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  1. Curious, anyone shine some light on why this forward? Starting to rack up the numbers: Alex D’Aoust http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/leagues/seasons/teams/0010302016.html Alexis D'Aoust Position: RW Birthdate: Apr 03, 1996 From: Trois-Rivières, QC; Canada
  2. With plenty of estates away from the Manhattan rat race, but close enough to hit the best of what Manhattan has to offer, here's one I kinda like in Alpine, NJ... lulz: http://homesoftherich.net/2015/04/hockey-player-ilya-kovalchuks-20000-square-foot-alpine-nj-mansion/ Celebrity list of residents in Alpine. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alpine,_New_Jersey You can easily ascertain a plethora of points to prospective talents say, over secondary markets like Buffalo & Winnipeg. This is where Devs management need the marketing/recruitment dept. to sweeten-up their "candy package" in conditioning talent/agents, taking the deal to Newark.
  3. Whatever it takes to make the real talent happy.
  4. Next year, after the Vegas expansion draft/protected rosters stuff, that's when it's time to spring the big offer for Shattenkirk. Now imagine if he ever becomes Devs Captain. have a parody star trek night with the Red Shirts
  5. $42 mil Lucic 6yr/$7mil $36 mil Eriksson 6yr/$6mil
  6. Andrew Ladd signs with the NY Islanders for 7 years
  7. I wonder if he still parties and drinks as he pleases too. Rumor 1yr/$5mil
  8. Did you catch when Stan Fischler (7:40) asked about the Devils backend... Shero said, "Outside of trading Adam, we are looking for an offensive minded Dman..." lol I hope there's more "Offense Minded" coming to Newark over the 72 hours
  9. So, Shero is going to send 2 offer sheets to Winnipeg?, One each to Mark Scheifele and Jacob Trouba and the Jets have to choose which one to match? hehe
  10. I wonder if Shero will go after another #4, UFA Jason Demers, he's 28, right shot D... I thought he played well for Dallas in the POs.
  11. hah hah, small world
  12. This may have to do with the expansion draft next year and the limited amount of protection of players. If any of the RFAs walk, Shero may be looking into the future at the compensation picks from the teams involved. Picks and the rookies are protected next year, just a speculative thought with this ongoing rebuild and the expansion monkey wrench.
  13. Wasn't it Nylander at the draft interview, stated that McLeod and Bastian are best friends too? That chemistry-communication-positional play should help both in their success for the Devs
  14. Don't know if anyone has seen the interview between Dan Rosen and Ray Shero, so here's the link to the article/vid Five Questions with Ray Shero New Jersey GM talks Bennett trade, Palmieri negotiations, Elias' future with Devils https://www.nhl.com/news/five-questions-with-devils-gm-ray-shero/c-281075040
  15. I have to point this out, 2016 NHL Draft coverage has to be the worse ever. Talking heads not and/or weak coverage on the picks, especially not interviewing all the 1st rounders, so-called experts saying 200+ draftees are all great-good picks, and then the constant rambling on speculative trades instead of covering the draft picks and team fits, tired of hearing Stamkos and everything else which wont take place until July 1st. Horrible draft format/coverage/technicals by both NBCSports and the NHL channel Only high point, Bettman Booed