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    Definitely a great show last night. I implore everyone here to come and listen to the show. Check out the Facebook group for more info.
  2. The Way I'll Always Remember Sarge...

    I really think we should retire his number. He was a contributor to all three cup runs. I will miss you Sarge
  3. Happy to join my fellow Devils Fans

    Yes it is that one from facebook. And yes, I have been drinking the my entire life. Also, I tried putting one of my other names on here, but for some reason it wouldn't allow me even though i checked after and no one here has the name Da Devils or LongIslandDevilsFan
  4. Hello everyone. I've been on the Hockeybuzz, facebook and HFboards forums for while, but finally found this website my fellow devils fans have been talking about. I live on Long Island but have been a Devils fan since 1996 (and since i live on the island the Isles are a FAR third team i like...the devils take both 1st and 2nd). My other name is DA DEVILS on the other sites. I am a co-host on Talkshoe show, "The Trap". I look forward to reading and discussing hockey here with everyone, and come and listen to The Trap, every other sunday this summer and starting every sunday once the season begins, at 8PM