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  1. fvck him, he's terrible.
  2. Oh man you're so lucky you got in. I'm gonna have to pull the trigger on the game in Philly later in the season sooner than later. I will very most likely be at the game in Washington at the beginning of March, it will be my first true away game (actually traveling for the game). Everyone needs to drop this notion that Flyers games are some scary affair and that Flyers fans are in any way intimidating. Just like the rest of the NHL, their goons have been mostly priced out, and they were pussies to begin with. I walk around Philly with Devils stuff on all the time, and if you want the honest truth, no one so much as knows I'm wearing gear from another hockey team. I go to games here every year, I catch Devils Flyers games at bars all over the city and go nuts. I experience way more playful and friendly banter than anything. There are a lot of Flyers fans in the Philly area, but there aren't many hockey fans at all. I would be surprised if a quarter of people at the rink on a given night could name every Metro division team. Quick tip, if you ever get into it with a Flyers fan, just ask them what Corsi means and they'll shut up. Great baseball town, great basketball town (bandwagon for the Sixers, but otherwise), but the Flyers are just a fun thing for people here to do, not a passion.
  3. Clean hit, we'll take the makeup call.
  4. They're all reputation, haven't gotten as much as a dirty look. They can get yappy in their building, nothing worse than Prudential Center. They're becoming as corporate as Rags fans, fvck em.
  5. I came down to South Philly to try to get in, tickets were nuts for tonight. No scalpers selling 2 seats next to each other and the box office was sold out. Repping the red and black at the bar that's down here by all the stadiums, absolutely packed.
  6. I wonder if they leak these things before final decisions are made to see how the fans ultimately respond. It sounded like we were about split on new stuff until the news broke, and the true colors of this fan base came out. "Leave our sh!t alone or we're gonna have problems". Still can't get over years of a goal song debate, why would they think a jersey redesign would go over well?
  7. "Modernizing" is the most disgusting word in the lexicon of sports aesthetics. The only positive changes to uniforms and designs is undoing "modernized" mistakes. Ask Buffalo, Edmonton, the Islanders, Philly, Pittsburgh, the list goes on.
  8. We never rebuilt because we never had the resources to actually attempt one. The guys we could've sold for assets walked, and Lou was more concerned with patchwork than starting from scratch.
  9. Yup, this is what I'm saying.
  10. I guess it's better to be stuck for years and years with seemingly no way out of mediocrity than see rebuild after rebuild fail.
  11. The division heavy schedule is way better than this crap. We play Vancouver almost as much as we play Boston, it's stupid. I don't think the NHL was on the verge of collapsing because Crosby didn't grace every arena with his presence every year. It was actually the first time we'd won in regulation in that building since 2001.
  12. He's going to think he's still on Calgary and send passes to white jerseys.
  13. Just to interrupt the rope in the garage talk for a minute, did anyone listen on radio last night? I was on my way home from work in the 3rd, and Matt Laughlin did the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard from a radio broadcaster. During a dead play, Matt was talking with Sherry about all of the amenities in the new Oilers building, and got interrupted by the play. It was a fast-paced sequence, and after about 15 or 20 seconds of Matt not being able to take a break, he threw in during the play "fireplace in the locker room" in a normal, sing-songy broadcaster tone right in the middle of calling the plays. It sounded like "Santini keeps it in at the line, plays it to Palmieri on the half-boards, fire place in the locker room, pass intercepted by McDavid, and the Oilers break out". It was gold.
  14. This is one of my favorite hockey teams of all time. They battled from behind in the finals and semifinals, I've never seen a team respond so well after allowing goals. After the last half decade of Devils hockey, I've forgotten what it's like to be cheering for such an effective team. They were able to create space for themselves on the puck, zone entries were flawless, the power play was excellent, the offense was creative and organized. What an amazing puck possession team. And they did this without the star power of previous years. No Hanifins, Eichels, Matthews, Werenskis, DeBrincat was left off the roster. Still a really talented team, with a handful of mid first rounders. I might have said this before, but what this team finally accomplished that USA Hockey tried with the last Olympic and World Cup rosters was putting a cohesive roster together that was designed to play a certain way, not throw the 23 best guys together and hope they're better than Canada. Tortorella and Lombardi (deservedly) got a lot of heat for it after the World Cup, but clearly the group that assembled this roster did something right and struck a good chord. I think putting together a Herb Brooks team is easier with the WJC because these kids get together more, first in the summer and again for a longer camp before the tournament. Hell, 6 of these guys are BU teammates. You're able to establish an identity at the national level with juniors in a way you can't with the senior team who play together a few weeks at a time every 2-4 years.
  15. What an unbelievable game! They fvcking did it! Wooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!