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  1. Great win.Broke the home losing streak.Go Devs!
  2. Must win game given it's against an inferior team,coupled with the team not playing again until next sunday.
  3. Sweet road win baby!
  4. Great road win baby.
  5. Sweet road win baby.We own the stars in Dallas.2more points.
  6. Yeah baby.Terrific road win.
  7. Go Devs.Beat dem bums.
  8. Thanks for posting.I'll love this team until my last breath on this burning rag.Go Devils.
  9. Much agreed.
  10. Much better than expected.I'm stoked and can't wait for next season to start.
  11. Great home win baby.C y'all next year.
  12. This team couldn't score in a whore house.What a joke.
  13. I know right?
  14. Go Devs.Let's beat dem bums.