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  1. Find the dumb GM - Marc Bergevin edition

    The contract doesn't frighten me that much. I don't have the inclination to look at when the real salary starts to decline and some phantom injury might arise, but whatever the case, unless the Devils are going to try and go all in for Carlson or some other big free agent, they can afford to take on at least one albatross of a contract that isn't really that much of albatross if we're talking about a cap of around $82 million in the next couple of years. The idea here is a fleece job. And I think Weber helps the Devils get into the playoffs this year.
  2. Find the dumb GM - Marc Bergevin edition

    He’s 32 years old now and pretty much everyone recognized that it was an awful deal at the time. That’s Zach Parise’s age and defensemen tend to age worse than forwards. The only thing holding Bergevin back from trading him is that he’ll look even worse even if he’s now getting the best value he can get. That’s kind of why I think Zacha, if he starts putting up some points might be enough as he has that recent top ten pick pedigree.
  3. Find the dumb GM - Marc Bergevin edition

    He’ll probably retire well before that and Nashville is on the hook for his recapture penalty if it’s not done away with in the next CBA.
  4. So there has been chatter in the past day or so about Montreal going into rebuild mode at the suggestion of Bergevin. If it’s true, it’s amazing that he wasn’t fired immediately after broaching the subject since it’s 100 percent his fault that they’re in that situation. So while he’s still there, how could we fleece him? I imagine the player to offer would be Zacha, but I think Shero would almost have to tell Hynes to put him on the PP so he can up his point totals to increase his trade value. Is Shea Weber still good that you can trade a player you can live without just to take on his salary?
  5. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    You notice that the players who are really having problems are ex-fighters. For all those years, if the PA wanted to get rid of fighting, it could have forced the issue, but never did. I imagine that this was precisely because you had fighters arguing that they’d be out of job if fighting were ever banned. While maybe they could argue that the league hid medical data about the severity of repeated concussions, it’s sort of hard to claim that you didn’t know that getting repeatedly punched in the head wouldn’t cause you any long term damage. I mean, Peluso’s case of being forced back on the ice after a seizure seems pretty egregious, but it doesn’t look like he’s going to come away with any major settlement.
  6. MLB 2017-8 Offseason

    Just wanted a place to stick the news about the punishment handed down on the Braves. More like a hammer. Since I don’t know the amateur rules all that well, I have trouble following what the scheme was. But still, imagine the Devils before the season started losing Nico and McCleod and having a Shero banned for life. Holy moly that commissioner does not mess around.
  7. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    Really had no room for Kerfoot.
  8. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    I'm a lawyer that's done personal injury cases on both defendants' and plaintiffs' side. All I'll say is that when things look open and shut in press accounts, they're often incomplete to the point of being misleading. In many recent stories about concussions in the NFL or NHL, the stories in the press quote plaintiffs' experts uncritically and without even addressing whether the expert is being paid.
  9. 2017-2018 Prospects Thread

    Aarne Talvitie signed with Penn State. So does he go on the usual college timeline in that he has until after his senior year to sign, or is it all based on age?
  10. Funding

    Just bought something on Amazon through the link. Did the commission go through?
  11. NFL Week 11

    I was in elementary school in the 80s and we probably had a police officer come in every year to give a presentation on always wearing a seatbelt. My mother, thankfully, was a real nazi when it came to it. And, the news says Glenn was ejected from the car, so it's a certainty he wasn't wearing his seatbelt.
  12. 2017 Miami Dolphins thread

    Finheaven makes this place look like calm and cultured debate regarding the the merits of Spinoza versus David Hume.
  13. 2017 Miami Dolphins thread

    Tannehill is the ultimate Godfather III "everytime I think I'm out, they pull me back in" NFL QB. But yeah, I'd be willing to trust Gase. It's been a difficult season, but it really seems like we've got a good head coach in him. For what it's worth, my friend who does play by play for CBS says that he's still very respected around the league. (And not that it matters as much, but broadcasters really like him too).
  14. 2017 Miami Dolphins thread

    So if we're in a position to draft Darnold or Rosen, do you do it? Or, would you make a reasonable trade to get one of them, either from San Fran, or perhaps a team that either of them says they will refuse to sign with? How bad things are going right now, it looks like we should be comfortably within the top ten. Only other thing I'm wondering is if we try and trade for Luck if the Colts are stupid enough to trade him if they're picking 1 or 2.
  15. NFL Week 11

    The way cars are built today -- especially if you're a guy like Glenn who could afford to buy a nice car -- it almost definitely has to involve not wearing a seatbelt. If I was ever taught something as a kid, it was to always wear my seatbelt, to the point that now I just feel uncomfortable when I'm not wearing one.