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  1. Hope you realize, You type a lot faster than you think. So are you 12 years old? Just wanta know what I'm dealing with here.
  2. Devs w/ OA #1 now and how it all started with #1 OA Kovy
  3. You better believe it's "known" This poor sport TV clown isn't even qualified for the position of Director of Hockey Communication and Content for a professional NHL team. You would figure she'd have a degree in Marketing or an MBA in running the Communications and Content of a professional sports team, at least 10 years working franchise front office technical-management communications. Nope She's a journalist, a poor one at that(see her Philly CSN failed delivery and bad videos). Zero, repeat Zero experience working in the front office of any professional or minor league hockey organization communications/marketing departments. She may be qualified for a entry-level hockey communications position at South Mountain arena running the PeeWee league, but nowhere close to any junior or pro franchise directors position. Yep 7, all points to, "it's not what you know, but who you've 'known'." Yes, I wonder how all the Marketing/Communications people in the front office at THE ROCK feel about now having a boss that doesn't know jack with zero years experience in the specific front office work/field. Below the link/information on the Devs front office. Must be a real morale booster. NJ Devils Staff Directory Vice President, Hockey Communications and Team Operations: Peter Albietz Manager, Communications and Team Operations: James Stolfi Assistant, Hockey Operations and Communications: Scott Litwack
  4. Hopefully Shero is done with hiring "Trash From The Past". Just don't get it with Lou and some of these GMs that convince themselves in signing bad investments for the franchise. Kinda like, "it's all I know" or "well, that's what's left to pick from at the FA second hand bin". Insiders jawing about San Jose, Vegas, and the Florida teams hard looking @ Kovy
  5. Bishop's Cap hit is almost $6 million. The Stars already have a cap hit of $10.5 million between Lenthonen and Neimi. Jim Nill has to unload those 2 has-beens if they want to sign anyone else. I don't see any team wanting those 2 goalies. Maybe more dealings in the near future? Dallas has until July 1 to reach an agreement with Bishop, before he’ll be able to negotiate with all 30 other teams as a free agent. Suck for the Devs, would of loved a package deal of Cory and Greene and picking up the Stars goaltender problems for that 3rd OA pick... bummer.
  6. Here's the vid I think where his knee was injured Pashnin Kneeing Kovy According to the latest from NHL reporter Chuck Gormley, St. Louis and Las Vegas are possibilities for Kovy. Gormley stated Shero and the Devils at a big advantage with Kovy returning to the NHL
  7. One of the things the NHL front office/Bettman love is visibility and attention to the sport. This is international publicity, the attraction of exactly what NHL management adores(more news/media/fan attention). In this business, they will make this happen, for love of the game and the international hockey visibility they so garner for the league.
  8. That's not saying much and of all the Devils babes and reporters within New Jersey, yah think they could of found some young smokin hot babe to attract fans/viewers? Nope, they pick a lifelong Flyers fan, but far more important, she's 'beer goggles' special at best. Man have standards dropped on this forum
  9. Comparison I'm probably picking Nico since Bettman and the NHL have turned the game into a Kentucky Derby race of speed. They used to say about hockey that skating was 75% of the game. I think it's up to 80% today, with speed and moves defenses have to give you more room, which equates to the advantage today.
  10. Irregardless what you may think of Kovy, EVERYONE on this forum should be pumping and continue pumping his stock UP, even on other sports/hockey sites, everywhere. SPORTSNET's Chris Johnston is on the air and the NHL channel, I swear he's parroting, almost verbatim, a lot of the negativity posted on this forum. Could the 'Malcontents' just cool it for a few weeks until the Devils get top dollar if they decide to sell him? Thanks, Peace out
  11. Take the deal if they add a sweetener, because their side would probably involve a deal which moves Stars' boat anchor(s) goaltender Lehtonen or Neimi maybe both. So it could be a cap space deal on top. How much can Shero buy from dealin Dallas and their mess? I say a lot... maybe time to move Green(old, slowing, but a help for the Stars. Devs in a rebuild anyway, I'd say, GO BIG this off season, grab Vilardi with that #3. https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/dallas-stars/stars/2017/04/03/dallas-stars-get-rid-lehtonen-niemi-follow-plan-fill-void-goal
  12. May be true under certain circumstances, but look at what Minnesota gave up to acquire 30+ year old dud Martin Hanzal from Arizona: 2017 1st, 2018 2nd, and probably a looks like also a 2019 2nd rounders. Too bad Kovy didn't come back this past year, the Devils could of made bank off of trading him to the Wild. Never underestimate the dire needs of other teams to win it all ref: Wild pay the Moon for Hanzal in trade with Coyotes
  13. Did anyone notice tonight... NBC Sports host Katheryn Tappen was wearing Devils "RED"? give her a hot 'thanks' https://twitter.com/kathryntappen?lang=en
  14. For those that want to relive the moment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cDounUtyxE