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  1. Boyle Trade?

    Tampa was a horrible team.
  2. Boyle Trade?

    Apparently the Lightning have asked Dan Boyle to waive his no trade clause. If he agrees to do so, a deal could be done as early as today. Wow, would he look good in the red and black. He would address the glaring need for an offensive dman. We can only hope. Who would be part of the deal?
  3. 2008-2009 Line-up

    So far this team is pretty much the same as last year except we switched Brylin for Rolston, which is a plus, and Holik will more than likely mean the end for Rupp. So add Rolston and Holik. Subtract Brylin and Rupp. I think we upgraded in both spots, but the lack of a bonefide offensive dman is still going to kill this team.
  4. Streit to isles

    Damn. Are there any offensive dmen left?

    Absolutely untrue. Rafalski stated he wanted to resign with the Devils before becoming an UFA on July 1 of last year. But for whatever reason, Lou refused to sign him before then and Detroit swooped in with an offer he couldn't refuse. Definitely one of Lou's worst mistakes as GM. I still don't see the rationale of allowing Rafalski to become an UFA. Gomez was gone no matter what Lou was going to offer him, but Rafalski wanted to stay.
  6. Holik signs with NJ

    Are you kidding?!? The Devils lack of a puck moving d-man killed them all year long, especially in the playoffs. This team missed Rafalski a hell of alot more than Gomez. Rolston is a good sign and Holik is an ok sign, depending on what other signings/trades Lou makes. But a bonafide #1 offensive d-man is a must if this team is serious about competing for a Cup next year.
  7. NY Rangers sign Aaron Voros

    Only if they also keep Avery, which doesn't appear likely...
  8. Salvador signs with NJ

    How can people NOT like this deal? White hasn't been the same since the eye injury. And I hope no one expects Mottau to have as good a year as he had last year. He overachieved big time last year, he's a journeyman, nothing more. Martin should have a better year. Rachunek is gone. Vishnevsky was mediocre at best. Greene was bad. Brookbank is not a top 4 either. Salvador is a solid top 4 d-man.
  9. Tucker to Colorado

    Oh well.
  10. NY Rangers sign Aaron Voros

    I think with the Rags signing Voros it's a safe bet that Avery will now most certainly sign elsewhere, being that they are the same type of player.