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  1. u really could also include kubiak in there to with a 8.4 record & 2 rookie qbs
  2. u acknowledge that the jets have already had 3 gms the last 4 yeats and now u think ur owner may hire a 4th? all since 2012. u really think that is the winning formula that great teams implement?
  3. i had forgotten the jets ever had vick. odd that rex didnt play him more than he did
  4. that 1 point loss to cincy killed u guys. how different would u feel about fitz had u pulled that game out? u would be 4-4 right now. at the very least fitz has shown that he is still the guy he was last yr the last 2games
  5. the parity thing is very true. doesnt help when good teams go from favre to rodgers either
  6. i would rather have kovy then paty at this point
  7. thats actualy not that bad when u think about it honesty. ur talking about a dynasty. i would like my chances if i were a jets fan if the 2 teams play each other in the playoffs again
  8. its crazy how football is now played 4 days of the week. friday nite games will be around the corner
  9. yea im not sure that you can say same old anything negativly about a team thats won 13 in a row. Lol
  10. i doubt it. i would think he'd have to win at least 1 cup first
  11. fair enough
  12. u call yourself a jets fan beezer. gloating in favor of rex against your team?! smfh
  13. this stat cant be right. that would mean rex only won 19 games in the last 6years
  14. i thinkfitzpatrick is coming back down to earth
  15. as it turns out, the pats phone lines r open too. it will be interesting to see if they respond to what denver did with davis