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  1. Albany Devils Thread - 2015-16 Edition

    I was looking at the game sheet and saw Kory Nagy was one of the linesman-wasn't he a Devs prospect a few years ago?
  2. GDT Devils @ Canadiens 7:30

    Why not dress 7 D and have one or two rotate on the 4th line. Harrold has done it before and Zids thinks he's a forward anyway. They are both skilled hockey players unlike Janssen. I'll be even Gelinas and Green are also capable. Harrold is the obvious choice-he can skate, make aand receive a pass and shoot- 4 things Janssen can't do
  3. 2013-14 Albany Devils and ECHL Thread

    Artem Demkov RW/C: Goal, Assist, Shootout Goal Dmitri Goldenkov LW: Shootout Winner Are these guys signed by Devils? On loan from somewhere else?
  4. I love Cam but.....

    I love that Cam Janssen loves being a Devil, but is there a worse player in the NHL? Not only does he have hands of stone, he has no hands at all. And forget about hockey sense. I mean even the recent Flyer goons had some talent-Eager, Carcillo, Rinaldo -can actually make plays and score a few goals. Why can't the Devils get someone like that? I mean, tonite poor Matteau got stuck on a line with Sestito (2nd worst in NHL?) and Cam. How is that helping him (Matteau) grow as a player? Barch IMO is not as good an enforcer, but a much better hockey player. WebRepcurrentVotenoRatingnoWeight
  5. MSG Being Knocked Down in 10 years?

    Plus you get a free bus transfer if used within two hours. For quick trips I go downtown on the bus and come back for free on subway (or vice versa). Back to burgers: Bang for your buck-In N Out the hands down winner.
  6. Summer 2013 UFA/RFA Thread

    "I lift things up and put them down"
  7. 1979 SCF Rangers vs Canadiens on NHL Network

    Awesome see this again. Lemaire with a breakaway, sweet move to score on JD. Funny seeing Brian Englbom on D with Robinson, Serge Savard, etc. Gainey, LaFleur, Schutt, Mario Tremblay on MTL. Esposito, Duguay, Greschner, Maloney Bros, Vadnais on NYR.
  8. Flyers renew affiliation with Trenton

    I knew that, just disappointed in the way the Devils took over there and totally screwed up a good PR opportunity and made themselves the laughing stock of the ECHL-It would have been better if they just never got involved in the first place.
  9. Flyers renew affiliation with Trenton

    http://espn.go.com/nhl/story/_/id/8216047/philadelphia-flyers-continue-echl-partnership-trenton-tigers I like going to ECHL games, but now I can't support these guys at all. I know very few of these guys ever make it to NHL but it is disturbing to see the Flyers building more of a fan base in NJ. Whatever.........
  10. True cost of being a STH

    Being there when Henrique scored in OT of game 6 vs Rangers =Priceless
  11. Montgomery High School group drums up support for Devils during Stanle

    Sat right next to them (sec 108) for ECF victory! They're awesome They let my gf and our friend play the drums after game !
  12. GDT: ECF Game 4 - NY Rangers @ NJ Devils 5/21/12

    After the game I'm walking with my friends on Mulberry towards the PATH train when a guy in a suit passes us-it's Slava, then another guy right behind him-it's Brylin, I yell out "Sergei" and he actually stops. I walk over and shake hands with him. Devils win and I meet my all time fave Devil-perfect ending to a fantastic day!
  13. Gaborik Elbow

    Stahl's slash to the back of Elias' legs was worse-that should be reviewed. The Rangers seemed like they were told to goon it up-great I hope they keep the parade to the penalty box going.
  14. Any news on JJ or Talinder?

    What's up with Josefson's progress, also any news on Talinder?
  15. On Lou Lamoriello's Failure To Construct A Decent 23 Man Roster

    What about Taormina? Wouldn't waste a call up and he can actually play hockey. He could rove-a few shifts at D and a few at wing. You're not winning the cup without a decent 4th line.