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  1. Wow what a loss for Nashville
  2. I like everything Nolan Patrick does but his injury history scares me a little
  3. Wow that is a good contract for LA
  4. Wonder what Dallas does with the other goalies they have
  5. Just wondering but what is the difference between WHL and QMJHL
  6. Ryane Clowe is on the list
  7. How about Alex Galchenyuk
  8. I don't know why but with the Flyers being #2 overall I feel like we have to take Nolan Patrick
  9. A lot of coaches lost there jobs this year so I don't see Dallas having to much trouble find a new coach
  10. The 09 game Devils vs Flyers and some fan threw a smoke bomb
  11. Link to his stats
  12. So what is going on, did I miss an injury report?
  13. wow