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  1. NFL Week 2

    Fun fact about the Chargers. They charge $100 per car for general parking. They also shot off the fireworks after their kicker missed the game winning field goal. Clown show.
  2. 2017 JETS

    The vet quarterback mentoring the young quarterback is really an overrated phenomenon . More often than not, a team's "QB of the future" and the vet actually don't get along all that well. Aaron Rodgers' mechanics and footwork coming out of college were a mess. Go look at footage of him in college, and you'll see that he would hold the ball up against his ear. Good quarterback coaches taught him to stop doing that and it took like three or four years. I imagine if Favre were actually in the mood to teach him anything, Rodgers would have been worse off for it. Really, the only thing that a veteran QB will usually teach the younger one is sort of the obvious stuff about being a professional, how to prepare, etc. The much more important thing is not getting the crap kicked out of your young QB, which is why the Jets should be stocking up on O-line help as much as possible. And while Payton might be a possibility, I would see Brees retiring before he's part of a rebuild and just to be somewhere until the young guy is ready to replace him.
  3. 2017 JETS

    Unfortunately, the fan doesn't really get to see the exact vision the GM has for the team. To me though, if McCagnan were really good at what he was doing he would have seen what was coming last year, and planned accordingly. And by that, I mean under no circumstances drafting Hackenberg in the second round, and planning for when you do come across a good QB, either in the draft or free agency. And you do that by building an offensive line, so that QB doesn't end up getting killed. By far, I think the Colts are the poorest run franchise in the league. They had a potentially generational QB fall into their lap, and it's five years later and he's missing lots of games due to getting beat up so badly because they keep drafting undersized receivers with their early picks.
  4. Damon Severson Re-Signed

    His blog entries aren't archived anymore, but I remember TG reporting early in Severson's rookie year that one executive, might have been Stan or Scotty Bowman, comparing him to Rafalski. I think he can be a lot like Travis Hamonic. And you saw the return that a defenseman on a team friendly deal can land in a trade. Basically, the only way this deal can have any downside is if he really regresses AND the Devils are in a spot where they have to shell out big money to several young players that are currently or will soon be on entry level deals. And again, if the Devils have to pay several of those players a lot of money, it means they'll be, at the very least, one of the better teams in the league by then.
  5. Damon Severson Re-Signed

    The point of comparing to Greene is that Greenes deal is less team friendly, and it's not bad at all, much less any sort of calamity.
  6. Damon Severson Re-Signed

    It isn't risky at all. So far as length, it's one more year than what Andy Greene got, and Severson's deal will be over at the time that Greene's started (age 29-30). It's also about $1 million less of a cap hit than Greene's, and, is very close to what the average NHL salary is or will be in few years time. So even if Severson doesn't get any better, he'll still have a place on the team, and even if he seriously regresses, it's not the type of deal that prevents the Devils from doing something they otherwise want to, unless somehow during the six years of the deal, some combination of Nico, Zacha, McCleod, Butcher and whoever the Devils draft this year are all $6 million plus players. And if that turns out to be the case, the Devils will be in a situation where they're competing for the Cup and have to dump salary like the Blackhawks often have to (their 3 Cups and being perennial Cup contenders is a small price to pay).
  7. Damon Severson Re-Signed

    The term is great and there's pretty much no possible downside. Basically, he's getting paid slightly above an average NHL salary and later in the deal it'll probably be right at the average league salary, maybe a little less. So even in the worst case scenario where his play falls off a cliff, he's still very tradeable, or at the absolute worst, you could buy him out without that much pain. But I don't expect his play to fall off a cliff, and I think he'll continue to develop into a very good defenseman. As I keep saying, the only way this might be a problem is if Nico, Zacha and McLeod all end up needing huge pay bumps in the next two to four years. That would be a good problem to have though.
  8. NFL Opening Week

    I know it's only week 1, but boy do the Colts look awful. They're making Jared Goff look like Joe Montana. And apparently, Luck can't even throw a football yet. So here's where it gets interesting, let's say they actually turn into the worst team in football, which is definitely possible if Luck ends up out for most of if not the entire season. At least the Jets have some semblance of a defense. Does Luck demand a trade, which wouldn't be unreasonable given how the team's management has allowed him to get beaten up repeatedly. Or what kind of kings ransom do they demand for the number 1 or number 2 pick?
  9. 2017 JETS

    On the bright side, Jamal Adams looks like a stud. While he's a safety, he might be enough for me to tune in if I were a Jets fan.
  10. 2017-2018 Prospects Thread

    Didn't put up any points. Total bust.
  11. According to this, the Devils are sending emails to other teams' fans to purchase tickets for Devils home games. https://thehockeywriters.com/new-jersey-devils-marketing-opposing-fans/?utm_content=bufferc616b&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer Anyone know if this is true? If so, it's an enormous embarrassment. I've been pretty supportive of the new ownership and marketing, but you just can't do stuff like this in pro sports. Vanderbeek had a ton of faults obviously, but I did like that he made a concerted effort to keep opposing fans out of the arena. Really, season ticket holders should tell their reps that this is unacceptable.
  12. Craig Carton arrested by FBI

    The fortunate news is that this appears to be an almost victimless crime in that Carton and his partners appear to have gotten most of the money from hedge funds, who can likely absorb any losses and might actually be insured, not to mention the fact that they probably should have known better. Also the total money involved was something like $5.6 million, which isn't that much by Ponzi scheme standards and it doesn't seem to have been going on for that long.
  13. Craig Carton arrested by FBI

    I'm not a doctor or a scientist obviously, but it almost has to be true that some people have a certain brain chemistry or genetic predisposition that makes them more inclined to engage in compulsive behaviors, one of which is gambling in one form or another. I tend to agree with you though that we have to come up with some different kind of word for addiction than "disease." Although overcoming addiction is not solely a matter of will power or "snapping out of it," to a certain extent it is. There's still nothing in your brain that absolutely forces you to drive a few hours to AC and plop several thousand dollars down at the black jack table or to drive to the liquor store and buy a bottle of Jack Daniels. On the other hand, there's really nothing you can do about late stage cancer or Alzheimer's other than figure out the best advice from a doctor and hope for some kind of miracle beyond your control. That's what I'd call a disease.
  14. Craig Carton arrested by FBI

    I really have no sympathy for the man, even apart from the fact that his schtick really annoyed me. I will grant that the crime he almost certainly committed was small potatoes, and nearly victimless in that he ripped off a hedge fund and other "big boys" that ought to have known better, and who won't really feel a lot of pain and will likely get some amount of restitution. In the end, he'll probably get three years or so in Club Fed, and might have the stones to try and resurrect his radio career. Still, on the air he touted himself as some sort of gambling genius and would give out advice to listeners, all the while he had millions of dollars in gambling debts (allegedly). Who knows if people lost money following his advice, although again people ought to know better. As to his charitable work, anyone can help raise money for charity with mostly other people's money, which, based on his reported salary ($250k) is probably what he did. It's honorable enough, but it's often really not much more than virtue signaling. But I do feel bad for his wife and kids. He ruined their lives and humiliated them.
  15. Craig Carton arrested by FBI

    Apparently he duped some hedge funds, which is probably what will get him less jail time than a lot of ponzi schemers get. The size of it was also pretty small, about $5 million according to the news reports.