Seabrook. I think he's still a good, but overpaid defenseman on a deal that Chicago can't really afford. I figure he's got a no move clause though.
  2. This is from Lebrun Doesn't seem to be based on any inside information, just speculation. I have admittedly not been following the rest of the league this season as its too depressing to pay attention too long to teams that are relevant. So I'm not sure what teams are looking to unload contracts during the season. I guess there's Shattenkirk, but that deal would be dependent on an extension being worked out beforehand, plus I think the Blues are going to go for it this year and just deal with losing Shattenkirk for nothing.
  3. Spanos has to be one of the most tone deaf owners out there. He basically had the opportunity to get the best of both worlds in relocating to a place that's not that far away so a lot of the teams' San Diego fans would probably go to games especially if the team became good again. No he just wants to kill the team's old identity to unnecessarily pander to LA, a place that may or may not care that much about having not only one, but now two football teams, shiny new stadium notwithstanding.
  4. Looks like Vance Joseph is going to get an offer from Denver for the HC job, but if not, will definitely be some other team's HC unless he really botches things. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/01/11/report-broncos-job-offer-expected-for-vance-joseph/ The Dolphins D was dreadful this year, but I get that there were a lot of injuries, although all teams have those. You don't get a HC offer being that young unless you're doing something right, so I guess it's a loss for the Phins. As a replacement, I would love Rex to do the ultimate troll job on the Jets and Bills and become the Phins DC, but I don't really see that happening. My guess is that Rex goes into broadcasting and still collects his paycheck from the Bills.
  5. If you're making a deal with the Avs, at least one defenseman is going the other way, and that means Severson. While Severson plus for Duchene would be highway robbery, the defense, which already sucks, will suck even more. And especially a team like the Devils can't count on landing a free agent like Shattenkiirk.
  6. I have no idea what the cap situation is or who the good free agents are, but hopefully they'll be as aggressive as possible in upgrading the defense in free agency like the Giants did, plus having a healthy Reshad Jones. Also, the draft should pretty much be about getting a good tight end and lots of defensive prospects. Who knows maybe Dion Jordan actually turns into a useful player. I will say that the big difference between us and the Jets is that we're not relying on someone like Fitzpatrick to have another career year.
  7. The kind words are nice, but the Dolphins could very well have a season next year like the Jets had this year (who came off an identical 10-6 record the previous year). The defense was atrocious this year, and who knows if it will be any better next year. I think the whole thing is not sustainable. Tannehill is only a franchise QB in the sense that it's difficult to realistically be able to get anyone that's better in a weak draft or free agency. Basically he's good enough to keep his job, but he's not taking the team anywhere significant. We're a zombie franchise, at least so long as the Patriots rule the division, which should be for at least another five years.
  8. Also, what the hell does Vance Joseph actually do? Please, pretty please will some other team be stupid enough to give him a head coach job.
  9. Clearly not ready for prime time, not even close. There's zero point competing for a playoff spot if you're going to get stomped on like this. Like I've said before, this is easily a team that could end up being 5-11 next year. We enjoyed the playoffs for all of 30 seconds which was getting good field position on the opening kickoff. What a joke.
  10. Beyond the risk of Tannehill aggravating the injury, the Dolphins just have a better chance of winning with Matt Moore than Tannehill at anything less than 100 percent, and having not played for about a month. The offense has performed very well since Moore took over, and that includes even the Patriots game. Moore actually has a QB rating above 100. And I think it's not just an anomaly or a small sample size. I think he's above .500 as a starter and performed well on a terrible, terrible team the year Sporano was fired. He might have cost us a shot at Luck, although even a Chad Henne led team couldn't have been as bad as the Colts that year.
  11. Ha. Read the alert on my phone too quickly, it said "Connor Cook named starter at Texans" not "for Texans." I know the NFL pretty well, but apparently not too well versed in the backups or third stringers for teams I don't follow.
  12. I seem to recall that it was O'Brien who pretty much demanded that the Texans throw a truckload of money at Osweiler. I'm not saying it's necessarily a fireable offense when the team won the division, but it's a pretty big fvck up to be stuck with a contract that big for a guy that got benched for Tom Savage, and now, apparently, Connor Cook.
  13. I know we're a bit into chicken and egg territory, but the Dolphins -- whether it's Tannehill or Moore -- can't win in a shoot out against an offense that has Big Ben, Antonion Brown and Bell. They barely eked out wins against Niners and Bills that way. The good news is that Rothleisberger tries to extend plays behind the line of scrimmage and isn't a big time scrambler. The Dolphins D gets killed by QBs that scramble a lot, or by offenses that are premised on the QB getting rid of the ball quickly. If the Dolphins end up winning the game, the MVP will be either Suh or Wake.
  14. Moore has been very good. I have about as much confidence in him as I do Tannehill. The WC game will really come down to how well the defense plays.
  15. If I were the Jets, I would probably go the free agent QB route. There's still parity in the league, which means you can make at least a decent run at a good record with a competent QB. There also isn't a sure-fire QB prospect in this year's draft and there doesn't appear to be one coming up any time soon. And even then, unless we're talking about Andrew Luck, you can easily end up with a bust taking a QB in the top five or ten picks. I'd probably take a shot a Cutler, and try to upgrade the offensive line to keep him upright. But I agree with Jets fans who want Bowles fired. I don't see anything that guy does well, the team quit on him, and there was no improvement. Let me put it this way, as a Dolphins fan, I'm happy he's staying.