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  1. The Rags aren't leaps and bounds better than Ottawa, Karlsson will carve them up if nothing else. Anderson has been good, they have a deep and physical group of forwards, a deceptively strong defensive corps, and they seem to be responding to Boucher. I could see them surprising everyone and really putting a hurt on the Rags. If any Canadian team is going to succeed, I'd be fine with Ottawa. Because I was so young during the 03 run, I still imagine them as a big bad goliath sometimes, but they, to a much worse extent than we do, deal with gaining traction in their local market, so I sympathize with those fans who are true to where they come from.
  2. This is something I would agree with if it was just puck daddy or some Russian blogger as usual, but the sources are legitimate this time around.
  3. Ridiculous to say to yourself you wouldn't take a Kovy level talent for literally nothing. He did us a favor by leaving when he did. This team is as untalented as you will find at the NHL level, and to call the pipeline below average is being generous. Worst case, he's most likely worth more at the next trade deadline than he is right now. It would be downright stupid to move his rights over the summer, only to see his value double six months later. That's irresponsible asset management, something this ownership group is not in the business of.
  4. Well I can admit neither of us saw them winning the cup 12 months later.
  5. Damn it I hate this Bruins team so much
  6. Looks like USA knows Boston is a more valuable market for them than Ottawa. JR is going nuts about it now again. This Kuraly guy clearly went directly into Anderson with plenty of opportunity not to.
  7. The Ottawa-Boston series has been a classic. I usually pull against anything Canada, but I like this Sens team.
  8. Great playoffs so far. I was in the camp that thought the Pens couldn't much Letang and had them going down in round 2. I don't know how much of their series is about how dangerous they are or how mediocre Columbus is if Bobrovsky isn't stealing games for them.
  9. 2013-14 immediately comes to mind, mostly because the team was terrible and really, really old. But you also had Merrill and Gelinas looking like future top pairing guys, and there were a few big games that come to mind (and honestly, I can watch all 82 games start to finish and forget the details of most of them). I remember the comeback against Boston early in the year, and was that the year Gelinas beat the Rangers at MSG in overtime? What about the play DeBoer drew up with two seconds left in OT against Florida that was perfectly executed for a Zidlicky game winner off a faceoff? Janssen scored 3 times, and I saw the first one live in Philly. Brodeur was bad, but his last game is a fantastic memory. They finished with 88 points You can argue every year since the finals run, with the exception of 2015-16, was the worst to be a fan. I'm sure the 80's were rough, but as others have said, it was just different. 2012-13 you had back to back losing streaks of 6 and 10 during a lockout year, and that team was supposed to be in the playoff picture. All of that said, I can say with confidence that, as a fan since 1999-00, this was the worst season for me. This was the first year I didn't set most game nights aside to watch, and often times when I would watch, it would be muted and I'd only focus half of my attention on it. I still watched most of the games, but things felt different for me this year. I wouldn't rush home to catch the game, I'd be content catching a period or less on the radio. I've always lived and died with every goal, no matter where they've been in the standings, but things just weren't the same this year. Really for the first time ever, when they'd get scored on and lose, my reaction wasn't anger or being overly upset, I would just think well yea, the team's bad. It just felt like that was the attitude of the entire organization. It's a shame, too, because last year was so exciting and cultivated so much optimism. To take a step back is so thoroughly disappointing. And really, I think this team is as far from being a competitor as they've ever been. I think we're in for another long 3, 4 years unless they drastically restructure the roster and move Schneider and Hall. The product on the ice is as bad as it gets, and the pipeline is as empty as anyone's.
  10. I just missed seeing this to participate. I think we're gonna have a chalk finals with Chicago and Washington. I think it's now or never for the Caps, so I went ahead and ignored my better judgment and picked them.
  11. fvcking Halak has been beyond dominant. He was a full step ahead of Hall and Henrique on those breakaways and has been as sharp as possible. And now this garbage. 2 will be plenty for the Isles.
  12. That's not really a major factor in the difference in approach to international participation. No soccer league holds the monopoly on talent and competition that we see with the major sports here. Try holding players back from something they want to do, they'll go to one of the dozens of other top leagues that field star players. FIFA makes the rules in the soccer world, not the Premier League. International tournaments are the highest prestige competition in soccer as well, and are major revenue generators. The checks and balances don't exist in hockey for what's right for the game to always happen.
  13. Well, the NHL just killed legitimate best - on - best international hockey competition so it can monopolize the top level of the sport. I wouldn't have a huge problem with this if the World Cup wasn't a gimmicky joke. Get rid of Team North America, get rid of team Europe, introduce a qualification system, and we can talk about the NHL not participating in the Olympics. Until then, I'll be happy seeing the stars defy the league and go.
  14. We're the last team in the NHL Steve Mason hasn't beaten. What a joke.
  15. Man that'd be something to get to. I really want to go to PEI one day.