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  1. New Jersey Devils Inside Source/Ticket Info

    Colorado Rockies, I actually just started with the team and have been trying to come up with ways on my own to find people who might be interested in tickets with us. I do know that upper management took a lot of requests from fans into account when coming up with our new season ticket holder benefits this season. If you haven't gotten a chance to look, we're actually offering more than we ever have in the past (a skate at the practice rink at the Prudential Center, holiday gift, loyalty program, and ability to e-mail and resell tickets online).
  2. New Jersey Devils Inside Source/Ticket Info

    Crasher, Thanks for the credit on the idea. I'm just trying to find Devils fans and make sure they are informed with whatever information they need so they can get out to The Rock and see the team. To answer your questions, as you know, this season we offered a 3 payment option (spread out through the summer months) that was interest free. I haven't heard anything about spreading it out more so, but it does change from year to year. Thanks for joining the facebook group as well.
  3. New Jersey Devils Inside Source/Ticket Info

    Hello everyone, My name is Isaac and I actually work for the Devils in their ticket sales department. If there are any questions anyone has about ticket information or even working in professional sports, I'd be happy to help out. If any of you are on Facebook, I've also created a new group that is going to work as a blog/discussion board about the team. Be sure to add me and check out the group called, "New Jersey Devils Inside Source". 55% of our season pricing has actually gone down and we have something for everyone (Club seats, $49 Lower level seats, and partial plans that start as low as just 8 games). If you had any questions or were thinking about getting set up with a ticket package, you can either email me at isatten@newjerseydevils.com or call me at 973-757-6200 x. 6158. I look forward to getting any feedback you might have to offer, and of course, Let's go Devils!