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  1. Happy happy birthday!

  2. Littlest fan's final joy sees Ottawa Senators off to Cup

    It did... 1st Goal of the Finals like you pointed out... Fish and Phliips probably the two best players on the ice other than Emery. I noticed someone mentioned Elgin street... Search YouTube for Sens Mile to get an idea of what happened after the Sens clinched the Conference.. And above all else, the kind words in this thread regarding little Elgin shows just how great you Devils fans are and why I chose to hang out here all this time!!!
  3. OOT Scoreboard - Mon. 5/28

    Ducks deserved the Win last night although I would have been thrilled had the Sens stolen that. 2:45 left in the third and we might have had a chance in OT against the Ducks who hold the best record in OT wins. I just think the Sens ran out of gas in the 3rd. You could tell at one point where the Sens were just standing still while the Ducks cycled in our end of the ice. There was no jump, no pressure no nothing except Emery trying to steal a game which is not his fortay. The good is that Anaheim went 0 - 4 on their PP chances and we went 2 - 7. Once we get back to skating, I'm sure the Sens will do fine. As for the physical play --- Alfie, Heater and Spezza did shy away from contact...That better change quick but I didn't think the hits from Anaheim were bone crunchers...Ya Corvo got sat down a couple of times, but a hit on Alfie which resulted in a turnover in the 3rd was simply a matter of Alfie not having any balance do to his legs being gone. I did notice Phillips putting on some nice hits and even putting Getzlaf down on a rush and I think Comrie, Schaeffer and Fisher had a good cycle going on the Ducks. Now if we can only get the other 3 lines going. Game 2 will be better. At least we don't need to hear "Sens can't win a Game 2" in this series
  4. Senators trolls: You think you are finished here

    Thanks for the kind words and well wishes !!! Wow... I've been on the Sabre forums and the emotion is running WILD. I think this series is going to be an all out trench war..."between the fans" of both clubs Actually, most of the Sabre fans are cool with me...but it seems every board I visit, a fight breaks out over the Neil hit on Drury and then the aftermath. Peters...Emery... You know Watch the series if you can....I've a feeling bodies will be flying everywhere in this one. The teams really have a dislike for each other.
  5. Senators trolls: You think you are finished here

    Thanks all. I don't know... I look and listen to everything Buffalo related and I see the Sens of years past. Our seasons this year are almost a 100% reversal and the Sabres are now in a position where the Sens have been before...looking to Win something that has been a setback in the past. This won't be a run and gun series as some might expect. The Sens Defense has been incredible through two rounds and I'm sorry...I can't get past the fact the Sabres had some trouble with the 6th and 8th seeds despite moving on in each series. Our top line is on fire where as Ruff is still trying to get guys going (Vanek, Afiniogenov) Drury is a consistent player and deserves the C, although I am still suspicious of Briere's comittment to the Sabres and may well be looking forward to the big payday in the offseason. I think as well that the Sens are in the Sabres heads because of the Neil hit on Drury not so long ago. While they chase him around the Ice, ala Avery...Our guys will be throwing lot's of rubber towars Miller...who looked pretty tired after yesterdays game. So who knows... Either way...it's going to be a tough series for both clubs. The Sens have been chomping at the bit since last year when the Sabres caught us by surprise with their speed and talent. That won't be the case this time around. Sens in 6. LOTCB, feel free to come visit us over at SensNetwork.com We have a couple of loose canon posters, but many of us are older folks that are past the "trolling" crap. Same goes for any Devils Fans...Come on over to keep an eye on things. I also cap and post every game so if you register...you'll get access to those goodies.
  6. Who will win the cup now!

    I'm pretty sure the Ducks will be coming out of the West. I picked them to win the cup...but now.... I think the Sens will get past Buffalo setting up a Ducks/Sens final. At that point...anything can happen but I can't ignore the D on the Ducks.
  7. Senators trolls: You think you are finished here

    I've been here since 03...What makes you think I won't be looking in from time to time Seriously, You folks have been great. I know some folks like to trolll, I'm not like that. I prefer to converse in a mature manner.... That's why I've only got about 60 posts to my name here.
  8. From a sens fan...

    Playing the Devils always makes me nervous and this series was no exception. Close games each and every one of them. We win a Series, You Win a Series, We Win...I'm sure it won't be long before we are at battle in the post season again.
  9. respect to national anthems

  10. Ottawa Sun Strikes Again

    McRae is the type of writer who's soul purpose is to invoke reaction. There is rarely anything factual about his articles...Hell the guy writes constantly about Elvis living outside of the City to give you an idea. occasionally, he does write some really intersting stuff based on fact or written from the heart...but mostly just tries to piss people off. I usually skip past anything with his name attached to it.
  11. respect to national anthems

    Agreed, the vast majority of fans everywhere respect and probably even sign or hum along to the Anthems of both countries. I know I like singing your Anthem, Probably because I no longer know the words to my own with the French stuffed into it....but there are always A-holes that ruin it for both sides. I don't recall hearing it on the broadcast so it must have only been a few if it did in fact occur.
  12. One Devil of a Timer

  13. One Devil of a Timer

    And if the skate were on the other foot.... I could only imagine the "Oh Canada" conspiracy remarks coming out of the US cities everywhere... Murray has a point...If video review is still a useless way to determine if goals are good or not, and that "human error" is taken into account, then get rid of the process alltogether. I mean isn't that the exact reason the Video review was brought in to begin with? To review goals that Refs may have missed, or to disallow them based on kicking motions that the Refs didn't see to start with? It seems to be a double standard that we as fans bitch about concerning the Refs now anyway. As for the goal itself, that's not the issue...the failure of video review is the problem despite the fact a Coach brought up the issue before the Ref even made his way to the Goal Judge and Phone. And yes, Murray does chirp a lot but at least he doesn't throw Water Bottles on the bench and stuff into the crowd.