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  1. Tickets For Game 6

    well that was quick..tix are gone...thanks and enjoy the game without me!!! On to the CUP FINALS!!!
  2. Tickets For Game 6

    I have 4 great seats for tomorrow's game at the CAA that unfortunately I can't make. I'm selling them at face value and I'll throw in the reserved parking pass for free for anyone who wants all 4 seats. They are lower level seats, section 110, row 8.....8 rows off the ice, on the blue line behind the visitor's bench. Face value is $125 each (gold circle seats). Contact me by phone or email. I am right by the practice arena at South Mountain in the West Orange/Summit area. barry bkirsch111@aol.com 973-379-2224
  3. Ticket Pricing Again!

    Why do you guys get all worked over this nonsense. The team wins and tickets are readily available. And on the rare occassion they are not available, you can usually buy them for less than face value outside the CAA anyway!!!! And from my perspective, I am totally in agreement with MSWEET. The seats in CAA are not even close to the highest price in the league. The bufffoons across the river in Mad Sq Garden pay more for regular seaon games (for a joke of a team) than we do for playoff games. The first 10-15 rows at MSG are from $125 - $175 for REGULAR SEASON games....they were $95 at CAA for the last playoff round adn will be $125 for the ottowa series. I just checked ticketmaster and in that waste of a city called Philly, tickets were from $35 to $200 for this round 2. In Anaheim, they're $35-195 round 2, and in Ottowa converting back to US $$, they were $30 - $145 for orund 2...CAA was $45-$95. For round 3, Ottowa is $45 - $170 (in US $$)...CAA is $75-$125 and you'll be able to buy seats outside the arena for less. So let's enjoy the team that Lou has constructed and root for another Cup!!!!!!!
  4. Tickets For Game 2 In Nj

    Puck; They are still available (even after the 2nd OT of Stars v Gigueres..what a wild game!). I am matt's buddy with the tix. He did me a favor by posting them here earlier. I have the 4 seats with me...4 gold circle, blue line, sect 110, row 8 seats. The reserved parking pass comes free with the 4. But if you only need 2 let me know. Face is $95 each and that's all they'll cost...nice and simple. Making this an afternoon game screwed me up with going....