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  1. What Are You Honestly

    Shred, Somehow I think Ottawa's "euro-wusses" aren't who New Jersey should worry about..... Ottawa has won every game against the Devs where a North American player has scored.... Perhaps they should have worried about White, Van Allen, Spezza, and Phillips? Although then they would have left those damn euros open. Game 7, look out for Smolinski, Fisher, Redden, Schaefer and .....well Leschyshyn is a long shot. I will make a double prediction.....Since Ottawa was down by 3 games in Game 5 and won 3-1, down by 2 games in Game 6 and won 2-1, Then Game 7 will be 1-0 for the Sens. But I have seen this type of game before and it usually ends up being a blow out. The Devs probably psyched themselves up for Game 6 by not wanting to go back to Ottawa. Now that they are, what can they use for motivation, since that didn't work. SO I will say 5-2 Sens. I hope it will be an exciting game!
  2. Was It Me Or Was Lalime Pretty Bad ?

    Bottom line.... In both games, the team that got the bounces early, won the game on good plays later. I would imagine this series will be won in the same manner. BTW, If any of you guys get a CBC feed, you might try switching there, because the Leaf homers doing the game have multiple orgasms over Brodeur and the Devs....I guess the home broadcasts try to hard to seem un-biased and end up going the other way. Whadya gonna doo, uh?
  3. Could Anyone Understand.......

    Anyone hear some people chanting "Alimony" and "sister-in-law"? While this could be effective in throwing Brodeur off, these people are devoid of class and should maybe keep it to hockey. Maybe I'll start the chant "Shutout" or "Five Hole" , this one has worked in the past versus Kolzig and Roy when they were looking good in a game. I think "GO SENS GO" was far more effective in the 1st period then the "Brodoor" chant in the 2nd anyway...... GO SENS GO!!!!
  4. Game 1 Breakdown

    First of all I would like to state for the record, "That was the most exciting hockey game of these playoffs!!!" Imagine two defensive teams trading chances end to end and throwing big hits all over the place. Just goes to show how much journalists really know. Ok here's my breakdown from a Sens fans perspective.... Both teams came out flying and shooting! Ottawa got both goals a) because the Devils were horrible at pressuring the point shots, and B) Ottawa carried the physical play Ottawa owned Period 1 and the beginning of Period 2. Brodeur allowed the Devs to come back by standing on his head and not allowing the 3rd and crucial goal. The Devs took over and caught Ottawa on their heels due to some lazy plays by their D. The 3rd was damn near even in real chances, both goalies held on strong...OT seemed inevitable. Ottawa took it to the Devs in OT, much like they'd done to Philly and the Isles, they found that extra step and took advantage of poor D-zone coverage. Ottawa + : Win in OT, carried the physical play Ottawa - : Giving up the lead, allowing so many shots on Lalime Jersey + : Coming from behind, Brodeur's solid play, solid PK Jersey - : Losing after coming back, slow D got battered It will be like starting over again once Tuesday comes around, but both teams will have to face home town media before then.....advantage Ottawa? Anyway, this was a great beginning to the series and should prove to be even more entertaining as we enter Game 2! Props to the Devs and Sens...great game!
  5. Ottawa Message Boards?

    Well cointanly.... http://fanforum.ottawasenators.com http://www.sensnetwork.com/forum/index.php Have fun and please don't be reduced to Canada/USA bashing like many of the trolls that have popped up in there. Thanks.
  6. Burns Promises Victory

    I will provide a sample of steamrolling........or was it diving...maybe it's not so clear? LOL!!
  7. Burns Promises Victory

    Burns is a 3rd round jinx!!!! Prepare to be steamrolled!!!!
  8. How Come Canadian Fans Chant

    Personally my favourite rival chant is "Let's choke Islanders! clap, clap, clap-clap-clap" Or how about "Here we go Bruins, here we go! "(out of the playoffs) Now I must warm up my vocals for "Broooodooooor, Brooooodoooor"!
  9. Devils Inspired Sens

    This just goes to prove that the best way to beat an opponent is to do what makes them successful and improve upon it.......the Sens stole the Dev's style and threw it at them in 1998......the Sens still play the same style, but with 5x the amount of scoring punch that was seen in that series. Now let's get the f'in show on the road here!!!!!!!!! ALL WORK AND NO HOCKEY MAKE SPAZ SOMETHING SOMETHING!!!! GO CRAZY? DON"T MIND IF I DO!!!!!
  10. The Balanced Attack

