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  1. League sets expansion draft rules

    Unless the idea is that a player with a NMC can force a team to protect him, but, like a trade, can opt to waive it. So Clowe says that he'll waive his NMC for purposes of the expansion draft, no one takes him, and that'll be that.
  2. League sets expansion draft rules

    So it appears that the league is going to require that players with NMCs be protected, which will count towards the overall number of players a team can protect. According to general fanager, the only player on the Devils that has one is Clowe. Anyone know whether the Devils will be forced to use a spot on him, even though he's retired at this point?
  3. 2016 Miami Dolphins thread

    If it works out, it might also be a sign that the rain cloud that seems to follow the Dolphins everywhere might be breaking up. They got completely burned by the extracurricular stuff with Dion Jordan (although he may still yet come back and be a productive player who can at least be trotted out to match up against Gronkowski if he can't do anything else). A lot of people commented that this is a pick the Dolphins don't make if Philbin is still the head coach.
  4. Devils looking to add offense in the offseason

    Matteau was picked right around where he was projected by most people. Drafting a bust at the second to last pick in the first round of what is proving to be a below average draft is not terrible, except for the fact that keeping that pick might have cost the Devils from being able to draft someone like Dylan Larkin two years later.
  5. 2016 Miami Dolphins thread

    There's no reason to cut Albert for this season. He's actually a good lineman when he plays and the team doesn't need the cap space so far as I can tell. And evidently, Tunsil can play at every position on the O-line.
  6. 2016 Miami Dolphins thread

    I figure you HAVE to do that. And I was hoping that at least the draft was interesting, and I got my wish. Tunsil is arguably the best player in the draft, and we got him at 13 after trading down for two starters. I'd be curious what his Wonderlic score was. Wonderlic is pretty well correlated with IQ which is also correlated with things like impulse control and future time orientation. So hopefully there's a score that indicates that Tunsil is aware that however much he wants to smoke weed, that it will cost him a lot of money to do it for the next five to ten years. We'll see.
  7. 2015–16 Prospect Thread

    It's the fact that he didn't have a great year last year (which might have had something to do with injuries), that his team is pretty stacked to begin with (Brandon has who figures to be the number 1 overall pick next year Nolan Patrick) and that his skills don't really wow anyone. He gets compared a lot to Henrique, who is a good player, but not someone that is really going to make a team that much better on his own.
  8. 2016 Miami Dolphins thread

    I know CB is a position of need, and while I'm not really that much of an expert, team secondaries in the NFL strike me as being akin to MLB bullpens. Virtually everyone's sucks, almost everyone's complaining about theirs, and they're performance is pretty volatile. There's that, and it seems that cornerbacks taken in the first round, especially those taken by the Dolphins, turn out to pretty underwhelming pros. At this point, I'd rather the Dolphins start swinging for the fences. I fully expect them to suck for the foreseeable future. Might as well make draft day entertaining.
  9. 2016 Draft

    Why isn't Adam Fox (D USNDT) being talked about more? He's undersized, but has put up what appear to be very good offensive numbers.
  10. The Supreme Court almost certainly would not take the case. There is a decent shot at a rehearing since there was one judge on the panel that dissented, which is relatively rare for a three judge panel appeals court. But even if a rehearing is granted, I wonder if Brady would get a stay. It wouldn't necessarily be a stupid case for the Supreme Court to address some aspect of the reviewability of arbitration awards as a general matter.
  11. 2016 Miami Dolphins thread

    I thought the Dolphins had more than $25 million in cap space.
  12. 2016 Miami Dolphins thread

    Phins need to sign Norman and do it now. I don't care what the price tag is. They have a ton of cap space, and he's in his prime. It also means that the Dolphins don't have to use their first rounder on a CB, who seem to have a higher bust/underwhelming rate than highly drafted quarterbacks.
  13. Devils looking to add offense in the offseason

    Eric Staal, Loui Eriksson, Stamkos, Yandle, Backes, Hudler, Boedeker, Lucic. Some of those guys are overrated, but it's better than most years.
  14. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    I have no idea, other than he's 22 year old who was more than a point per game player in the AHL this year, and very close to a point per game AHLer over the course of three years. He's gotten a few games in Boston over the years and hasn't made much of it, so perhaps he's not really that good. But generally, someone who puts up numbers like that at that age in the AHL turns into a pretty good NHLer.
  15. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    Being reported that Alex Kokhlachev might be heading back to the KHL or at least is threatening to do it. Apparently he doesn't like Julien and thinks the Bruins were unreasonable in turning down trade requests. I wonder if Boston would take back next year's second rounder that they dealt to us for Stempniak for Koko's rights. Might even be possible that the Devils were among the teams that wanted to trade for him already.