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  1. Mike Van Ryn retires

    At the time, I remember him saying something along the lines of wanting to learn from the "greats" like Al MacInnis and Chris Pronger... I guess Stevens, Niedermayer, and Robinson weren't good enough for him? I wonder if he'd have been on the '03 cup team had he stayed. He unfortunately set a precedent for players like Blake Wheeler to slip away from the teams that drafted them. It's still a shame that injuries cut his career so short though.
  2. Star Wars invading Lowell Devils game 3/19

    Whenever I think of how much money I've given George Lucas over the years, I want to cry.
  3. Ottawa has trouble staying awake against Devils

    It's fun to be angry.
  4. Wild Unsubstantiated Drunken Bar RUMOUR

    when I first read the title of this thread, I thought I was going to be reading about the Minnesota Wild getting into a bar room brawl or something...

    Salvador scored one like that against him in the playoffs a few years back. Is he maybe vulnerable to long shots because he plays so far back? I dunno...sounds like a job for Chico!
  6. On a lighter note

    I wonder how Mrs. Daneyko feels about Jodeyne...
  7. Brodeur Bitter About 1st Loss?

    Just to add to the discussion about embarrassing chants, I heard a little girl yell "Flyers Swallow!" the other night, while her dad grinned widely. I'm all for yelling funny stuff and having a good time, but I feel like it's crossed a line. People need to remember that kids go to these games...
  8. TV Saturday Night

    I'm in East Brunswick too, and, assuming you have Comcast as well, we don't get MSG+2. This is complete BS. Sometimes, I can find the Devils randomly on channel 20 when they are on MSG+2, but I can't guarantee that. Does anyone know if the game will be streaming on yahoo or anything?
  9. Goalie Yann Danis Finally Gets His Nj Devils Mask

    This mask was a mini obsession for TG...
  10. Peter Forsberg Attempts Return To Hockey

    His injury always sounded so awful and uncomfortable to me. Supposedly he needs to apply electrodes to his foot to make it lay flat...yikes.
  11. NHL Submits Bid to Buy Coyotes Out of Bankruptcy

    It seems almost inevitable that there's going to be a team in Kansas City at some point, but you never hear about how it might affect the St. Louis Blues. If/when a team moves to Kansas City, would they have to pay an infringement fee to the Blues? There's about 250 miles between St. Louis and Kansas City, but I'd imagine that any hockey fans in the KC area are Blues fans.
  12. Behind the BlackBerry Boss's Hockey Brawl

    When I was 11, we went to Trenton for a class trip and we got to meet Cristie Todd Whitman and have a little photo-op with her. I nervously asked her if she would try and keep the Devils in New Jersey, and she said that she'd do everything that she could...you're welcome.
  13. The Hockey News NHL Jersey Rankings

    I like my hockey Jersey old school with a simple color scheme and an iconic logo. Devils, Detroit, Blackhawks, etc are all great looking in my book. I hate all the piping and excess numbering, and the overuse of black. I used to love Calgary's old Jersey with the orange C...it looked like fire. I also think that Ottawa ruined their logo by taking a iconic senator and turning it into a goofy cartoon. So yeah. Keep it simple. keep it iconic. and keep it colorful please
  14. What number will Shanny wear?

    Shanny has said that he doesn't really care about #'s. So, I would think it comes down to Lou's choice. WWLD? hmmmm... Give Shanny 11 for sentimental reasons? Or does Pelley get it to symbolically mark him as Madden's replacement. I have a feeling though that he just sticks with 18.
  15. Memo to Lou: Sign Malhotra already

    I'm not sure about how I feel signing Malhotra to a multi-year deal. The cap is going down next year, and Martin, Clarkson, and Bergfors all need to be resigned. Could the Devils swing this? If Lou doesn't sign someone, and Elias plays center, are there any pending UFA centers that we can trade for at the deadline? The only one that I can think of is Marleau, but I think that he'll be out of our range. Plus, he's not really known for being a great playoff performer anyway.