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  1. Whats With The Lack Of Congratulations?

    Yep, people dont respect the Devils. Fans, teams, players, writers alike..... My view of them is a team that plays very well yet bores the hell out of me and is lacking any real star or asset that catches peoples attention. I find the Devils uninteresting, and when they won the cup I pretty much just said "meh, the ducks couldnt pull it off.... oh well". Its not that I try to disrespect the devils, its just my automatic reaction and attitude towards them that makes me tune them out... I really dont care whether they win or lose.... ever. At least with a team like the Ducks I can cheer them on cuz its a great run, or a team like the Rangers I can boo to hell and hope they lose...... but the Devils..... are just..... "meh".
  2. Conn Smythe Thread

    identical stats? look again buddy. Broduer may have had a lot of shutouts, but, to be redundant, that was half a team effort, and giguere carried every single player on that sucks team straight to game 7 of the finals. Brodeur was shaky to average in a number of games.
  3. Schwab Gets Robbed

    He better........ the backup goalie is so underrated....... especially when they dont play much. Schwabby deserves recognition.
  4. Conn Smythe Thread

    Giguere was the best player in the playoffs, period. He deserved the award more than any other player, its as simple as that. And that was just awful for the fans to boo the poor guy. He was almost in tears, and the fans boo him when he recieves what he deserves. Terrible. And its not like Bettman chose the winner (tho I do agree the guys an idiot)
  5. Im Sorry But.....

    A couple things: 1- i am not trolling, i really believe this 2- i have never had a gut feeling about the leafs winning anything, believe it or not 3- i am not happy about the ducks winning, its a terrible thing, i am hoping for the devils, i just dont think they are going to win.
  6. Im Sorry But.....

    Reasons: #1) Giguere #2) Extreme Luck #3) Destiny #4) Gut feeling
  7. Nieds Fans Rejoice

    Poor mom
  8. Game 7 Photos

    Checl out the classy fans in the background applauding...
  9. We'll Win In 7

    Every team that has come back from 3-1 to tie this year has gone on to win game 7. :wave: year of the comeback :wave:
  10. Bigger Mistake: Selanne Or Danton?

    What happened to Danton/Jefferson anyway?
  11. Top 10 Underdogs In All Of Sports

  12. Could Anyone Understand.......

    It just sounds like rrrroddduuuuhhh You shoulda heard the philly fans chating belfour....... it was crystal clear. you could hear the B clearly pronounced, with a full L and a definate F and a strong R that didnt fade away. Those guys have got it down.
  13. Canada Just Won The Gold

    Canada was using something that would be close to thier C team if they had all players available.
  14. Well, This Forum Aint Used Much

    Yeah well if you arent gonna use it i might as well
  15. Well, This Forum Aint Used Much

    Devils fans only......... in heaven? maybe thats why there have only been 13 topics......