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  1. "10 Reasons to Care About the NHL This Year"

    Maxim loves hockey it seems like. I think it was them who said hockey players make the best lovers? Or was it Playboy? Either way I like to use that line JK, but seriously, haha. And Avery is still a tool!
  2. Favorite moments at Devils games

    game that made me a devils fan from rangers when i was about 5 or 6. 1995 playoffs against the penguins. i think broten scored in the second OT. still remember it, even 15 years ago
  3. Who would you rather have on your team?

    AO hit, score, assists, and above all the energy he brings to the game. complete player who brings fans in. crosby does the same with fans but is too afraid to get his nose dirty AKA AO is a true hockey player
  4. New AHL team "Iowa Chops" offers contract to Favre

    this is very true, at leas the team applies to Iowa's fan base and industry. at least they made the pig look pissed off, and with the wonderful smell of hockey gear I think they team will fit quite well.
  5. Signing another Defenceman

    Hahahaha that was funny, at least it makes a "win-win" in NJ!
  6. Signing another Defenceman

    Thats exactly how I felt when I read it, but hey if he turns out to live up to that expectation who is to complain?
  7. Question: Petr Vrana?

    Yea as a possible bust thats all. I wasn't comparing them I never saw Foster or Vrana play.
  8. Question: Petr Vrana?

    another good pick by the devils then? reminds me of foster.
  9. Question: Petr Vrana?

    When will he finally make the jump? I have read alot about him, magazines, scouting sites, etc. but all I can find is that the organization is high on him. Does anyone have an idea when he will/if he will make the jump? I think he could be an asset to the team, espcially at center.
  10. Screen Shots: The five worst signings of 2008

    Not sure if I agree with how much Lou shelled out a season for Salvador (no better than a 4 at best?), but I think the signing makes sense for this reason: Martin, Greene, and Salmela are all offensive minded. Having White, Salvador, and whoever else helps anchor that with the more defensive mindset in the third pair. I do like it somewhat, it will help allow each pair to fully exploit their assets.
  11. Defending Brian Gionta

    I cannot agree more. Gionta is an excellent player, do not mistake me. However, the Devils do not have a playmaking center that can feed Gionta the passes or set up for his finish like Gomez did. In NJ; especially with a defense-first game style, it is difficult to take a finishing type player and ask for him to fight on his own, espcially with his size. Gio is excellent trade bait. I think he could attract second round pick attention right now, and if he enters free agency will pull in around $5 mil a year. BUT: he will go to a team with a dominating center. He is undoubtibly (I know thats spelled wrong!) a first line right wing, who could be plugged at LW. Imagine him with CBJ with their up and coming play making centers? Or in a place like LA where he can play with Kopitar? Or even Washington with Backstrom and AO. He would be dominating, most likely reaching the 30 goal plateau. I have been a big fan for almost my whole life. It is not a question of how he skates hard every shift, plays both ways, it is a quesiton of can he produce on his own. He is a workhorse, but right now NJ is not his place. I personally like Gionta's play, but I firmly believe his success is out of NJ, unless Lou decides to scrap the old style game and adopt a more face paced, skilled "New NHL" style. Until he is traded or the Devils change face, Gionta will have similar seasons. Just my 2 cents.
  12. Signing another Defenceman

    I have heard he is decent. They say he is quick and has decent speed, and is smart with the puck. He is already top 50 on some people's top 100 fantasy defenseman ranks, so it could be a nice little signing.