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  1. Devils Subway Sign

    http://hfboards.hockeysfuture.com/showpost.php?p=66735449&postcount=8 May vs. November. http://hfboards.hockeysfuture.com/showthread.php?t=1437733 Hmmmm. Do I get a cut of the profits? At least I spelled Lamaire right.
  2. 2013 NHL Draft Logo

    All I know is if I were a local, I'd be making a friend with someone in the city of Newark street maintenance dept. cause they're gonna put up some sweet banners I imagine around the rink and city that would make a hell of a collectable for a hockey den after the event when they're taken down.
  3. 2013 NHL Draft Logo

    You look cluttered. J/K it was artsy (cluttered) cause Steely Dan(o) was too damn hard to do in a 3 color silhouette. Never thought they would abandon the shield theme. I like the new logo, very "Jersey's team-esque"
  4. All Aboard!!!

    Get the enV touch... very cool - especially if you text at all.
  5. How long will HF be down? It fvcking blows...

  6. Rangers to play Devils twice in pre-season

    wish they'd be part of a preview of the NHL Center Ice package...
  7. Leafs, Devs, Bruins trying to land Bouwmeester..

    Sure... he has lou's cellphone too.
  8. Devils 3rd Jersey Concept

    Well if we ever get sponsors like in Europe... it's a natural. Even brings back the green everyone wanted.
  9. Devils 3rd Jersey Concept

  10. Devils 3rd Jersey Concept

    I don't have the logo with the N and the guy on separate layers any longer - so I had to do a quick fill/paint job on the logo so this doesn't look the best but it should give you a general idea.
  11. Devils 3rd Jersey Concept

    my concepts or
  12. Things you can't stand at a hockey game

    "you're fat!" Thank Overtime for that one... - People who complain about the refs on legit penalties (e.g., player X outright hooks/trips/holds player B and gets caught and the fans complain because they didn't even see the play happen).
  13. Devils sign Leach, DiSalvatore, Wiseman

  14. Rolston #12

    Rolston has worn 12 since he left - and would have worn 12 if Guerin didn't get it before him. 12 is open now too.
  15. Rolston #12

    Zubrus 25 Holik 16 Rolston 12 next...