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  1. I don't think so, any of the 31 teams can reach anyone on social media at any time. There needs to be better local marketing. There isn't any reason the team can milk everything out of the Jersey identity and get more people out to the games. The best marketing we have is those of us who have stuff on our cars, or people on busy streets that have flags out. Everywhere I turn in Philly, there's Flyers something. Billboards, signage at bars, banners on street lights, commercials, everything. With a decentralized fan base and surrounded in extremely close proximity to very popular teams, the Devils need more marketing than anyone. Lou is gone, Dr. M is dead, the excuses are out the window. Spend the money to develop the fan base. The sky is the limit, New Jersey is massively populated, stop fvcking around.
  2. Properly marketing the Nets would have been more prudent in terms of building a fan base instead of putting them in an occupied city uninterested in a second team. Realistically, how much better did the Nets draw than the Devils during the good years? Of course Prudential Center didn't help the Nets, they had their bags packed and the team gutted. North Jersey by itself is one of the biggest markets in sports. If you're not building big fan bases, you aren't trying. And I firmly believe the Nets never tried, and the Devils barely have. Again, Brooklyn is better for building a brand, not a successful basketball team.
  3. Good, I'd prefer Brooklyn to be seen as a new franchise. Let them embarrass themselves by hanging black and white banners. The ones earned in Jersey belong in the Prudential Center rafters the same way the Whalers banners are still up in the Civic Center in Hartford.
  4. Yea the whole thing was a joke from day one. But they had no reason to move the team at all if not for the Brooklyn idea. That's what the whole move was about, building a brand around the Brooklyn identity. People in every city in the country would not be wearing NY Nets stuff, the same way the New Jersey Nets weren't a national brand. My biggest issue with the whole thing was the fact that the team was given the green light to leave even with a brand new arena in their current home region. When has that happened in modern major pro sports? The league bent over backwards for the Kings, a team in the smallest market and lowest attendance in the league that played in the equivalent of a church gym with no stadium plan, but Ratner could do whatever the fvck he wanted and leave a market of what, 6 million people? Because just like Vegas in the NHL, the NBA was looking to cash in on a glamor project with zero regard for the actual basketball.
  5. The New York Nets would've been a much worse flop. The brand would not have worked as a second New York team. In fact, it would've defeated the whole purpose of their entire project. Ratner wanted to be the one to bring sports back to Brooklyn, and the Nets were just acquired to fill his shiny new development. Identifying as Brooklyn allowed them to carve out some kind of fan base, and even that wasn't very successful. How would they expect to go toe to toe competing with the Knicks as just another NY team? It would be a much bigger disaster. They tried to make a splash bringing sports back to Brooklyn, they wouldn't have moved at all if that wasn't the plan. They were always going to go all out Brooklyn. Getting rid of the Nets name would've made far more sense than branding New York. As horrid as the basketball product is, both on the court and in terms of support, their brand is wildly successful, and "pandering" to the urban democratic is a huge reason why. I see tons of people in Nets stuff constantly around Philly, Sixers fans that are into the brand and wear snapbacks and other garbage. When I first heard about the Nets wanting to move back in like 04 or 05, even as a kid I stopped supporting them. In the glory days, I was as big a Nets fan as I was a Devils fan. I was devastated. I bounced around teams here and there that I liked to watch growing up, but it so entirely turned me off of the NBA. And having the Nets sit around dead man walking for almost a decade was tough. The worst thing is when people would and still do say something along the lines of oh they're only in Brooklyn, you should still support them. I took a crack at watching the Sixers when I first moved to Philly, but that doesn't do much for me. I catch parts of games here and there and get alerts, probably have a Sixers tshirt stashed somewhere. I'm a big Jonathan Isaac fan, and if he ends up here, maybe I'll make an effort. But the NBA is a God damn circus, with the dead atmospheres, ridiculous entertainment, music playing during game play, players that don't give a sh!t, every team plays the same way. It really doesn't interest me. I went to a basketball school and started getting my fill with college ball. So much more exciting. Bottom line, yea, fvck the Nets, and I hope the whole thing stays and horribly uninteresting and dead as it's been through the first 5 years. I hope you rot in Hell, Bruce Ratner.
  6. I was being an a$$hole, but NBC has managed to spin this to Pittsburgh's credit. Pierre is on the conspiracy angle with the officiating, begging the officials to make any call against Ottawa. He also went on equating tonight to game 6 between Washington and Pittsburgh, and how the Penguins responded there. JR actually said "the best teams in the world have off nights; even Ottawa is making the Penguins look average". First of all, Ottawa isn't making Pittsburgh look average; they're embarrassing them. Secondly, what does "even Ottawa" mean. The Sens are two games away from winning the east. I'm not a big NBC biases conspiracist, but damn.
  7. "Ottawa scored too many goals there in the first, they're gonna have to score fewer goals throughout this series if they want to have a shot at getting passed Pittsburgh" - The hockey media at this intermission.
  8. How many players bust in the NHL due to non concussion related injuries? Some guys are hurt often enough, but how many flame out completely because of a bad this or that? Nolan missed a lot of time this year with that upper body injury, do we know if that could be a concussion?
  9. Then I'd hope they have an exit strategy. A one way ticket to Seattle or Quebec I'd imagine.
  10. Nolan seems more like the guy you build championships around, both from what he does on the ice and his personality.
  11. Schneider's window is now, so why doesn't Shero strap on his Stanley Cup helmet, squeeze into his Stanley Cup cannon, and fire off into Stanley Cup land where Stanley Cups grow on cuppies.
  12. Especially with their Jersey connections. Bobby Ryan has got to be one of the most underrated forwards in hockey. I wonder if he'd bring the cup back here if the Sens were to win it. Or if Condon would bring it to Princeton (not sure how often players do that).
  13. Two dumb penalties Ottawa took but they killed both, including a 5 on 3. Chunks of empty seats still in Pittsburgh, too. Can't blame an odd start time or a notoriously congested region tonight. And Ottawa strikes first.
  14. Yea this could be the worst one yet, I bet it'll be not very close to capacity. Between the Devils Isles and Rags, they couldn't fill Yankee Stadium. They should've had it in Buffalo where people would've shown up, and they could've planned it around the World Junior Championship game between the US and Canada that they're playing outside, and I would imagine like on most years will be on New Years Eve. Maybe they didn't want to detract from either event, but if that was the case, they wouldn't have scheduled Buffalo at all. The more I think about it, the more furious I am that they did schedule Buffalo. They're gonna pull tons of fans away from that event who would mostly be supporting Team USA. The NHL couldn't let USA Hockey showcase the sport in this country on a global stage without trying to fvck it up.
  15. They absolutely do not need an impact player right now. They need pieces that will come together and form the core of the next competitive team. Kovy won't be that, and we'll waste an asset keeping him here any longer than passed this trade deadline.