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  2. Ducks Fan Forum

    HAHAHAHA, No Kidding SBT.
  3. Ducks Fan Forum

    I saw a report of TSN a little while ago that said Giggy uses a bar that attaches between his shoulder pads and his goal pants. That means when he goes down, the should pads lift a bit. It seems like that should be illegal if it's indeed true. As far as the leg pads go, and to confirm what another poster already stated, there is no restriction on the height. Because of their hieght/length it allows him keep the five hole covered while down in the butterfly. I was somewhat concerned that this loophole has been left open by the rulebook, but what can you do. I guess that Giggy is the one who has to play with these pads flopping everwhere and I did notice that when he is on his knees, they stick straight out as compared to wrapping around his knee. That exposes his thighs to a hard shot but then again, he probably has some thick plastic there to protect him. I will be watching to see how your Devils beat him
  4. What A Great Series (sincerely)

    Congratulations to the Devils and all of it's fans. It came down to a goal 58 minutes into regulation to decide the victor in this series and I have nothing but respect for the Devils. They played the patient game that you folks all said they would, and although my Sens gave it their best effort that this city has ever seen, New Jersey showed why they are the Eastern Conference Champs and soon to be Stanley Cup winners. I take with me the resolve that my Sens are now a contender in this conference and like we learned from the Toronto Maple Leafs in previous years, we will take the experience from this Devils Series into the future. And for that I have to once again thank the Devils for one hell of a Series. You guys are awesome fans and I am already looking forward to our next matchup in the post season. Now with all that said, I hope you don't mind if I stick around to support the Devils in the SC Finals. It will be a tough battle against the well rested Ducks but I have to feel after watching this team, that they will just play a patient game and capatilize on the Ducks mistakes. I know one thing, it looks like it will be one hell of a goaltender battle. But the Cup must come back to the Eastern Conference and the team that has had 3 - 4 appearences in the last 4 years. Well Done Devils, and well done Senators. My boys can hold their heads high and have nothing to be ashamed of. BTW, That pass from Marshall to Friesen for the winner was beautiful!!! And Langenbrunner really came through for you guys. Good Game, Great Series and Excellent team!! Go Devils!!!
  5. Game Seven: Devils at Senators

    No matter what folks. This has been a fantastic series. I hope that both teams recieve the support and respect that they deserve afterwards. This entire series was simply the best round of the 2003 playoffs to date. Here's to a fun, exciting, non injury filled, hard hitting, all out battle tonight. Thanks for letting me participate on your board and not hammering me into the ground. Chat with you later. Go Sens Go
  6. Maggie The Macaque

    Bad news guys, Just after Maggie picked the devils...Some Ottawa fan took her out Actually, She picked Tampa over the Devils in round two 4 Hours until show time. Enjoy the game and even Karma won't help us now no matter which side you are cheering for. Let's just hope it is as entertaining as game 6 was.
  7. Wow, What An Exciting Game

    Simply one of the best games I have ever seen in a very long time. As far as I am concerned, Jersey deserved to win this game just as much as the Senators. I don't think we'll be reading any thing in our local newspapers saying that one was boring. I'm not sure my heart can handle game 7 if it is anything like the way these two teams played tonight. Both teams left every thing on the ice. It's a loss for the Devils, but congratulations all the same. I'm still pumped after watching that one.
  8. 6 More Hours!!!!

    If it makes any of you feel any better we are just as nervous as fans. Here's to a good game tonight. I expect both teams to come out fired up and also expect to see some good hits from both teams. Let's hope the refs do a good job tonight and may the better team on this night win!! Enjoy the game and I'll check in later. GO SENS GO
  9. My Trip From Nj To Ottawa Gm 5

