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  1. The "fake cop" is a cop and his son was up there and when sh!t went down we was worried. About the other people, sorry about that, can't account for everyone, the Crazies in general are great fans. Come to every game and cheer for the Devils. But people are people and not everyone can get along. But base it on the person, not on a entire group.
  2. LOL, sorry, just saw that, thanks for that.
  3. Btw, just cause it happens in 233, doesn't mean it was the Crazies, other people sit in that section.
  4. No clue why the Crazies have such a bad rap, I have never had a problem. I sit there every game and they are cool people. Maybe if D-Bags didn't come in and start crap for no reason there wouldn't be any problems. I love how people they never f**ked with always have s**t to say, when the Crazies don't go around and start message boards about how other fans suck. Can't everyone just be a Devils fan and enjoy themselves how ever they want??