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  1. i just said that recently when andreychuk got into the hall. its easy to get devil-centric with some of the lifers like marty stevens neids etc but when u step back, theres been some of the best that stoped in the swamps. even if it was only for a cup of coffee
  2. i agree. not sure why so many seem sure of henriques departure
  3. we will be giving him a entire camp and pre season to show his stuff. i say he makes the team
  4. this
  5. i like thejerseys to
  6. i disagree. i see severa;l confrontations happening. have u been on this board recently, or othersfor that matter?
  7. exactly
  8. i think theyd throw me out if i saw something like that
  9. BINGO
  10. im not trying to be a nose when i say this, but the dif in the changes is that significant to u
  11. u no u got em when the spelling posts come out beez
  12. yup. the league did everything short of gifting them a first round bye
  13. unfortunately thats what happens when u have success under an administration that lasted 25 years. ppl fall in love with the admin over the team
  14. u should add suicide watch on the list