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  1. Anyone know where i can obtain this full image? Tried googling it but only able to come across this hockey card image. Thanks
  2. Anyone know where I can buy an A patch?
  3. Trade ya EL Salvador?
  4. The kid plays LACROSS now. His hockey days are over.
  5. I work with this kid at Monkey Sports. And yeah he's a Rags fan.
  6. Pride n Joy
  7. I've probably played against all of you that play at inman. I currently play for 3 teams in the E league. Double O' Sevens, Red Evil Empire, and Deathsticks. Has anyone played at LongBranch or Millburn? both rinks are outdoor rinks
  8. April 14th, said it on Versus
  9. I want to see Kovy/Parise light up Auld in the third
  10. I want one of those Italian Devils Jerseys
  11. Are you talking about Millburn?
  12. Nice. were you in 232 or 233?
  13. Ohh there were punches. I got 8 different clips, uploading them now
  14. I got some footage of a scrap that went down in section 232 tonight. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCa8VBSncVY