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  1. are you satisfied with the team?

    i like turtles. f u
  2. are you satisfied with the team?

    goto the in n out by hollywood high and have a burger and relax. then goto the shop up the street right next to the world record shop and get a mug for 3 bucks. =)
  3. are you satisfied with the team?

    i like you. your post was very positive and on topic. why dont you start a new GREAT topic that we can all enjoy?
  4. are you satisfied with the team?

    i think we have a great team, great meaning at least top of our division. I dont believe we have enought to make the cup and i don't believe we will for another few years. UNLESS our top players actually play. what happened to elias? he used to be so good, i know he got hep, but still. Gionta did well in some games not most. Marty did great i wont sh!t talk him. pando was great. oduya was great even though most of this board hates him. white is done in my eyes. we have a great team its just doesnt flow at all. no one scored, marty was on the line all the time. i wish its as easy as it seems, but it just doesnt seem the players have heart for this team. If everyone of them gave 100% we could be on top once again. We have the best goalie and if you look at the roster its not bad. WHY do they play like crap? they need to step up watch miracle and start using their abilities which they have. if they had the heart and gave the effort i wouldnt even of wrote this.
  5. Asham

    see ya!!! thanks for all the great times(lol)!!