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  1. Nhl Awards Finalists

    `Mogilny for lady bing? Are you kidding me? Just because he's such a softy (as all leafs are ) you shouldn't forget he *peeep*ed the wife of Shayne Corson reportedly...thats definitely not gentlemanlike and should be considered a reason against him. I still think if Brodeur doesn't fall into any deep mistakes for the rest of the playoffs, he'll be the winner of the Vezina. BTW: I think Turco deserves that nomination, for it would have been hard to explain why to ignore such stats...some of the best in recent years - and it doesn't matter if the team in front of you is so strong. If that was a decisive point, goalies on strong teams would never get a Vezina and Roy would have never got one either. 50 games is enough to prove quality goaltending and he really amazed at times, so give that Turco guy a chance. Belfour deserves to win, but Turco is a decent nomination. I'd rather argue about Belfour.... he's surprised everybody, that's true and he supported the Leafs reaching the playoffs, but nonetheless there were others truly to be named differencemakers on their teams, such as Lalime, even Giguere, Roloson/Fernandez.... Lalime is not nominated because of his funny goaliemask...nobody respects such a goaliemask, I tell you
  2. Devil-mania!!!

  3. Flyers Vs Ottawa

    To the Attendance-issue: Everybody who's seriously concerned about that might just clean up his bad conscience and regard defensive nj-hockey as a good type of hockey- I think that's a typical human psychology problem - many can't get loose of the feeling that only starmentality deserves success. Tell the world you own Forsbergs, Sakics, Hulls, Yzermans or Guerins and nobody will sue you for winning a Stanley Cup. But as far as you're not riding high above all criticism and winning the Cup by one-goal difference, people will point their fingers at you. The Devils are simply not playing popular hockey, its defensive style and some believe they are only one hair above being a goalie-only-team. And as long as the Devils still win they think they have to make you feel sorry for being a Devilsfan. - as for the defensive style, I think thats what lifts New Jersey past the Senators. The Sens can only win against offensive teams, because they are defensively well themselves. Name Redden, Chara, Phillips and Lalime that keep their own zone clear. They only collapse at times (see 2st period against Philly) but they get on a ride there easily and keep the back free for offensive going by Hossa and co. But they have not met a defensive team as the Devils yet and they will be lookin sadly if their tactics burns out in a hurry. Hossa won't ever score that goals on Brodeur. He can do on Snow or Chech, but not on Marty.
  4. Attendance

    Okay, now here comes the propably farest ankle from that you can look at it, it's my ankle*G* Basically I perceive three facts as main reasons. 1. It's the prices. But you already talked about that enough. 2. It's the arena. I know a lot of people who do not feel attracted by it for the reason it doesn't support noise or whatever...can't say much more about it. <_< 3. It's the state and city situation. You're not only living in an accumulating area of cities, in fact these are hockeytowns. To the North you'll find a majority of Rangers-fans that fill the Garden and not forget the Isles, and as soon as you cross the border to the south, you will see people wearing Flyers-jerseys if I imagine that right. The Devils are competing for a "limited audience" (though it's an amazingly big audience) along with the many other sports teams in your region. And the upper two reasons might destroy the rest potential. -> in a place where the Devils would be in a monopoly position, they could as well demand higher prices than now and were still sold out. A quote from another hockeyfan dealing with the same issue about the Devils: "You can get from Times Square to the Meadowlands in about 10-15 minutes on the bus. But no one in New York wants to see the Devils. They want to see the Rangers. My guess would be the Devils fan base stretches from the Hudson River to about Princeton. West and south of there, you are a Flyers fan. East of there, you are a Rangers fan. Although there are a lot of people living in that area, the demographics aren't real favorable for hockey. Throw in the fact that the building is only accesible via mass transit from downtown New York, and you've got problems, hence the reason the Devils want to move to downtown Newark near mass transit."
  5. Devil-mania!!!

    Thanks to all you guys, I feel pleased about your warm welcome (@admins: I dont mind you deleting my political message, I didn't want to spread it anyway ) @Shred: That Blackhawks-Site is a bit run down momentarily, because most of the administrators (I'm not running it alone) are bound to "reality" (work, exams etc.) so the maintenance lacks a bit and the site was reduced to a few major points. The buddies and me are still keeping connected on our own board there, but actually there's no real motivation to work on the page -> But I thank you anyway and will forward your compliments to my companions B) @Jimmy Leeds: Nice My sister is going to K
  6. Scott Stevens

    As for Stevens, I think he's one of the most unterrated stars of today's hockey. He's one of the guys whose worth will show off as soon as he's gone some day. That will leave some huge footprints for others to step in.
  7. Devil-mania!!!

    Personally, heartfilled of humbleness, don't want to start an own topic to introduce myself , so I'll attach this to shred's HelloHereIam... - I'm from Germany, Saxony and have "cheered" for the Devils for over 2 seasons now; so I thought it's time to sit on a (rather virtual ) table with some NJ -fans. There are some further fans of NHL-hockey in Germany, though the most consider the Sharks, Flyers, Wings and Avs their favorite teams (mainly because of the german NHLers or success-fanship) ... I have to confess having been a real supporter of the Chicago Blackhawks for years and that won't change for that matter. But by the time it gets boring (especially for someone who's never able to attend to any game) to see playoff-hockey without your favs taking part. SO my natural sympathy for the Devils might evolve further and I'm willing to learn (though I already know most/all of the players, but I am not well into the organization or the prospects yet) .... There's not much publicity about the NHL in Germany, and the only show on Free-TV got canceled due to low recognition but anyway my main source has always been the Internet (I'm readin something like 12 american hockeypages regulary ) and the only form I was being able to "experience" hockey live was listening to the online-radio casts deep into night (from about 2/3