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  1. Media Guide

    I did see the PDF out on the web site. You are correct though that it's hopefully spending wisely as opposed to cost cutting as it appears that money is tight. I still have to chuckle that they still wear the same old Jofa practice sweaters instead of the fancy new Reebok ones.
  2. Media Guide

    Anyone else upset that the team is not producing a printed copy of the 2011-2012 media guide? I know they are trying to cut costs but I'm sure fans and media would like to have the book in front of them. There goes my collection from '82 I guess...
  3. Devils Throwback night Bogus ?

    I think it's a HUGE FAIL if they don't get these out before Christmas to take advantage of the amount they'd sell for Christmas gifts.
  4. 3/17 Throwbacks

    Saw this on www.uniwatchblog.com this AM. I didn't think they could screw this up but apparently they can. "Scandalous news out of New Jersey, where a little birdie informs me that the Devils
  5. Devils to wear original jerseys on March 17 against Pittsburgh

    Any confirmation if they will be the RED or WHITE sweaters? Most pictures show the RED. Any word on availability? I would think they'd want them ready to sell on opening night. At least have them out before Christmas.
  6. Uniform Opinion Time

    How about what the ECHL does, white one half of season at home, colors the second half? I think the white at home had to do with teams on road trips not having to wash their sweaters since the color would hide the dirt (puck, stick marks). Thought I read that somewhere once.
  7. Brodeur makes change to familiar mask design

    He doesn't have a clothing line coming out like Ovie does. Does he? http://en.ccmsports.com/ovechkin/
  8. Promotional Schedule Announced

    Remember it's about getting a company to sponsor the promotions. If no one wants to commit the cash then they can't give anything away...
  9. Did you cry when......?

    '95 Cup in section 213 and 1972 when Canadiens beat the Bruins.
  10. Pics from Devils conditioning camp

    Those are the standard RBK NHL practice jerseys that they are finally wearing. Lou was going to get every inch out of the old solid color Jofa jerseys they've been using for a long time. I guess they finally wore out.

    Somthing that no one has brought up is that for any giveaway you need someone to pay for it. A sponsor wants to get their name out to the most folks possible for the least amount of dollars. Ultimately, I believe that is the reason there aren't more Devils giveaways, I'm sure they'd love to give out somthing at every home game if someone was footing the bill. Do I want to put my logo on the boards where is is seen by the TV audience and folks in the arena or on 18,000 foam fingers that will be waved at the game and then eventually dumped in the trash? The letter can't hurt, but I think they know what they are doing and what they have to work with. Just my $.02.

    Best would have to be the Midlantic Bank duffle bag (still in use) or the Sportschannel six pack cooler (also still in use). Worst would be the fan appreciation day mug with the Stroh's logo but NO Devils mention / logo to be found...What were they thinking back then?