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  1. Vintage Brodeur pic

    Anyone know where i can obtain this full image? Tried googling it but only able to come across this hockey card image. Thanks
  2. All Jersey Talk

    Anyone know where I can buy an A patch?
  3. Mystery puck night

    Trade ya EL Salvador?
  4. Crazy Goal Scored from NJ High School Student

    The kid plays LACROSS now. His hockey days are over.
  5. Crazy Goal Scored from NJ High School Student

    I work with this kid at Monkey Sports. And yeah he's a Rags fan.
  6. Your Favorite Piece In Your Devils Memorabilia?

    Pride n Joy
  7. UPDATED-Roller hockey meet!

    I've probably played against all of you that play at inman. I currently play for 3 teams in the E league. Double O' Sevens, Red Evil Empire, and Deathsticks. Has anyone played at LongBranch or Millburn? both rinks are outdoor rinks
  8. Playoff Dates

    April 14th, said it on Versus
  9. GDT: New Jersey Devils vs New York Rangers

    I want to see Kovy/Parise light up Auld in the third
  10. Devils Throwbacks and T-Shirts at Modells!

    I want one of those Italian Devils Jerseys
  11. hockey club at RU

    Are you talking about Millburn?
  12. GDT - Rangers at Devils 7:00PM

    Nice. were you in 232 or 233?
  13. GDT - Rangers at Devils 7:00PM

    Ohh there were punches. I got 8 different clips, uploading them now
  14. GDT - Rangers at Devils 7:00PM

    I got some footage of a scrap that went down in section 232 tonight. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCa8VBSncVY