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  1. He has 12g 12a right now but he makes 7.25mil til 2021-2022 season
  2. Devils have assigned Sergey Kalinin to Albany
  3. Sergey Kalinin cleared waivers
  4. I really thought it was going to be 10 games
  5. Hey Tri if the Devils traded for Simon Despres, who's contract ends in 2021, could they get a player like Jacob Larsson or Brandon Montour to come with him
  6. I am hoping the lines at some point look like this Hall-Zacha-Palmieri Cammy-Henrique-Bennett Boucher-Zajac-Parenteau Kalinin-Fiddler-DSP
  7. with this signing the Ducks have $323,335 in cap space and they still have to sign Lindholm. Would not be surprised if they make a trade soon
  8. I was hoping the Devils would have traded for him, would have loved to see him play with Zacha
  9. wow this steam sucks it just keeps jumping
  10. this is the stream from the Islanders website
  11. I think I will call the Cammalleri Zajac Bennett line the Glass line