    Great read DevilsFans. It was a pleasure to meet you out in the smoking area, LOL. You did look fairly isolated when I first saw you. I still laugh about the booing thing. If I can, I want to elaborate a bit on it from our side. We like to think we know our hockey here in Ottawa. I think the booing was directed mostly at the officials in general. They have all been crap throughout the entire post season. What we don't like is that the true infractions are never called, but the BS ones always are. Naturally we'll boo any calls that go against us, and of course we'll boo any team that comes into our barn and scores, or does something which we felt should have been called. As far as booing our team, it's our way of letting them know they are not performing up to their capabilities, and they know it full well. They also respond to it. Afterall, we pay their salaries don't we? It has always been that way here. We let them know when we appreciate their efforts, and we let them know when we don't. Maybe if our coach did the same there wouldn't be any talk about his status. The thinking around here is that Muckler made Martin put Spezza into the line up. We'll if thats the case you can imagine how Martin felt with Spezza getting 1 assist and 1 goal with 11 min of Ice time Martins whole way of thinking is that Spezz needed more time in the AHL to work on his defensive game. Spezza did that and then played approx. 30- games for us near the end of Regular season and was very productive. However Martin never put Spezz into a playoff game until now. So you have to wonder why, It's like Martin doesn't want to hurt anyones feelings by making them a healthy scratch. The Guy is a great coach, but he has the emotions of a raison. Oh well. BTW it's EH? (pronounced "A") , not AYE!! Christ we would all sound like Newfies or Popeyes Tailgating is new to us, Normally there is a law that you cannot drink in parking lots. Somehow they let it go at the Corel Center. We are only 11 years old, so we are still learning. There are a lot of Bandwagon jumpers around here. But rest assure, I am just one of the long time Sens (Booo Bird) Fan EH! But that is becuase of 7 years of chokes and the like. The last 3 years against the Leafs was very hard for us Ottawa folks to stomach. Much like a Devils loss to the Rangers or Flyers in the post season. Some fans are just nervous and let their emotions flip flop based on every shot. Once again DevilsFans, it was great to meet you, I'm happy you enjoyed the rink and experience. Your right, I would love to do something like that. I'm glad you had a safe trip and I'm sorry the Sens won last night Game 6 should be a real tough game for both teams.
  10. I Am Confident In Our Team

    Thanks for the correction Devilrules. I agree, the retaliation is always called and that was the point I was trying to make.
  11. I Am Confident In Our Team

    hehe Funny you say that Chort. Looks like ESPN is feeling the same way http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/playoffs2003/finals
  12. I Am Confident In Our Team

    You know, there used to be a time that the Sens were accused of not having any grit. True, a Sens player would turn a cheek rather than fight and I'll tell you why.. It's called retaliation penalties. Had Chara poked a jab back at him what do you think would have happened? The Senators are not whimps and will go with anyone...when it is appropriate. Not when a game is on the line and the opposition decides to try and provoke them. As far as Alfredsson goes, correct me if I'm wrong but the incident you guys keep referring to was right after Elias sat on him while the play went the other way. Alfie got up and gave him a weak jab to the back of the head and he gets called a wussie for it. How many times do the Devil players do that? How about game 3 when Rachunek, who after having Madden give him a chinese back massage, tapped him in the chest. Did Madden not drop like he had been shot? Is he a wuss? I know better than to say that because I know Madden is a tough player. Concerning leadership, I don't see where being a fighter makes you a leader. And trust me, I love nothing more than to see a good fight between players. But I also like to see a team that can stay out of the penalty box and win games.
  13. I Am Confident In Our Team

    Well, with comments like this to follow, it makes it hard to post anything constructive All this tough talk will not play out on the Ice. If Jersey comes out like that there will be steady parade of players to the Sin Bin. The Flyers went that route and got put away in real quick order. In fact the Sens hit back even harder when push came to shove. Ottawa's anemic pp finally got one in last night thanks to the kid so hopefully it will come to life now. I expect game 6 to be a war between these two teams. Jersey has the 8 - 0 record at home and although that is impressive, you have to wonder when that bubble will burst. I hope it's tomorrow. Coming out to try a maime, kill and slaughter the Sens only plays into our hands. Anyway, good luck with game 6. I am already getting pumped up for it. I won't respond to the Euro-comments and considering you have 7 on your own team I'm not sure what the difference would be between Jersey Europeans and Ottawa's Europeans.
  14. Congratulations Devils And Fans

    Don't sit in front of me Devilsrule, You might get snapped by my WooHoo towel. Just kidding. For the rest of the posters, I did not mean to imply I have given up on the Sens, I still have some hope. But 3 straight wins is a very huge mountain to climb when we are talking about the 2003 Devils.
  15. Congratulations Devils And Fans

    Hehehe, I never left.. I was just quite Do you think that the Flyers might want Lalime?? LOL Just kidding, Patty needs a bit more experience to get to the next level.