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  1. Anyone see the Burrows-Lehner story from Sunday? They got into a little scrap, and Burrows scored on Lehner later on in the game. Burrows chirped Lehner, saying "nice save Lehner", and Lehner responded with "I'm going to fvcking kill you". Count me as one of Robin Lehner's few fans.
  2. I think you gotta protect Merrill after Severson and Greene on the blueline if Santini is exempt. I also agree that Zajac is the perfect expansion draft choice, no need to risk losing him. Let them take Cam.
  3. Ooooooooooooh sh!t. I wonder if he's Franco enough for Canadiens fans.
  4. All the names in the article just brought back memories of the WJC. I'm surprised Harvard hadn't managed to win one since 93. Don't they somewhat regularly ice nationally ranked teams? I don't have any connections to the Beanpot schools, but I'd love to be able to catch that tournament one day.
  5. It's nuts how many away fans end up in some western conference buildings, especially Arizona and Colorado. Rangers fans like to act like they take over the Rock when they come to town, but it's nothing like these buildings see almost every night at this point. I'm watching bonus coverage of Pittsburgh at Arizona, and the place went so crazy when the pens scored, I thought for a split second they were wearing white at home. I guess it's a combination of transient communities and cheap tickets. I can't imagine how ugly Vegas will get.
  6. No one wanted to see them miss the playoffs, so they decided to call it.
  7. Well done.
  8. NO NO NO, possession first! Defense falls in if you preach a structured game. Soccer isn't hockey in the way that good teams end up defending much less. You can't control the game from the back in soccer like you can on the ice.
  9. One of the few advantages of not living in New Jersey is not having to listen to WFAN. I called up once when Steve Sommer said the Devils should move; my argument wasn't as eloquent as I would've liked, I'd love to run into him somewhere and berate him into the grave where he belongs. They're all morons on that station, but you wouldn't expect anything different. They have to pander to the brain-dead mouth-breathers known as New York sports fans.
  10. Funny, I watched that Colorado-LA game that Gelinas got waived right after, and I thought that he looked better than he did here. An hour later he was gone. Not to say I thought he looked good with Colorado (I'd seen them a few other times this year and saw bits and pieces of him), but to illustrate how god awful he was here. As for Marchand, it's amazing how he gets away with all this. Some of those low hits are definitely borderline, but the slewfoots are unquestionably dirty. He's lucky Brassard's leg didn't get caught up in the boards like it easily could have on that play. He could've shattered his leg or blown out his knee and ended his career.
  11. Who cares what happened to that exact business structure. Those championships belong to Cleveland and the Browns. The Senators thing is obviously a little different, but I don't have a problem with the current team claiming the history. The Nets were lame duck for like 8 years, it can't get much worse than it did for them.
  12. I was going to mention how empty the Joe has looked this season. I really picked the wrong 10 minutes not to watch.
  13. This would be my perfect scenario (as well as most Islanders fans I imagine), but it's definitely very unlikely. I imagine it's difficult to change the plans for the capacity, but the owners also bought the team as they were heading for NYC, as some article I read pointed out. They invested in a NYC product, and I imagine they want to keep the team in the boroughs somehow. They might turn around and sell instead of limp back to the Island.
  14. I've seen that. I don't think the area can sustain another major arena. Two have opened in the last 10 years and the Coliseum is being renovated. Can you imagine 5 major venues in the area?
  15. Quebec City Islanders on the table again? What a mess. I bet they end up in Newark dragging 9,000 people out per game before they decide to give up on the area.