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  1. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    Even validating conspiracies, Washington's metro is quadruple the size of Pittsburgh's, and the Caps have much more casual fan exposure this year, as they tore through the NHL like a rock through a wet paper towel in the regular season, and have at least equivalent star power to Pittsburgh. I think a media bias exists to some extent, but everyone in the NHL offices with a quarter of a brain understands ratings will be incredibly more affected by attempting to manipulate the outcome of a playoff match-up than by a perceivably less desirable team advancing. So let's put on our rational hats and understand that Orpiks put someone's career and long term health at risk with a hit like that. Speaking on the series itself, I know the hockey world will erupt if Washington doesn't win this series, but I don't think it would be the worst thing if they lost to this Penguins team (as long as they don't take a 3-1 lead in the process). Pittsburgh sneakily had a really good year. That team is coming together.
  2. 2016 Draft

    I couldn't find any info about who won the lottery before i came on here, what's the deal with no news coming out of But i agree that Toronto was the worst choice, but at least it will be fun to watch another top prospect waste away in Canada. Too bad this one's American.
  3. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    Did I just hear JR say this game was "sh!tty"?
  4. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    Yea, it's dumb for the Devils to play Vancouver and Arizona as many times as they play Boston and Buffalo in a season. You should play divisional rivals the most (maybe 6 times), and intra-conference teams more times than non conference teams. I couldn't care less if we miss 3 or 4 buildings a year and have an unbalanced schedule. What's really insane is to play a quarter of the league 8 times and everyone else only twice. I don't hate the current playoff format, and I can cling to traditions and status quo in sports. I'm still skeptical about the American League, but I like this format. I don't like the reduced games with division rivals, but I do like the need to get through the divisional portion of the playoffs before meeting the strongest teams from the other divisions. Aside from the occasional non-division wild card team, the best regional teams are the ones that advance, I think it's a cool setup. Yes, it denies the likelihood of divisional rivals meeting in the conference finals, but it guarantees that half of the teams in a given division will face of in the playoffs against each other. I'm kind of struggling to explain myself tonight for some reason, but bottom line is that I enjoy it. I think we also need to rethink what the "first round" is. This format makes it a little more dynamic than when Detroit and Colorado were spending the first couple weeks of every spring dispatching the Oilers in 5 games. You get two strong regional rivals that have to go through each other to even win a round.
  5. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    That was nuts, what a finish
  6. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    Now that hockey's out of the way, Hank can focus on his music and fashion projects for the summer. Is it just me, or does it seem that the first round has lacked a certain electricity in some of the buildings so far? I feel like I'm not seeing the same excitement in the crowd as we usually do come playoff time, and there are a lot more empty seats I think. It could all be in my head, though.
  7. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    Typical New York media garbage. You never hear the word islanders on WFAN unless Steve Sommer is recalling the 3 games he went to in the 80s and pretending they're as relevant now as they were then. What does Russo know about hockey? Just enough to ask a question that will grab the attention he's looking for and push his tough guy persona. He couldn't even handle talking about sports on the radio with a guy he didn't like, and he can question the judgement of an NHL gm? As bad as the Isles were, Russo probably couldn't name half of the NHL divisions. Why can't that station hire a single knowledgeable sports reporter who's more interested in covering relevant stories than developing their sh!tty personas and pandering to every moron in the New York metro? Ok, playoffs, just to keep this post somewhat relevant. I can't believe the Rangers will go down so easily without seeing it first. It's just too good to be true. You can also never count LA or Chicago out. I think one of the two is still coming out of the west. The day SJ comes through in the clutch in the playoffs is the day hell freezes over.
  8. New York Mets 2016 Season Thread

    Damn that Duda homerun still hasn't come down. Hearing Mets fans at the Bank is like hearing Rangers fans at the Rock. Like nails on a god damn chalkboard. Someone's gotta put a cage on that city to keep all these rats where they belong. They're all the same.
  9. Jersey (Sweater) Redesign concept site

    What a joke if they really do give Vegas a team over Quebec. But like we've been talking about, it's nothing but money. I can't wait to see what a train-wreck this thing turns out to be.
  10. Jersey (Sweater) Redesign concept site

    Oh yea, that makes sense.
  11. Jersey (Sweater) Redesign concept site

    Oh I don't doubt it whatsoever. I'm making the argument from my perspective, someone who never saw the team in green. I just think it's more meaningful than the black, but I don't doubt people didn't like it at the time, or that a vast majority of people wouldn't like it now. Adidas stripes would certainly shake the foundation of my adoration for NHL hockey. It's one of the reasons I just can't take MLS as seriously as I would like to. I know the edge jerseys are all just the same template with team brands colored in, but adding something like Adidas stripes to every jersey would take that to the extreme. How is red and black a casino theme? I imagine black and gold.
  12. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    Florida is pretty empty considering it's the playoffs, but it's as loud as anywhere. At least it seems like that on the broadcast.
  13. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    That would be me. I set up my bracket first for the league my fantasy league does, and that's my fantasy league team name.
  14. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    We've got a bracket challenge league through New York Puck if anyone wants to join us: I hate the idea of any New York team winning a championship. An Isles cup would be like the Mets World Series victory in 86. The parade would be overflowing wherever they'd have it with a bunch of people who couldn't have given a sh!t about them when they weren't competitive. How many people that went out to the Mets parade went to a game at Shea Stadium in 1992? Most of them were celebrating with the Yankees a few years later.
  15. RIP Ed Snider

    His death is fueling the Joshua Harris hate down here. "Snider was a fan, Snider cared whether the Flyers won or lost, not like the Josh Harris group who are only businessmen" blah blah blah. Every so often, these radio guys will throw in "and he owns the Devils, too" to knock him. Last season, he was ran the Flyers too much like a family and that's why they weren't contenders, and today, he ran the Flyers like a family and left them in a position to "definitely win the Cup in the next five years". I actually heard that on 94.1 a few hours ago.