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  1. Classy move by Lou to get marty's son
  2. Need to win. Simple as that.
  3. Better than I thought when he skated off. We went 5-1 without him last year because other players stepped up. We need a group effort here and we will be okay. Just need to win 2 out of every 3.
  4. must win tonight!!!!!!
  5. He's quickly becoming a fan favorite
  6. sigh sigh :/
  8. Steven A. Smith was asked this morning on Sportscenter which streak was more impressive, the Blackhawks 22 games with a point to start the season or the Miami Heat winning 14 straight. He then proceeded to rant that the heat was more impressive because hockey has "ties" Clearly he has not been paying any attention to the NHL. He does say atleast that he "respects" the hockey guys but does not like ties. What do you guys think?
  9. Just WIN DEVILS!!!!!!!
  10. More TG "Lamoriello said that Josefson's play had dropped off recently and that they want him to go to Albany and get his confidence back."
  11. how much?
  12. Glad to have him back! Love our depth we are starting to have at forward again.
  13. Just Win Devils!!!!!
  14. anyone have tickets for friday?