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  1. "jiggy" Getting Some Help?

    Just wondering, are there any restrictions on how fat a goalie can be. Can a Sumo wrestler be allowed too be a goaltender?
  2. Dano And Tivo Told To Sit

    Burns don't wan't to admit it, but I think this is a sign of panic. Why take out two veteran defensemen after losing only one game?
  3. Two Things For Tuesday's Game Two

    Word out of Ottawa is that tonight's game is going to be VERY physical in an attempt to wear out the older Devil's defense corps.
  4. Nieuwendyk Showing Signs Of Breaking Out

    Nieuwendyk broke out long long long time ago, now he is just breaking down
  5. It Would Be Nice To See A Scott Stevens Cruncher

    westcoastdevfan It is not arrogance it's just confidence in the team and the players after following their games all year long. I bet you have the same confidence in the devils but I would not characterise that as arrogance. Just as you believe the devils are going to win tonight, I believe the SENS are going to win. When you talk of Stevens taking someone out of the lineup tonight, I also think it could happen to a devil too, because we have guys who can play dirty too. Stevens can decide to take maybe Chara or Hossa out and the next thing you know, Brodeur is out. This is hockey, things happen no one has the advantage.
  6. With Tvo And Dano Sitting

    Sitting these two guys is a mistake, You always have to give guys a chance to redeem themselves after a bad game. I don't think the change is going to make any big difference at all. The two guys will even be worse because they don't have a lot of experience. You have to watch the game to see it for yourself.
  7. It Would Be Nice To See A Scott Stevens Cruncher

    What goes around comes around. Maybe it's madden or Langenbrunner tonight. Stevens is getting old, I couldn't believe even Havlat was taking a run at him. He is one of the guys targeted by Ottawa for hits all night long, so don't start the celebrations yet.
  8. " We're Not Worried, We're Not Panicking

    We know you are woried, we know you are panicking, we know you are afraid of us, C'mon just admit it! LOL We will win the cup even if means going through HELL
  9. Burns Promises Victory

    The SENS are not going anywhere - the guy who is going to buy the team has promised the league to keep the team in Ottawa - He is a billionare though, so, I think we won't have to borrow any money to run the team in the future, that's what got us into a lot of debts. The new guy coming in is promising to do whatever to make the team a dynasty, which is good news for the fans
  10. Burns Promises Victory

    Zamode: heres the right link http://www.waymoresports.com/NASApp/cs/Con...eafs/MapleLeafs
  11. Burns Promises Victory

    Zamode: We've studied the Devils system to the details, just read this article to find out what I meant by stealing the devils Trap system http://www.waymoresports.com/NASApp/cs/Con...eafs/MapleLeafs
  12. Burns Promises Victory

    hey Zamode: Didn't Al Gore use to be a senator?
  13. Burns Promises Victory

    Phillyreaper There is nothing that you said about the devils, that is not true for ottawa, we have puck moving defenceman, we have a disciplined team, sometimes we play the trap too - in fact we stole it from the devils. I think you are just bitter after the loss - just take a deep breath - it's only a game.
  14. Checking The Sens

    NewarkDevil5 I am not prepared to call this one either untill I see the first game, because the two teams are evenly matched, everything is the same except that you guys have a better goalie. The key to winning this series will be offense, because both teams protect the lead very well. Even though I think we may have a slight edge in offense, the devils have the edge in goal. I don't know how physical the devils are but, the SENS can be very physical if they have to. This is a whole different team, therefore I can't say how they'll match up against the devils, but it is definitly better than any other Ottawa team you ever played against - this is the best we've ever had.
  15. Checking The Sens

    At this point I would say the top two guys for the devils are Madden and Langenbrunner. I am not discounting Friessen, Gomez, Elias, Nieuwendyk, or brylin. what I mean is; guys who can score a goal every game if you are not careful. I don't mean guys who can chip in here and there once in a while. In terms of match up, its hard to tell at this point because other than Madden and Langenbrunner, I don't see anyone else who is very hot right now. Besides, I think the flyers team was a very deep team up front - deeper than the devils. Just think of it: Primeau, Amonte, Roenick, Rechi, Gagne, Kapanen, LecLair, Handzus, Lapointe - That is real depth, if any team can stop that, then I think you have to give credit to their defense. In my opinion, Detroit seems to be the only team deeper up front than the Flyers. But its all on paper of course