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  1. GDT NEW JERSEY DEVILS @ tampa bay lightning 7pm

    Holy crap! My login still works after all this time! I'm not sure I've seen this discussed here (probably missing it). I was at game 3 and what struck me most about the Devils was how God-Awful the power play was. What's up with that? I even think TB had a scoring chance on the 5 on 3. I go to lightning games a lot and watched Holmquist (and Denis) be nothing but average. The Devs aren't making him move at all. Anyways, I'll be at the Forum again tonight cheering on the Devs amidst those neophyte fans...
  2. Hello folks...

    It's been years since I logged on to this board and my logon still works! Anyway, I live down here in Lightning Land so I don't get to see the Devs much (I think I've seen them 3x this year, twice at the Ice Palace). Without getting too wordy, what's behind the resurgence? Is it Lou? They've had their ups and downs after he took over. Is it the return of Elias? I know Marty was less than stellar in the first part of the year, is it becuase he got used to the new rules and is on his game now? Anyway, thanks for any input and GO DEVILS! PS - I'll be at the Lightning game tonight with one eye on the scoreboard...

    ABSOLUTLEY rooting for the Lightning. I went to both Flyer games in Tampa and got to watch Flyer fans walk out ball-less. I have tickets to the first 2 games of the ECF. On my head will be a Devils SC champion 2003 hat. On my chest will be a Devils SC champion 2002 shirt. That always stirs 'em up!
  4. The Voice of Reason

    Unfortunely, at take it for what its worth, I've heard from someone here in Tampa that is very close to hockey's GM world that Stevens career is finished.
  5. FLYERS @ DEVILS, Game 3, 7pm, FSNY

    Will it be another clutch and grab fest on the Flyers part tonight? Game 2 was awful.
  6. Game 1: Devils @ Flyers, 7:30PM MSG (or not)

    I have a dilemma. I have (free) tickets to the Lightning tonight. The Devs are not on Nat'l. TV and I don't have Center Ice. Do I go to the game or look around for a sports bar that's showing the Devil game and wipe my arse with the tickets?
  7. Continental Arena must go, James says

    msweet commie!
  8. In Search Of Dev's Audio/ Vidio

    I have the radio broadcast of Game 6 of the 2000 finals (its Rosen, but what the heck).
  9. See My Post From Yesterday

    "If Marty is on, we win by 3 goals. If his head is somewhere else, we have a miserable off-season." HeHe Thanks Marty!
  10. It All Boils Down To This

    If Marty is on tonight, we win by 3 goals. If his head is somewhere else, again, we have a miserable off season.
  11. Why Were The Tv Braino's Calling Stevens Hit

    Did you here Cement call Marshall Jason Marshall?
  12. Start Shwab In Game 7?

    OK sorry
  13. Start Shwab In Game 7?

    Or at least pull Marty if we're down after 1?
  14. We Are Winning Game 7

    Start Shwab? (Let the attacks begin)
  15. Observations From The Caa

    -Smelly says There was a palpable feeling in the arena that the Devs would not be denied.