    Here are the playoff stats so far for each line..... 5-on-5 --------- Varada-Bonk-Hossa 9G 15A +10 1GWG Fisher-White-Alfredsson 9G 5A -3 4GWG Schaefer-Smolinski-Havlat 8G 10A +14 1GWG Arvedson-VanAllen-Niel 0G 3A -2 0GWG Redden-Rachunek 1G 8A -2 1GWG Phillips-Chara 2G 7A +5 0GWG Lechyshyn-Volchenkov 1G 2A +7 1GWG Power Play -------------- Varada-Bonk-Havlat 6 PPG Redden-Alfredsson Smolinski-White-Hossa 4 PPG Volchenkov-Chara Penalty Kill -------------- Arvedson-Fisher 1 SHG Redden-Rachunek Schaefer-VanAllen 1 SHG Phillips-Chara WOW!
  11. Devils Vs Sens Series Thread

    $12 CDN gets you the equivalent of 2 1/2 bottles of beer at the Corel Center. That works out to about $7 US....so still a rip off...but atleast it's Canadian beer... LOL! If you really want something worth the price at the CC check out Tim Horton's coffee.....a Canadian delicacy. Too bad they don't sell beaver tails anymore(mmmmm)(no not real beaver tails...just flat fried batter rolled in cinnamon and sugar)
  12. Triumph's Sens-devils Analysis.

    Prediction: Game 1: Devils - Ottawa must change their strategy vs. the Devils, while the Dev's just came off a series against a quick, scoring team. Advantage Dev's Game 2: Sens - Captain video (Nielson) will crack the code on the Dev's D + the home crowd will pump them. Game 3: Sens OT - Close game, but the Sens have proven to be a OT powerhouse with more depth and legs than any other team out there. Game 4: Devils - Shutout for NJ. Strong words from Burns and a motivated Brodeur will steal the show. Game 5: Sens - Like all previous series this is where the youth, speed and depth of the Sens takes over as they skate circles around Jersey's D. Game 6: Sens - Goaltender battle with Lalime standing on his head to bring the Sens to the Cup! Hey no one said I wasn't looking at it through rose coloured glasses...but should be awesome!!!! GO SENS GO!!!
  13. Triumph's Sens-devils Analysis.

    Ahoy Dev's fans! So we meet again! I have to say that I disagree with assessment of the Sens by many of you. Since your bias lies towards the Dev's, how about you assess how prepared they are for the series and I will provide my bias as a counter. I am here as an information representative for the Sens! So here is my assessment of the Senators heading into the series: Offence: Sens are quick, this is true, but unlike TBay they can roll 4 lines that are offensively dangerous. The Sens also are a free-flowing offensive crew, meaning that they rarely practice set plays and rely on offensive creativity and hard work along the boards 5-on-5 and on the PP. Being positionally perfect on D doesn't always cut it against the Sens because of this. To stop them the Dev's will have to forecheck aggressivley and practice obstruction without getting caught. Defence: The D is almost as speedy as the forwards and guys like Redden, Rachunek, and Volchenkov like to pinch in to help the forcheck and scoring. Phillips, Chara will punish forwards in front of the net, while Volchenkov and Rachunek do their best work along the boards. Lechyshyn is the anchor of experience on the blue line, but at times can be the weakest link versus a strong, speedy forecheck. To beat the Sens defence, the Dev's must pressure the puck carrying D, since many of them are guilty of giving the puck away when under pressure, and they must get their top line out versus the 3rd defensive pair with Lechyshyn. Goaltending: Lalime has been known to let in soft goals from time to time, but rarely when it counts. This is due to his ability to rebound from a dissapointing play or game and come up big. The Sens D can make him seem immortal at times but he excels at rebound control and is strong on the glove side. To beat Lalime, first the Dev's must eliminate the D (easier said then done) and always put it high, since he tends to go down in the butterfly early on occasions. His even nature makes him more or less immune to "run the goalie" techniques. Special Teams: Bottom line -- do not take penalties against the Sens. As mentioned before their free-flowing plays are hard to defend against, but can be hampered by constsnt pressure...a static 4 man box will leave them to much time and opportunity. The Ottawa PK basically takes the point shot out of the equation, so aggressive down-low play is needed to crack this solid defensive team. Well I hope that helps rate your chances vs. the Sens......here's to a great series! GO SENS GO!!!!