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  1. May vs. November. Hmmmm. Do I get a cut of the profits? At least I spelled Lamaire right.
  2. All I know is if I were a local, I'd be making a friend with someone in the city of Newark street maintenance dept. cause they're gonna put up some sweet banners I imagine around the rink and city that would make a hell of a collectable for a hockey den after the event when they're taken down.
  3. You look cluttered. J/K it was artsy (cluttered) cause Steely Dan(o) was too damn hard to do in a 3 color silhouette. Never thought they would abandon the shield theme. I like the new logo, very "Jersey's team-esque"
  4. Get the enV touch... very cool - especially if you text at all.
  5. How long will HF be down? It fvcking blows...

  6. wish they'd be part of a preview of the NHL Center Ice package...
  7. Sure... he has lou's cellphone too.
  8. Well if we ever get sponsors like in Europe... it's a natural. Even brings back the green everyone wanted.
  9. I don't have the logo with the N and the guy on separate layers any longer - so I had to do a quick fill/paint job on the logo so this doesn't look the best but it should give you a general idea.
  10. my concepts or
  11. "you're fat!" Thank Overtime for that one... - People who complain about the refs on legit penalties (e.g., player X outright hooks/trips/holds player B and gets caught and the fans complain because they didn't even see the play happen).
  13. Rolston has worn 12 since he left - and would have worn 12 if Guerin didn't get it before him. 12 is open now too.
  14. Zubrus 25 Holik 16 Rolston 12 next...