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  1. Leafs, Devs, Bruins trying to land Bouwmeester..

    Talking about Parise like this reminds me of the 80's and the talk about Wayne Gretzky being untouchable. Please don't tell me anyone would consider Parise as good as Gretzky. There is no one is unmovable anymore.
  2. Where hockey thrives

    How about this, dropping a few teams that aren't holding up the financial end and making the existing teams stronger because the talent pool is not stretched out as thin as it is now. Does the NHL really need two teams in Florida?! Seattle yes, always made sense. I think the brass needs to really look at how Bettman over-expanded and correct the problem.
  3. Last Jersey team standing

    The biggest problem the Devils face is the lack of a major city in NJ to actually have the season ticket base from corporations that almost every other franchise has. The meadowlands arena was originally built to try to entice the Rangers to move. They were actually considering not overhauling the Garden. But the Rangers sell out, even when they stink, because the corporates will go for a period or two and then drive out of the city when the traffic eases. Not great for fans who would like to get a ticket, but the franchise thrives because of it. And people are willing to put up with NYC more than they are with Newark.
  4. Slats head scratching summer

    I worked for C&L Sports when it was in E. Hanover and Monsey, N.Y. (at Sport-o-rama) I put on a goalie chest and arm and the sales rep hit it with a baseball bat, not full force but a good blow. I didn't feel a thing. These things are designed to absorb slapshots over 100 mph. I say let them be fair game, outside of the crease. Goalies that aren't big or not excellent skaters will stay between the pipes and the more courageous will stray from time to time.
  5. Slats head scratching summer

    I was a pro shop manager for 15 years, and worked with a minor league goalie who also palyed in the Russian league. In the NHL, there are limits on the size of the leg pads, width and length. Some goalies use the longest leg pads available to them, mostly the more non-moblie goalies. A goaltender that like to chase the puck and challenge shooters will use a shorter leg pad for added mobility. Both are within the rules. All goalie pads are measured before games, usage and water cause some pads to shrink. I would like to see regulations on the size of catching gloves, they are more like peach baskets with webbing. As far as the trapezoid, get rif of it, but all goalies become fair game. With the fantastic advancements in equipment, they can stad to be hit a few times!
  6. Jagr signs with Omsk

    I have been a Rangers fan since 1967. So I have had only one great year, which I will be kind enough not to mention. I have never owned a jersey with a player name on it. Why waste a good sweater when the person gets traded. I don't follow baseball at all. But anyway, I still don't think Jagr deserved what he was asking for. As Brodeur is and should be on the Devils, Lundquist should be the highest paid Ranger. The Rangers could not score last year and the defense was one solid pair and a missmash of spare parts. Lundquist stole games the team should have lost. Having watched the majority of Rangers games, Jagr played his best against the Devils. The other 70 so games you didn't know if he was going to show up. And seeing him hiding on the bench during shoot-outs was enough to make my stomach turn. I was captain of my hockey team and NEVER wanted to be on the bench, and I never got dime one from playing. Maybe he will turn it on again, but I don't think the Rangers wanted to take that chance, and neither did any other NHL team, or at least I haven't heard of any offers pouring out for him. After all the years of throwing money at washed up players (please don't mention Naslund, brain fart there for the Rangers) maybe they will try to raise up some crop from the farm and actually let them play. And for all this, how much will it matter when the Islanders will win the Hummer Showdown! LOL
  7. Jagr signs with Omsk

    I don't know where you got the money wanted, because money was never brought up in any of the "negotiations" as the series of phone tag was called. I give the 26 year old Jagr 7 mil. Not this edition. I am not thrilled about Naslund, would have loved to get Orpik, but will take Redden. I would have gone after Green also. Sometimes players just need to move on, and that seems to be the case with the Jagr and Rangers. If he tears up the Russian league, boy do we look bad, but if he puts up the same numbers and effort as last year, we saved alot of fisnagles! The best part is only time will tell. I would never stoop as low as to call a Devils fan what you called a Rangers fan. That's what makes the difference between a hockey fan and a fanatic!
  8. Jagr signs with Omsk

    Jagr seems to have made up his mind after the season was over not to return. I think that he was injured more seriously than he let on and wants to finish out in a league based on skill that is more "user-friendly" He seemed to shy away from the hot zones this past season and his skating was sluggish at best. If he was motivated to get back into shape and not take two periods off a game, the numbers that he could put up would make your head spin. According to Sather, neither Jagr or his agent returned calls to talk money. But $11 mil tax free would be very hard to turn your back on!
  9. Holik & Rolston?

    Not looking for sympathy at all. I, for one, am glad that Jagr is gone. Having a Captain, who is the all-time leading European scorer, who doesn't want to participate in shoot-outs, see ya. Shanahan should have been Captain. I hope the Rangers are smart enough to re-sign him. About sinking the ship, lets be realistic on both sides. Either Lundquist or Brodeur go down with an injury, season done. Weekes and Valiquitte can't carry a team to the playoffs. I have been a hockey fan long before the Devils were the Kansas City Scouts. And unlike most Ranger fans, I will watch the Devils games. I also played the game for 20 years, as my worn out knees will attest. Hockey is the toughest game there is and I admire the best playing for ANY team. I just want to have some thoughtful conversation about the game. So I post on rival team boards and hope for the best. Bash me all you want, but I will still be here willing to joust with the best! And hopefully the Devils and Rangers meet for the Eastern conference finals!
  10. Holik & Rolston?

    Hey Tallahassee, I am not in favor of that deal. Tyutin is a solid #3. He and Giradi made a great pairing. Now if Rosival was in the deal, O.K. But with Redden in camp, we have a #1 for the first time since Leetch was moved. I know this will stir the pot, since I am a Rangers fan, but lets look at the numbers. Detroit is the team to beat again. Watch for Hossa to have a MONSTER year being on the second line with the pressure being removed by Datsyuk and Zetterberg. The only question mark I can see for them not repeating is not having the goaltendig tandem they had last year. As for the East, neither the Rangers or Devils will go far in the playoffs. Pittsburg is a year older and wiser, watch out. Can you say Stanley Cup Rematch!