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  1. Since I don't watch Blues games on a regular basis, I can't speak to whether he's sheltered or whether 20 points at 5 on 5 for a defenseman isn't good under the circumstances. What I do know though is that he has 42 points, which is good for fourth among defenseman and blows away what Severson has. If those points are coming on the powerplay, well, powerplay goals and points count. So far as the money goes, who in the organization will be in line for a huge pay raise to make that number unworkable? Hall will probably see an AAV bump up to $7.5 or $8. Maybe Severson becomes a $4-$5 million player. If some combination of Zacha, McCleod, Speers, Wood, Santini and whoever the Devils draft this year are in line for big money three to five years from now, that's not a terrible problem to have.
  2. I suppose I wouldn't care if they gave Stills that much money, but that depends on how they plan to spend their cap space. Only thing is that it would set a bad precedent in that it's just that much more money you have to pay Landry, who is by far the more valuable receiver. Whatever the case, this has to be the year that Parker takes off the diapers to use the words of nose Vermeil (which apparently worked). I still kind of like Carroo's potential to be kind of a Steve Smith type tough receiver. He was only a rookie last season, so maybe there's a shot that he turns into something useful. In related free agent news, it looks like Melvin Ingram is going to get the franchise tag. It's too bad because, according to some post on Finheaven, he tweeted something to the effect that he wanted to be in Miami, but then deleted it.
  3. Might actually be six picks if the conditions weren't met for the Ruutu trade. I've heard conflicting reports.
  4. I'm predicting a third rounder.
  5. I read that trading Bishop now, and for a relatively low return, had a lot to do with Tampa not wanting to defer roster bonuses to next season.
  6. Per Lavoie, Arizona is testing the market on Duclair. I would definitely trade a second rounder for him. Times like this, I kind of wish the Devils had signed Elias for another year. I think he had enough left in the tank that he would have been worth a decent haul at the deadline.
  7. Is Hanzal really all that good? His point totals aren't all that impressive. I really think we should end up with at least another second rounder.
  8. Was part of the Yandle deal. Had a nice start to his NHL career but got sent down to the AHL a few weeks ago. So I guess Arizona feels he just isn't that good, but Pittsburgh has nothing to lose in seeing if he can turn things around.
  9. You see Nolan Patrick starting to fall in a few peoples prospect rankings, some of which have him as low as five. I know nothing about prospects other than what I read, but it seems that a team could find themselves win a steal getting a player who was the consensus number 1 pick at five or six. Although I think the last time that happened was when Larsson and Courturier were the preseason consensus one and two, and neither has really blown the doors off in the NHL, so who knows.
  10. Ye of eternal hope, especially with the Dolphins.
  11. McLeod and Bastian look to be very average NHLers if they ever get there. Rykov may never leave the KHL. Joey Anderson has been impressive, but will almost certainly end up taking the Vesey route. Probably will end up on the Rangers.
  12. Again, you don't understand analytics where everything matters except scoring goals and winning games.
  13. Bullsh!t. They've played like crap. Raanta hasn't had to do sh!t. I'm predicting a 6-0 loss. They should forfeit the rest of the season. This team is an utter embarrassment. There's a reason Hall has never played for a winner. Shero and company will probably fvck up the draft like they did last years. And Shattenkirk will sign with the Rags. Oh well, we had a good run for all those years. I suspect the Devils will be irrelevant for the next thirty or forty years.
  14. Oshie is not really a fit, and seems poised to see a decline in his production wherever he ends up when he doesn't have the teammates that he has in Washington. No thanks for how much you'd have to overpay. Would much rather overpay for Shattenkirk. If we miss out, so be it.