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  1. Brodeur likely to lead 2018 HOF class

    Plus two lockouts and almost dying in Russia.
  2. World Cup 2018

    I really think Belgium's window in this era has closed. They were in the conversation the last two major tournaments as a top team in the world. They strolled through an absurdly easy group, too. I was mostly referring to Iceland as being an insane story historically, but if you keep up with the development of the sport there, you know it makes dense that they've been able to produce enough quality players. Man I should've been Icelandic. They have a UEFA B or higher coach for every 800 residents of the country. With all the attention you get coming up in a system like that, it's hard to not be good enough if you put the work in.
  3. World Cup 2018

    And the Dutch, potentially no Oceania teams at all, no Chile, Ivory Coast, Argentina barely made it. And some of these teams that did make it are insane (at least historically); Iceland, Morocco, Panama, Saudi Arabia. June 2018 is for baseball.
  4. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    Going to Harvard doesn't mean he's book smart, either. Nut allergies are nothing to fvck around with. I went to high school with a kid who died from exposure to peanuts from anaphylactic shock like a year ago. It's extremely rare, and even more rare for people who aren't old and in the hospital to begin with. But apparently it can happen to young, healthy people, even with the knowledge and medical technology we have today.
  5. Is Phil Murphy a Devils fan?

    I didn't support Murphy or Guadagno, so I don't know what point you think I'm trying to make here. But you're right, the evidence is overwhelming.
  6. 2017-18 College basketball thread

    15% Mass is where I say no thank you.
  7. 2017-18 College basketball thread

    Doesn't URI have a reputation about having so many Jersey kids? I actually visited campus but ended up not applying. The A-10 tourney is probably my favorite thing in college hoops, I watch more of it than my own school's conference championship. It was a good one last year. I wish they still played it in AC.
  8. World Cup 2018

    It's bullsh!t, but probably necessary to restructure the program. My Greeks are also on their way out, barring a miracle this afternoon. Needless to say, I'm bitter and angry about this World Cup and my lack of representation in it.
  9. 2017-18 College basketball thread

    Are you an alum? I love URI basketball (and the A-10; I miss the A-10 so so much). I picked them for a final 4 run last year, and they had Oregon on the ropes before it slipped away. Monmouth and Seton Hall right now at Prudential Center! Biggest Jersey hoops game of the year, forget RU-SHU
  10. Is Phil Murphy a Devils fan?

    See I prefer that. Use it for whatever you want, as long as our governor is openly supporting our only major professional franchise. It's what you do as a leader of a place. You fake a smile and represent yourself as being from there.
  11. Is Phil Murphy a Devils fan?

    Oh please explain this one.
  12. 2017-18 College basketball thread

    I figured I'd make a thread to chat with myself in. I'm watching Seton Hall and Farliegh Dickinson at the Rock. I always love seeing our banners at SHU games. Seton Hall is also set to be filthy this season, this press their running is deadly, and they're on from outside. Can't wait to see therm in Big East play.
  13. Is Phil Murphy a Devils fan?

    An executive of anywhere should absolutely be expected to unconditionally support their institutions. Would you not bat an eyelash if Trump showed up to the hockey World Cup in a Canada jersey, and said "well, there were no good Americans in the game when I grew up, I just always supported Canada"
  14. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    Abdelkader just got his ass kicked in a fight. I enjoyed it thoroughly.
  15. GDT - Oilers @ Devils 11/9/17

    Free game today for anyone out of market. I have to work from 7-9 with a solid 45 minute commute, so I'll miss this one along with missing last week's Oilers game that was on NHL Network. I'm pissed.