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  1. I was gonna say because of the population, but as it turns out a million and a half people live out there. I bet it has more to do with the desire to keep the brand as closely associated with New York City as possible, because it's more about the value of the brand than the viability of hockey. Probably the same reason the Devils will never consider a location outside of NJ's urban northeast.
  2. Most places deal with this kind of city/township, county, state political division, so I would say that's not close to the reason they won't go back. The Coliseum, right from Bettman's mouth, is not a suitable venue for the NHL. But the Islanders have as much a chance of staying in the 5 boroughs, because Barclays is just as inappropriate for the league as the Coliseum, and the idea that the area can support another major arena seems a little ridiculous. I hate to say it, but I don't see a long term solution for the Isles around here.
  3. Long Island legislators are making noise about the Islanders going back to Nassau County. Good luck with that, sincerely.
  4. Oh wow, first our schools, now our hometowns. Things in TR are great, but I live about 25 minutes walking distance from Penn, so you could say there are a lot of Ivy League alums and current students running around down here. They're mostly all the same entitled moron completely detached from reality, and, much like you, think they're better than everyone else because they attended a prestigious school, but never have anything substantial or productive to say. Get a hold of yourself, just like the rest of us, you're not special. Just another shining example of the quality of critical thinker Princeton and Harvard and Columbia and the rest of those sleep-away camps for America's aristocratic youth produce.
  5. Wow, you went out of your way to insult a very good chunk of people on this board and Devils fans at large because of one single person you were bickering with. Here's my experience: the smartest people I know, the most insightful and creative thinkers I grew up with, tons of people successful in STEM careers, politics, art, just about all went to NJ state schools. I've also found people who try to drop their educational background when someone so much as intentionally makes a petty,immature joke at their expense tend to be shallow inbusiles who backed into an Ivy league degree based on those schools' policies on legacy admissions. And I didn't go to school in the state, so if you think I'm trying to defend my own alma mater, nope.
  6. Well now we know 99% he's suitting up in Newark come October.
  7. Yea man, you're so enlightened. So much so that you're above the whole point.
  8. Yea of course a politician will get that and they expect it. But you can't openly cheer for another team from another state. It's not even about votes, it's about respecting the place you govern. I don't care if Slapshot punched his mother in the face and Chico filmed it laughing in full uniform. It doesn't matter that they were bad, new, or didn't exist. This bullsh!t markets, Flyers blah blah are all trivialities fans created. The team identifies as New Jersey, not the Flyers. The Rangers don't play here and aren't a New Jersey team, it's that black and white. I don't care if the Jersey Devil and Joshua Huddy showed up to the Rangers home opener with matching Messier jerseys and I was the last Devils fan in the state. The Rangers have nothing to do with our state and never again will. There's no difference between a national team and this situation. The governor needs to be the proudest New Jerseyan that exists. It's part of their job.
  9. Wait explain this to me. They had him on WFAN and he said not to call in with devils stuff or you're just making the statement because he hates the devils? Also, politics aside (which fvck him and his politics), the fact that a Rangers fan was the executive of this state is embarrassing. How can someone who doesn't respect this state enough to A., not be a Devils fan to begin with, and B., not support the state's only major pro team when he became governor lead our state? Imagine if Trump went to next year's World Cup and supported Germany.
  10. Like I said, it's special because it's not special. No gimmicks, no bullsh!t, just a baseball park. And the Phillies being so bad has been great in terms of ticket accessibility like you said. I can spend $15 total before ticket fees on an entire day for 2 people. $4.50 round trip subway and $2.50 per ticket. It's really been that cheap. Gotta enjoy it now because Philadelphia sports fans are as hardcore bandwagon as they come. When the Phils sniff a division title, good luck getting in for under $40.
  11. I dont get what this has to do with us
  12. How drunk was roomtemp when posting this
  13. I do agree, especially looking back now with release of the Adidas, that the Edge as a whole aren't bad, and I think the hockey community will look back fondly on them as we do with CCM (obviously, they never will be CCM, but the point stands). However, even though I feel like it was a good era of jerseys, I still hear nails on the chalkboard when I read the word Edge, because of how badly they botched the first generation. I've said this before, but I've always thought it was cool for people to have flavor of the month jerseys. It's an interesting snapshot of where the team was and who was popular at a particular time for whatever reason. It's cool walking around the arena and seeing the mix of old and new names, the classics and the one offs. It'd be boring if the only parts of our history we embrace were the best players on the best teams. I remember when Cammy changed his number, people were upset and gonna get the 23 replaced on their jerseys, which I didn't understand. I know it's different for some people, but for hardcore collectors, isn't cool to get your hands on one of those rare jerseys with a name of a guy who flamed out or was moved and didn't have a lot of jerseys sold?
  14. Yea I was just poking the bear. Of course I'm going to take every opportunity to take shots at New York. This is a Devils board and I'm from Jersey. You're right, CBP is nothing special, and that's what I like about it. It's just a baseball park. No gimmicks. You go, get in your seat, the handful of people that showed up are cursing at whatever poor a$$hole had to take the mound, and you watch baseball. No one wanted the Mets because no one would've wanted the demand to be there by the Giants and Dodgers leaving. Of course demand was there for NL ball after that. Cheers, fellas.
  15. I'm glad Citizens Bank Park was built when it was, or else it might've ended up as plastic and forced as the New York parks are. But New York is in a league of their own when it comes to producing the ultimate gimmick and sucking the character out of everything it can. Honestly, I'm surprised the Wilpon's didn't cut the ribbon at Citi in Dodgers jerseys. How tone deaf could they be? I'm the first ones to sh!t on the Mets for being a pathetic nostalgia project for Dodgers and Giants fans, but that's something you can't own. Don't remind your fans their team is the one no one wanted to have to exist by designing and theming the damn stadium after the team they replaced. It's like hanging pictures of your ex in the new place you get with your current girlfriend.