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  1. Game 1: Devils Vs Ottawa Game Thread

    does anyone know anything about nieds yet?
  2. Funny Take On The Teams Left

    the landfill joke pissed me off too! ..... but that is NJ's joke..... everystate has its own little joke.... it just happens that NJ has more then double what all the other states have put together.....
  3. Devils Won't Get Caught Up In Cup Dreams

    the devs are doing a good thing though... take everything one step at a time... because if u start walking to fast u might fall and hurt yourself and in their case get beaten... and not get to the cup.... but of course we are all behind them..... GO DEVS!
  4. Nieds Card

    yea i have that one! i don't kno where it is though... i guess if i did then it would help... lol
  5. Nhl In Dire Straits

    Don't forget.. ESPN is a west coast station... they favor west coast hocke teams and rarely show east coast hockey games.... they only do during the playoffs and even then they don't show many..... MAYBE THATS THE PROBLEM!
  6. Pictures!

    Great pictures! thanks!
  7. Ticket Pricing Again!

    Ticket prices are ridiculous!!!!! i give up on even trying to get tickets..... my parents tell me that they are to expesive and that i have to get them with my own money.... yea in 5 years i will have enough for like one ticket... i heard we have the hightest tickets prices besides phili.... but i have no idea if i am right i just remember hearing that
  8. How Bout A Lil Hockey Survey?

    but it has nothing to do with the devs? it isn't even their colors.... but yet again most third jerseys seem to come out of no where... they are like someone just pulled them out of their @$$ and desided to call it a design... but that one is ok
  9. Stevens Or Leetch?

    Stevens because he has good leadership qualities and hes like a freakn' brick wall...... u can run into him and think you might be able to go threw him..... but in the end u end up on your ass looking up at him smiling at u... b/c you dared to do something that couldn't be done.... but hes the one that would come up to you afterwards and shake your hand b/c u tried.....
  10. Hey, New Member

  11. Hey, New Member

    Hey just wanted to say hi.... cause i'm new to the forum.... my names britt.... big Langenbrunner fan... so yea thats about it.... just wanted to say hi...
  12. How Bout A Lil Hockey Survey?

    1) What's your favorite team(s)? - DEVILS!!!!! 2) What's you least favorite team(s)? -Rangers, avs and red wings 3) Who's your favorite player? Jamie Langenbrunner, Scott Niedermayer, Stvens, Brodeur, Nieuwy, 4) Who
  13. What Changes Should Be Made To The NHL

    i just don't understand how hockey could not be a popular sport to watch.... i don't see how someone could watch basketall.... no offence to ppl who like the sport but persoally i think that nothing beats hockey.... so i don't understand how ratings could keep going down and that there is nothing being done to make them go back up.....