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  1. Devils Go Curling...

    I would put my money on Parise in this.
  2. GDT: Devils @ Vancouver

    3-1 after two ..got outplayed a little at end of second .. let's not let this one get away from us let's go devils
  3. Some more Holik humor

    On scoring a goal off his head
  4. GDT Devils @ Ducks 8PM, 1/11/09

    terrible reffing .. but the langenbrunner missing on a wide open break away plus a post by gionta will hurt us .. i doubt we run away with this one
  5. GDT Devils @ Ducks 8PM, 1/11/09

    off the head, holik scores!!
  6. GDT Devils @ Ducks 8PM, 1/11/09

    bring back nieds
  7. GDT: Devils @ LA Kings 7:30PST/10:30 EST 1/10/09

    Love the way the Holik-Clarkson-Rupp line is playing .. seems to be they are all playing hungrier not wanting to lose their job to Shanny
  8. GDT: Devils @ LA Kings 7:30PST/10:30 EST 1/10/09

    Shanahan would have scored on that powerplay
  9. Shanahan joins Devils

    interesting to see how this plays out with langenbrunner.. another voice on the team, strong leader .. jamies the captain. hope it does not ruin any chemistry
  10. Shanahan joins Devils

    for all the people not liking this .. just imagine our powerplay with rolston and shanahan on it at the same time..
  11. Shanahan joins Devils

    this is brendan shanahan guys .. a legitimate goal scorer and great on the power play .. forget age - its for one year .. great addition in my book
  12. Who gets more points this year

    Parise or the Devils
  13. GDT: Montreal Canadiens @ NEW JERSEY DEVILS 1/2/09

    Nice to see Marty in attendance
  14. GDT: Montreal Canadiens @ NEW JERSEY DEVILS 1/2/09

    Another solid win.. Crazy goal by Parise, solid goaltending by Clemmensen and were now 2 points behind those shi.tty rangers and possible tie with them Sunday. 1st star - Clemmensen 2nd star - Zaaaaaaaach Pariseeeeeeeeeeeeeee 3rd star - Jamie
  15. GDT: Devils @ St. Louis 8PM 12/30/08

    Parise for mvp