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  1. OK Thanks. Looks like Devs go to #5 after that (except for trades)
  2. Curious where the Devils pick in subsequent rounds. Are they #1 all the way thru? That would be huge. A chance to beat everyone else to some top talent. I know Vegas picks #6 in round 1 but then #3 in all other rounds. Anyone know?
  3. Mikey McLeod with the winner-I think his brother with assist. Their goalie looks pretty good too. Up 3 games to 0 with game 4 tonite. http://mississaugasteelheads.com
  4. I watched several of their games here: http://onhockey.tv Altho I don't see a link on that site as of yet today.
  5. Just stumbled across this when I turned on the TV SKA home opener they're up 3-0 Kovy just scored on the pp They are loaded-Voynov, Datsyuk, Kovy, etc.... Had no idea KHL started this early
  6. I was looking at the game sheet and saw Kory Nagy was one of the linesman-wasn't he a Devs prospect a few years ago?
  7. Why not dress 7 D and have one or two rotate on the 4th line. Harrold has done it before and Zids thinks he's a forward anyway. They are both skilled hockey players unlike Janssen. I'll be even Gelinas and Green are also capable. Harrold is the obvious choice-he can skate, make aand receive a pass and shoot- 4 things Janssen can't do
  8. Artem Demkov RW/C: Goal, Assist, Shootout Goal Dmitri Goldenkov LW: Shootout Winner Are these guys signed by Devils? On loan from somewhere else?
  9. I love that Cam Janssen loves being a Devil, but is there a worse player in the NHL? Not only does he have hands of stone, he has no hands at all. And forget about hockey sense. I mean even the recent Flyer goons had some talent-Eager, Carcillo, Rinaldo -can actually make plays and score a few goals. Why can't the Devils get someone like that? I mean, tonite poor Matteau got stuck on a line with Sestito (2nd worst in NHL?) and Cam. How is that helping him (Matteau) grow as a player? Barch IMO is not as good an enforcer, but a much better hockey player. WebRep currentVote noRatingnoWeight
  10. Plus you get a free bus transfer if used within two hours. For quick trips I go downtown on the bus and come back for free on subway (or vice versa). Back to burgers: Bang for your buck-In N Out the hands down winner.
  11. "I lift things up and put them down"
  12. Awesome see this again. Lemaire with a breakaway, sweet move to score on JD. Funny seeing Brian Englbom on D with Robinson, Serge Savard, etc. Gainey, LaFleur, Schutt, Mario Tremblay on MTL. Esposito, Duguay, Greschner, Maloney Bros, Vadnais on NYR.
  13. I knew that, just disappointed in the way the Devils took over there and totally screwed up a good PR opportunity and made themselves the laughing stock of the ECHL-It would have been better if they just never got involved in the first place.
  14. http://espn.go.com/nhl/story/_/id/8216047/philadelphia-flyers-continue-echl-partnership-trenton-tigers I like going to ECHL games, but now I can't support these guys at all. I know very few of these guys ever make it to NHL but it is disturbing to see the Flyers building more of a fan base in NJ. Whatever.........
  15. Being there when Henrique scored in OT of game 6 vs Rangers =Priceless