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  1. Does anyone have a live feed?
  2. Is cam ward really this good?
  3. Does anyone have a live feed to the game?
  4. Thats exciting news! The only stadiums I have been to is the where the Senators play (Which I guess that was my first NHL Game. I was only 6 though so I dont remember that. We sat in box seats too), and Texas stadium many times to see the Dallas Cowboys. Does anyone know how early I should show up before the game? For NFL games it seems a good idea to arrive a good hour before the game starts
  5. Thanks for the quick replies. I am def excited about the Thrashers game. I got row A so I am right on the glass. Its also good to know I have atleast 1 more year to see him play.
  6. I will be going to my first hockey game Feb 6 in atlanta to see the Devils play the Thrashers. I actually bought the tickets because I feel like I am running out of time to see Brodeur play and ever since I started playing hockey (94) he has been my favorite player (I dont even play goalie). I really chose the Devils and him for a dumb reason. I started playing hockey in NY and all of my friends were Rangers and Richter fans and I just felt I couldnt follow the bandwagon. Ever since then it has always stuck with me. Anyways for my question: I honestly dont know the average career for a goalie and obviously Brodeur is injured and wont be playing that game so: Will Brodeur at least be in the building/bench with his team or does he stay at home? (I get to see few Devils games living in Alabama so I just get highlights). Also When do you guys "Expect" Brodeur to retire? I am guessing I atleast have a chance next season to see him in Atlanta again. Thanks for the help and sorry if this is the wrong forum.
  7. Well as this is only my second hockey game, are there any kind of autograph signing before/after the game?
  8. Just wondering if there will be many Devils fans in Atlanta on Feb 6. I will be. Section 102 Row A seats 1&2. Only my second professional hockey game. Needless to say I am excited, and hopefully I get to see Broduer play.