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  1. It looked to me like Kinkaid was out of position, left his short side exposed.
  2. This is an issue about respect for our state and our institutions, don't try to equate it to your brand-name shirt crusade. I immediately boycott anything that promotes Rangers stuff in Jersey. You wouldn't see it in Boston or Philly, it shouldn't be in Jersey. I went into my favorite bar back home in Ocean County about a month ago to find they'd hung a Rangers jersey behind the bar. And they had the balls to have other Jersey themed memorabilia on the walls. I'll NEVER go back.
  3. Does Miles Wood have any idea where he is?
  4. I was just making the point that Devils brass don't have money signs in their eyes because some Rangers fans bought tickets tonight. I was thinking this. Next year he'll be going in as a vet expected to carry a heavy load.
  5. The place isn't close to full, this doesn't move the needle at all. Just looks bad.
  6. Yea I bring this up all the time, but even tonight at its worst, nothing like when Detroit and Chicago visit places Arizona and Colorado. There are plenty of buildings that experience significant road invasions, and somehow with our proximity to two extremely popular teams, we're not towards the top of that list. Tons of population in New York is closer to prudential center than a lot of Devils territory, but they usually can't manage more than a few thousand in our place.
  7. Cory can't help but let in soft as sh!t goals against the Rangers. It does honestly look like there are slightly more Devils fans when they show the stands as a whole on the broadcast, but there's no question they're louder. This is a major low point for this team.
  8. Is the split in the stands as bad as we thought it would be? I'm just leaving work and listening on yhe radio
  9. fvck the Rangers. I think it's the responsibility of every fan there to make every Rangers fan in attendance regret coming to our building, one way or another.
  10. Ha, classic. All we ever need to do is unload the deadweight. All we needed to do a few years ago was get rid of Gionta, Zidlicky, Janssen, Bernier, then the ship would just right itself. Another generation of crappy players, another bunch of excuses as to why we're not competitive. Just move Lovejoy and DSP and Moore and all those future franchise players being blocked by these guys that I suppose we have will flood onto the roster. We're younger, but not any closer to icing a decent team. The pipeline is still the emptiest in hockey, and the boys in Newark are amongst the least competitive in the National. There is nothing to suggest they're moving on track to be even marginally better any time soon. Best case scenario, this team is 3 or 4 years out from a serious playoff bid, and that's considering Shero's team drafts well, which is far from a guarantee. Not moving Cory is irresponsible at this point. He will not contribute to the next cup contender; move him for a piece that might.
  11. I've been watching on mute most of the game and just turned the sound on, the building could not be more dead.
  12. I was gonna mentioned DM84, too, he's got everything. It's tough to start with the Devils with a project like this since we have a single vintage logo and set of uniforms.
  13. Having a bad team doesn't make the coach immune to being fired. He needs to be getting the most out of his players and sending the right message or his job should be on the line. I'm not saying he has or hasn't done those things, but his job shouldn't be safe because the team is bad. Early in the year, my perception was that he wasn't quite handling the group right, but I think the effort level turned around. I don't think he does anything special with the xs and os, but that's something he can get a pass on for now because of the exceptionally bad roster. My issue is that I don't see Hynes as the guy to run the next competitive team here, and I think Shero nepotism brought him here and is going to keep him here as long as possible. Two USA Hockey pals whose relationship will outlast both of their tenures here, and for them I think building these relationships is more important than having the right guy for a team that'll be bad no matter who's coaching it. This certainly isn't a similar situation to Brett Brown's calculating navigation of a horrible Sixers team.
  14. His first year he exploded mid season and totally dropped off the last two months or so if I recall correctly. He always scores like this.
  15. Who gives a sh!t if Shattenkirk ends up with the Rangers. I can't wait to hear about how he's the final piece on a Rangers team that has been acquiring final pieces for years. He'll just end up another under achiever in a Rangers organization that just doesn't get it.