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  1. A whole day at work without HF is nearly killing me....

  2. How long will HF be down? It fvcking blows...

  3. I dunno dude, you have some pretty good depth. I always cheer on Sweden when England arent involved, and it helps when ex-Southampton players are on your team. Anders and Michael Svensson back in the glory days!!

  4. Hell yeah! I'm a huge Zlatan Ibrahimovic fan, so he's the guy that will lead us to success! This Swedish team is nothing without him..unfortunately.

  5. Anders Svensson and Sweden for Euro 2008!!

  6. Well thats alright then mate. I doubt I will watch the second day anyway. Just not as sexy as the 1st round. Especially if we trade up for Del Zotto ;)

  7. apparently VS will be showing the first round of the draft so I can watch that at least. Then I'm sure will stream the rest...

  8. That sucks. Should be on TV here, no problem. You would of thought they would broadcast it on some random US network? Maybe TSN will have it online too...

  9. NHL Draft in the states? Good luck finding that on television. Maybe will stream it ... if not I'm right proper fvcked.

  10. Skype + Beer + Jagermeister + Entry Draft?

    Messy, very messy.

  11. from Gunnar Stahl:

    "My Vish thread got Ronnie Bass'd and I got infraction'd.

    Anyway, my comic tribute to him. Please make sure he sees the music video first.