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  1. parrish waived by wild

    http://tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=244823&lid...=headlines_main I dont know how much cap space we have but this guy is a monster in front of the net, which is something we have not had in a while. i would love to see the team add him since it does not look like were getting a puck moving dman
  2. is there anyway we could still land naslund?

    well i guess this answers my question.
  3. 2008-2009 Line-up

    martin and oduya were awesome together last year so you dont know that for sure. and white and mattau were solid. we just need someone who can really move to play with sal and were alright. imagine vv out there with him they would probably just keep hitting each other.
  4. 2008-2009 Line-up

    you dont have langenbrunner there parise elias bergfors rolston zajac langs pandolfo madden gio clarkson holik zubrus dont even know what to do with the d, i would like to get smith
  5. is there anyway we could still land naslund?

    Vancouver, Detroit, New Jersey, Dallas, Pittsburgh are the teams it says interested in naslund. I agree he isnt the player he once was but still had 25 goals last year, and if we do trade gio/zajac or someone else we would def. need another foward if vrana and bergfors arent going to start this season. This is only a thought I would rather have a puck moving defenseman too but that isnt looking to good right now.
  6. is there anyway we could still land naslund?

    i just saw us rumored under naslunds name on there. thats all and i was thinking since there arent to many quality d-men left why not stack the offense.
  7. Rangers acquire Zherdev & Fritsche

    zherdev was rumored to be traded for marleau thats how bad of a trade this is for columbus
  8. Could we add another foward i know we look like were stacked on offense but we are on defense to why not make our offense fight for a spot. Naslund, Shanny, and Satan are still out there and could all come cheap. While other teams are interested in Sundin and Jagr who says we cant add one more of these guys who i think all have something left if not leadership from the first two.