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  1. I think the line combo might look like Hall Henrique DSP Cammalleri Zajac Palmieri Boucher Zacha Bennett Blandisi Fiddler Kalinin Greene Severson Santini Lovejoy Moore Merrill
  2. depending on how much we would offer him it could be 3 1st rd picks
  3. nah Shero is going to get Jacob Trouba
  4. all true
  5. I would have thought he would have cost more than that
  6. Brandon Pirri is a player I would not mind going after
  7. I see the lines like this Boucher - Henrique- Palmieri Cammalleri -Zajac- Blandisi-Zacha-Bennett Kalnin- Josefson -Smith Pelley Devils still need a RW and Pelley and Bennett should not be in the top 6
  8. I guess everyone wanted to wait til after the draft to make some moves
  9. meh he was a 4th round pick but I am wondering if Kinkaid or Wedgewood will be traded in the future
  10. devils might be switching spots with Ottawa
  11. I heard a rumor that Shaw from Chicago maybe on the trading block anyone interested
  12. Cap is $73M. Floor is $54M